Breville Compact Smart Tea Infuser

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  • TREAT TEA RIGHT: Unlock the flavor potential of your humble cup of tea with the Breville Smart Tea Infuser Compact. Control the temperature, set your steep time and then rediscover your favorite blend.
  • 5 PRESETS TO SUIT YOUR TEA: 5 different temperature settings suitable for Green, White, Oolong, Herbal & Black teas.
  • VARIABLE STEEP TIME: Set your steep time from 1 to 5 minutes for mild, medium or strong tea. Whichever suits your taste. Timer beeps when ideal steeping time lapses, so you will know when to remove the tea basket.
  • COMPACT CAPACITY: 34 oz. / 4 Cup jug and tea capacity.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: The 1-touch magnetic detachment allows for easy and safe tea basket removal.
  • HOT WATER BOILER: Need to boil water for another reason? No problem, it will boil hot water for other drinks.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE TEA BASKET: Stainless Steel Tea basket can be washed in your dishwasher.
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited Product Warranty



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Brew your tea effortlessly with the Breville Smart Tea Infuser.

This kettle has a built-in infuser and steeping timer so that you can set the leaves to brew for a specific time and have a cup of tea brewed to perfection while you do other things, making the most of your time. With a dishwasher-safe infusing basket, this kettle is easy to keep clean, and the duraglass container is built to last for brew after brew.

From herbal to green, you can whip up whatever flavor of tea suits your mood.

Make your tea times a little easier with the Breville Smart Tea Infuser, get yours today

Specification: Breville Compact Smart Tea Infuser

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions10 × 9 × 9 in






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  1. William G.

    So the Breville Smart Tea Infuser Compact is one of those products that works well in theory – really well, in fact; excellently, even.Except when you actually use it, it becomes quite clear the errors the design team made.But let’s start at the beginning:1.) Unboxing this is a simple process, and there aren’t many pieces. There’s the base, which is kept under some cardboard to prevent damage. On top is the carafe with the tea basket, tea basket lid, and carafe lid all attached. The manual is easy to understand, and there’s a quick-start guide that’s even easier.2.) Setup/sanitizing is easy: Pour some water into the carafe to the max level, set the carafe to 212F (black tea), and let it boil. Then dump the water out, wash the tea basket lid, tea basket, and carafe lid with soap – and you’re done.So, time for some tea!Following the instructions, I set the infuser to 205F, for herbal tea, hit START, and away it heated, – quickly, too. When it was done, it beeped three times, just like the manual said it would. Then all I needed to do was push the little button on the top, – which releases the magnet so you can lift the tea basket lid off without pulling the tea basket out along with it. At that point I scooped a couple of teaspoons of tea, popped them in the basket, put the tea basket lid back on, and hit the START TIMER button. You can manually set between 1 and 5 minutes, but it has built-in presets for medium strengths for each tea type. Once the timer was up, it beeped again. At that point, all you do is remove the tea basket lid along with the tea basket (by NOT holding that eject button in while pulling up), release the basket onto e.g. a plate by pressing that eject button, and then put the tea basket lid back in the center of the carafe lid – without the tea basket, of course, to keep the heat in.And here’s where the issue is: See, when the carafe and lids are cold, this all works well. I tested this all before putting water in and heating it, and I tested it again after cleaning it all and drying it – when it was all cold again. When everything is cold/room temperature, it all works great. No resistance to any of it; the lids come off without any trouble nine times out of ten. When there’s hot water in there, though? It doesn’t work pretty much at all. It really made me wonder if Breville ever tested this mechanism with hot water in it.So what goes wrong?1.) Well, with hot water, when the tea basket is in the carafe, removing the lid and basket only occasionally works. Because of the heat, either the rubber seals are expanding around the lids, or the moisture is causing it to stick – or a combination of the above, so what happens is the tea basket lid, tea basket AND carafe lid all come off together. It’s very difficult to stop this happening without pressing down on the boiling hot carafe lid while pulling up the tea basket lid. It’s infuriating, actually. This was a constant struggle through two different pots of tea at different times this evening. Both times, everything worked (90% of the time) when it was all cold, and didn’t work when it was all hot. And if all three parts come out together, you cannot remove the the tea basket without touching the hot carafe lid. Ugh.2.) In other (not-so-good) news, the keep-warm function is more confusing than it should be. You have to press and hold for two seconds – the TEMP/KEEP WARM button. At that point, the START/CANCEL light blinks red on and off. Why? Why not blink the KEEP WARM button? It just seems more confusing than it should be.3.) In further bad news, dropping the tea leaves into the basket just leaves them floating on the top of the water, with some tea not even making contact with the water due to the large pile of tea leaves. It’s a good idea to use a spoon to push them down into the water further so they’re actually submerged and providing tea service to the hot water!There is some good, here, though, – really there is! The Breville did a great job keeping the correct temperature in the KEEP WARM mode. It’s worth mentioning that each time you remove and put the carafe back down on the base, you need to hold that KEEP WARM button in for two seconds to start the warming feature, but I suppose that’s to be expected. Either way, it was really nice to have a pot of tea that was always warm from start to finish. Note: KEEP WARM will only stay on automatically up to 30 minutes. Obviously if you’re drinking some in between, picking the carafe up and putting it down and starting the KEEP WARM feature again will reset the 30 minutes.Oh, and it’s also really easy to clean up, though getting the tea leaves out of the basket with rinsing is always a bit annoying since they like to get stuck in there. The Breville’s tea basket is no better or worse than other tea baskets, so I won’t ding it for that.Overall, there are some good things about this Breville Tea Infuser. It’s just a little ironic that it’s called the “Smart” Tea Infuser, when there’s some mind-bogglingly obvious issues with its functionality.Overall, a lovely cup of tea – but it’s more work than it should be.3.25 out of 5. Frustrating.

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  2. Valentina13

    I was disappointed overall, although it is beautiful and sturdy.It does not have a timer for auto start but I decided to try it anyway. I thought: it doesn’t take long to set it up the night before Andy then click a switch on the morning. But no, according to instruction you have to boil the water first, then remove and fill filter and then heat up tea again.., it does take time and the cap doesn’t always come off easily after your water has boiled. For the price, it is not worth it.On the plus side, it is beautiful, sturdy, and no plastic on the inside. So these are very good qualities. If you don’t need to move fast in the morning, this may be great for you. But if you are like me , this is too much work and hassle, especially for this price.

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  3. k

    Very useful. Smaller than my prior Breville glass teamaker that stopped working after a year. Hope this one lasts a bit longer

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  4. George Mercado

    Read the instructions before the first use and you will be happy with this product.

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  5. Xtina1279

    Love it! The settings for each type of tea make it easy to use.

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  6. Narine


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  7. LunchWithLions

    The most epic struggle I’ve had with an appliance was with the Teforia, which made superb tea when it worked, so I was willing to fight with it to get it to work. Then it broke, so I got a Gourmia GTC8000, and I should have known at that price point that thing was not going to be adequate. I got it anyway, and that’s what I’ve been using since December of last year. The state of tea in this house has been weak.Breville is the name that kept popping up whenever we discussed what I should get to make my tea rich and dark again, so when this popped up on my list, I was thrilled to be able to give this teapot a try. This is a compact model for someone who doesn’t drink a lot of tea, or who doesn’t serve a lot of tea to guests. If you’re chugging it, or hosting lunch a lot, there’s a larger version of this available that makes more tea at once that will probably suit your needs better.The first thing you do is boil the inside to sanitize it. This is pretty straightforward. There’s a clear label with red writing on it on the glass kettle. Make sure you peel it off before you do this. I saw a guy on the tube of you who didn’t, along with a few other things he probably shouldn’t have done. Breville should make their own instructional videos instead of relying on random people to do it for them.Anyway, then you’re ready to make tea. This is heating water to the desired temperature, adding tea leaves to the basket, and setting the timer. Then you wait for the beep to tell you it’s ready. Take the basket out to prevent over steeping, and you’re all set to pour. Cleaning is pretty simple—don’t immerse the kettle, and you’re all set.The resulting tea is hot, rich and dark, because I brewed it that way, and I didn’t have to get permission from a server in California to do it. So you would think this tea maker would be everything I want, but unfortunately, it isn’t.The warming element only works for 30 minutes at a time. So I have to get up and push that button every 30 minutes, or brew 2 cups at a time, and I’m bound to that thing. I can’t keep this where such a game of musical chairs would be convenient, and it’s irritating.Then I have to stand there and babysit it when the boiling and brewing is going on. You have to be there when it’s done heating the water to put the tea in. Otherwise you have to start all over again. And if you’re not there to pull the basket out when it’s done steeping, the bitter parts of the leaves start coming out and you get bitter tea. So when I could be doing something else, I have to stand there watching the teapot.Even if you could set the timer the night before, the basket sits in the water, so you would have soaked tea leaves being boiled and making the tea taste bad if you did that. So you can’t really wake up to ready-made tea.The other thing is, and maybe this is nitpicking, but this just steeping the tea. It doesn’t move the tea around, and as dark and full flavored as it gets on the strong setting, it will never get to the maximum flavor just sitting there like that. When you brew a cup of tea with a tea bag, you move the bag up and down to get the water to move through the leaves to get the oils and flavor to flow into the water. It’s just sitting there with this appliance. You can get away with that with coffee, but tea is different.If none of the cons bother you, you’ll probably like this infuser, but I think it would be worth the additional money to get the Breville One Touch with more features. I would like to be able to do other things while the tea is brewing, or to be able to set up a brew the night before, and I can’t do that with this machine. Overall three stars for a for a good cup of tea and a machine that works well, but could be better.

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