Breville Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine

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  • 15 bar Italian made pump starts with low pressure to bloom coffee grounds, then gradually increases pressure for extraction
  • Extract one or two espresso shots at a time; Manual control of espresso shot volume
  • 1 and 2 cup single and dual wall filter baskets included for use with freshly ground or pre ground coffee beans
  • Steam wand for steaming and frothing milk, 61 ounce water tank capacity
  • Includes Razor dose trimming tool, 1 and 2 cup single and dual wall filter baskets, stainless steel milk container, and water filter and water filter holder
  • Voltage: 110 120 Volts



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The Duo Temp Pro from Breville can extract one or two espresso shots at a time. The 15 bar Italian made pump starts with low pressure to bloom coffee grounds, then gradually increases pressure for extraction.

Manually control the volume of each espresso shot.

Choose from 1 or 2 cup single or dual wall filter baskets depending on the number of shots and whether beans are freshly ground or pre ground. Use the Razor dose trimming tool to ensure the filter basket is properly filled.

Steam and froth milk with the steam wand to create classic espresso drinks.

Specification: Breville Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine

Weight20 lbs
Dimensions10 × 11 × 13 in






15 reviews for Breville Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine

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  1. Kevin Priddy

    I spent a great deal of time online reviewing coffee makers and also in many different stores looking at them in person. I must say that this Breville espresso machine has exceeded my wildest dreams. I have owned the machine for two months now and between my wife and I we have made 3-4 double shots each day.If you want a simple design with minimal controls to worry about, this machine is for you. It is very good at pulling shots and I must say it’s as good or better than any coffee shop I have been to. The clean-up is relatively simple if you run the hot water through the steam wand after frothing your milk.I love this machine for its simplicity and its ability to pull consistent shots time after time.Some folks complain about the noise when the machine is warming up or about the small amount of hot water that comes out before the steam is rocking out of the wand to froth your milk. You can put a cup to the side to catch the water first. I have found that the very small amount of water does not affect the frothing at all.If you like a simple no mess way to make your espresso, you will love this machine.

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  2. Cviera

    I purchased this machine on Apr 18th 2018 on, I got it by Apr 24th. Today, May 15th 2018, the espresso coffee stop coming through the Dual Wall two cup filter or basket. I called Breville support and we ran some test to realize the basket was clogged. We are using pre-ground coffee and quite thin, there seem to be no problem with the coffee, and according to the customer support agent this happens, I was surprised that it would happen within 3 weeks of using it. But the agent recommended me to boil the basket in water and vinegar to potentially unclog it, not guaranteed, I asked her if I had to do that every three weeks and she implied that might be the case, the other option is buying a new basket, a new basket is sold for about US$35. If we assume we will need one every 2 month the total cost equation for this machine changes significantly. There are many better options for that total cost in the market. Therefore we decided to return it.

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  3. idateacher2

    My daughter received a terrific little Delonghi unit ($100 price point) as a gift, and I immediately fell in love with making expresso and frothing milk for my lattes. Her unit makes the milk super crazy foamy though so I started looking at different units. Friends highly recommended the Breville Barista model, but I already own a good grinder so spending extra for that was silly. This is the sister model to the Barista- basically same unit minus the grinder.Set up was very simple and directions are excellent. Surprised my first attempt was so good, as I expected to have to make adjustments for a while until I found what I liked. Temp was wonderful. The Delonghi struggled to get the temp up. This no issues. I did preheat the filter as recommended and steamed the milk until it was just a tad to hot to touch and got great results. I did also use the razor as indicated along with a fresh grind. For a total novice like myself, it took a ton of guesswork out of it. The water tank is plenty big and the footprint reasonable. Overall it is a terrific value. Just received it so no idea about durability. Happy with the purchase and looking forward to saving a small fortune on lattes.I have also owned a few Nespresso units that require pods. Ditched those. The pods are expensive and the accomanying milk frother is nice compared to nothing, but the Duo Temp is both far superior and you won’t get soaked buying the super pricey pods.

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  4. Cynthia

    Just upgraded to a Breville Duo after my Cafe Roma died. Time will tell if money equals longevity. I liked that the steam wand pivots out to the side for larger pitchers. The steamed milk for my latte ( I use almond) was so thick and creamy it stood up on the spoon! Yes, you have to squirt a bit of water into another cup first. I had to donthis with the Roma too. I kept the pitcher from that model and use it for the water before steam.Razor is cool for the perfect puck ( listen to me, I’m a barista) One small annoyance was the the very bright light for steam or water…like the flashlight feature on our phones, coming right at you. Like your espresso maker is interrogating you! I got creative and took a tiny, clear blue sticker I had, perfect size, with smiley face and that tones down the bright beam.

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  5. DaveyB

    What a nice machine! I bought this for my wife for Valentine’s Day. She has used every day and loves the way it makes espresso. One Friday I took it to my office and made about a dozen shots for my coworkers. They were impressed.I decided to splurge some when I bought this machine. Looked at other units priced around $200 but they just seemed cheaply made. This machine is built to last. We have a Breville juicer and Panni press. They both have served us well. My office has a Breville electric teapot. All of these are quality products that have served us well.

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  6. Michael Jamison

    This was our first dive into brewing home espresso and after a short learning curve, some needed experimenting, and a bit of Youtube research, I feel this is a fine machine! It is easy to use, controls are uncomplicated, and after five days of tinkering and going through a lot of coffee beans, I can reliably pull a great shot of espresso. Go into this understanding that you will need to practice and experiment to get the hang of it. The process is not simply to push a button and stand back. You are an active part of the success or failure of the result, but that is all part of the fun. One specific note: There are two sets of filters provided with this machine. I have had MUCH more success using the “Double Wall” filters. In the manual it says these are best used with pre-ground coffee, but they are giving me the best result with any style coffee (better taste and consistent crema) so I would go with those. I feel that the reviewers who complain this machine is too loud (some make it sound like it is a jet engine, for crying out loud) are far over-exaggerating. I do not think it is all that noisy. Botton line, I am very satisfied with this machine and hope you will be too.

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  7. Amazon_Shopper

    This was purchased as a gift. The recipients liked the machine well enough but found it difficult to ‘dial in’ consistently good espresso. The machine worked as designed, was well-made, and the fit and features are fine, but in the end they found it a bit too much trial and error for their morning routine. They are both finicky when it comes to their coffee and I suspect that most other tasters would not notice the ‘flaws’ in their brews, and given time, would be able to reproduce great espresso cup after cup.I myself enjoyed the coffee and in fact was motivated to buy the Breville Infuser which is the cousin to this machine. I thought that the Infuser’s pressure gauge would assist me to brew a good cup of espresso and so far I believe it has; it was also on sale at the time and the Duo Pro was not. Again, the Duo Pro’s espresso tasted fine to me, though I do appreciate having the pressure gauge as a visual clue as to the quality of extraction.I would have taken their machine had they decided to return it before I purchased the Infuser, so I really don’t want to reflect negatively on the Duo Pro…it will surely be a great machine for the majority of people, but the small percentage that want more of a ‘push-button, set-and-forget” approach would probably be best to look elsewhere but this would go for most DIY espresso machines save for a fully automatic.I would agree with others that mention the steam. It does take a little longer than some machines to heat and froth the milk, but we are really only talking a handful or two of seconds. I found that there is more than enough steam to (given the time) make excellent hot milk complete with a fairly tight (micro?) foam. The process of switching between frothing milk and drawing espresso is quick enough and the machine prepares itself for this by adjusting the water temperature within a couple of seconds.Again, I’d say this is a great machine and would have purchased it myself as stated above.

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  8. Joanne Alter

    Loving this machine.Amazing quality espresso for a fraction of the cost of a higher end machine. Actually, this is my first review, and felt compelled to write it because of how good this machine is.For 330$, you can do no better.HIGHLY recommend.

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  9. Peter

    I have been using a Cafe Roma machine an ESP8XL for the better part of 10 years. Love the machine, could get an OK espresso and a decent Cappuccino after countless attempts and a long, possibly never ending learning curve.The Duo Pro is definitely easier to use. A novice will most likely get good results, a nice tasting coffee and a good frothed milk, sooner with this machine. Many reviewers have commented on the relatively slow response of the steam wand, and a noisy machine. I agree, a bit nosier than my previous machine and the steamer does seem to take a bit of time, but the steam wand does easily produce a very nice frothed milk, without too much effort. The quality of the steam is very good, much better than my Cafe Roma. The Dual Pro is equipped with an auto shut off, and I appreciate the dry pucks.

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  10. Amazon Customer

    I bought my Duo Temp Pro to upgrade from a Breville Cafe Roma. The espresso produced with the pressurized (double wall) filter baskets is poor quality, being watery and lacks crema. This is with both the single and double dose sizes. I have never had a similar problem with my Cafe Roma using the same beans, grind, tamping etc. I tried numerous combinations of doses, tamping, medium and dark roasts but never got any crema.My grinder does not grind fine enough for use with the non pressurized baskets, so I can’t make any kind of fair comment about them.This machine does make great froth milk, better than the Cafe Roma, which makes a pretty good frothed milk (I mostly make cappuccinos). I found it quick at frothing, not slow as per some other online comments.It comes with nice heavy SS portafilter, which requires a long flow of water to get it pre-heated, if you are doing this with it mounted in the group head.I did contact Breville about the crema problem; no real help from them, other than to suggest my beans weren’t fresh, duh!The Duo Temp Pro has been returned for a refund.

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  11. Howard T

    After 7 years of the entry-level Cuisinart, which made delicious espresso, I wanted to upgrade to something quieter. This BES810SSXL, at twice the cost (MSRP) of the Cuisinart, also made twice the noise, halfway through the extraction process. Auto purge after steaming milk, made my kitchen sound like a construction site. I tried two of these machines plus the more expensive BES870XL and finally abandoned Breville. Other than the noise, this is a solid machine that produces a good result. I settled for the DeLonghi Dedica; smaller, cheaper, and quiet.

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  12. Hoom

    Overall its a good machine; however its not that easy to get the full flavor and crema. Very sensitive to dose and grinding size. Maybe I am asking for too much!Beginners will have problem with achieving to the best quality, or maybe I am too obsessive with my coffee quality. A professional barista adviced me to buy a seperate proper grinder as it makes a big difference; so Im planning to do so !

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  13. Amazon Customer

    This is an awesome machine! The size is very reasonable, and it makes a great shot of espresso. The steaming wand is quite powerful and you can pretty much make whatever kind of espresso based drink you can dream up with it.It’s definitely not meant for entertaining as you can’t steam and brew at the same time, so brewing more than a couple coffees takes a while, but for a personal use machine it’s great!

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  14. AB

    Not good quality espresso. Tried to return but I would have to pay a restocking fee. I should have bought from a local store so that I could have returned without a problem. Now I’m stuck with it.

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  15. Caroline gendron

    It’s our first espresso machine and for the price I will say it’s a amazing product!!! Its like having our own Satbucks coffee shop

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