Breville BWM520XL The No Mess Waffle Maker, Silver

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  • Wide wrap-around moat catches and cooks overflow.
  • Non-Stick Surface: Premium PFOA-free nonstick prevents waffles from sticking.
  • Darkness Control Dial: 7 Darkness settings allow you to customize your waffle color from light to dark.
  • Thermal Pro Even Heat: Thermally engineered heating elements ensure even heat distribution.
  • Construction Materials: Stainless Steel Housing and Die-Cast Aluminum Cooking Plates


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Good waffle batters start with sticky ingredients.

How do you make crispy golden waffles without the mess? The wide wrap around moat catches and cooks overflow for easy cleanup.

Browning control for customized waffle cooking from light and fluffy to crispy golden brown.

Specification: Breville BWM520XL The No Mess Waffle Maker, Silver

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions11 × 9 × 6 in






15 reviews for Breville BWM520XL The No Mess Waffle Maker, Silver

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  1. A.V.

    I normally don’t write product reviews but this waffle maker definitely deserves it. Note that this is the 4th waffle maker brand I’ve used and I make waffles every day. It took about a week of trial and error but in the end, I’m able to make waffles that come off easily, are cooked evenly one after the other, no cooldown or any kind of spray/oil needed.I’ve been using Kodiak Cakes protein waffle mixes. The ideal method for making sure the waffles do not stick is as follows:1. Add 60 grams of Kodiak Cakes waffle mix into a bowl2. Add slightly less than 1/2 cups of water into the bowl then mix3. Plug-in the waffle maker and turn on at setting 4.4. Once ready, add the waffle mix and not the first time, but the second time the maker gets into “ready” state, pull the waffle.Biggest difference I found by waiting for the mix to sit for a few minutes before adding it to the waffle maker as described above, and the easiest way I found to remove the waffles is with a wood skewer, they come right off.There was some trial and error where I found waffle sticking and not coming off easily, but with a little patience, I’m able to get them off without any issues. I love this waffle maker!!!

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  2. MI Kate

    I received this waffle maker today and made waffles for supper. Finally I have a wonderful traditional waffle maker! The waffles turned out great, just like the ones I grew up with. My old traditional waffle maker died after about 30 years. I had no idea it would be so hard to find a replacement. I bought the Chef’s Choice Waffle Pro based on Cooks Illustrated/America’s Test Kitchen review, but they should have said it makes really thin waffles. If you like really, really thin waffles that is the one to buy. If you want traditional waffles, not Belgium buy the Breville. The machine is very well made. I am very happy with my purchase.

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  3. s. breacain

    The best feature is the moat. Unfortunately, it heats unevenly and makes a crummy looking waffle. The bottom turns out brown, but the top comes out splotchy and malformed. I tried adjust the amount of batter to fix the problem, but that didn’t help. You’ld think for what they’re charging that it would make a decent waffle, but think again.

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  4. Anonymous shopper

    Easy to use, easy to clean especially with thicker batters like King Arthur Belgian style yeast waffles or sourdough starter waffles that don’t spread as quickly. A thinner batter will overflow the sides. To clean, merely pass a wet cloth over the still hot plates and moat.For a golden brown waffle, I turn the dial up. This machine takes roughly a half cup of batter per waffle.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    searched for a waffle maker that made crispy waffles like my vintage one that broke. Bought this one because of the good reviews on the internet. It definitely is easy to clean, signals when heated and I love that – no guesswork involved!Waffles nice and crispy but so difficult to remove from waffle maker and i am a veteran waffle maker. Low rating due to this factor only.

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  6. Nancy Stieber

    I’ve now made waffles numerous times with this appliance. I prefer thin, crisp waffles. This machine produces waffles with indentations on each side that are 3/16th of an inch. For crispy waffles, I have to use the highest setting and then leave the machine on a minute or two beyond the signal that they are finished. It’s easy to use this machine. It takes up only a small place on the counter and only requires a wipe with a paper towel after each use. The first twenty waffles came out of the iron easily each time. After that, with no change in the recipe and procedure, they began to stick as you can see in the photos. Cleaning the cooked batter that stuck to the two plates was time-consuming and very frustrating. My solution has been to heat up the waffle iron and when it’s ready for the batter, run a stick of butter lightly over the two plates and then pour in the batter. The waffles come out perfect and are easy to dislodge from the plates. As long as you realize that this is not a no-stick waffle iron, you’ll be very pleased with it. The photos show a waffle stuck on the iron and the resulting broken waffle plus a waffle made by greasing the iron first – viewed both on the iron and after it was easily removed. Note the beautiful crispy color.

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  7. Director70

    After a few weeks, we are loving our new waffle maker from Breville. It heats up quickly and efficiently; there is no need for any “spray on” coating, as the coating Breville has used really works well. It does NOT make thicker, Belgian-style waffles; but it is not supposed so to do. We love making the waffles ahead of time, freezing them and then popping them into the toaster for a quick dinner. Storage is wonderful with the “lock and stand” feature. The only draw-back, of course, is that it only makes one four-section waffle at a time; but since there are only two of us, it is not really an issue.

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  8. aprilwine

    I got this waffle maker for Christmas and so far I love it. I have had several waffle makers in the past and have never really been happy with them. Love the moat around it, makes clean up quick and easy. Has several lightness/darkness options as well. Like the beeps to signal when preheated and ready also. Overall, I am very impressed with this. Highly recommend!

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  9. Reid

    I didn’t know what to think about having a moat on a waffle iron but I love it. I’m pretty generous with how much batter I pour and every time the moat catches it and cooks it making clean up as easy as wiping it with a paper towel.The waffles come out a nice size for 1 person. I find the 4 setting is a good one if you want a golden brown and crispy waffle.

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  10. Carnivale4ever

    We haven’t owned a waffle maker before so did some research before buying… discovered that there is a difference between Belgian waffles and regular waffles . This machine does regular waffles which means no yeast and/or beating eggs to make puffy (Belgian) waffles. The regular waffles were just delicious.We LOVE the little drip tray (moat) that runs around the outside of the cook surface… no messy batter dribbling down the outside of the machine. Used the batter recipe in the owner’s manual and it made 8 LARGE waffles… far more than 3 people could eat at one sitting. Will be cutting the recipe in half next time.Figure this will be a highlight of future breakfast/brunches when we invite the gang for a midday meal during the winter time instead of dinner.Wish we had bought one of these years ago… nice break from serving pancakes… and very easy to operate… a little bell tells you when the griddle is ready, and also tells you when the waffles are done..

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  11. reynolpa

    I bought this for my daughter for Christmas as they love waffles. This product has been easy for her son (13) and daughter (15) to use as well. Apparently it makes great waffles but I have yet to try them myself!

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  12. warmhearted

    This was for a family member and they were more than pleased with it and have enjoyed many waffle breakfasts since. Very easy clean up. We did lots of research before choosing this one. A wise choice.

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  13. Dianne Coughlin

    It’s sturdy and beeps when its hot enough to use and when the waffle is ready.

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  14. Clément Rondeau

    Les gaufres sont parfaites et le rebord empêche les débordements!

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  15. robert bekius

    as advertised

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