Breville BTM800XL Tea Maker/Kettle – 1.6 qt

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  • Tea Basket Cycle – Auto Lowers and Lifts
  • Auto Start. Construction Materials – Brushed Stainless Steel Power Base
  • 60 minute Keep Warm feature
  • Variable temperature control; Jug Capacity: 51 oz.
  • Time Since Brew – LCD timer; LCD Display: Accurate temperature sensor with real time display to monitor progress.
  • Settings: 5 Pre Programmed Settings. Auto shut off and boil dry protection. Voltage: 110–120 Volts.


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The Breville Tea Maker is a revolutionary tea experience. The fully automated tea basket moves down, then up, gently agitating the leaves to precisely infuse your tea.

Push the basket button and watch the basket cycle in and out of immersion. Seeing is believing! Different tea varietals such as Black, Green, White, and Oolong require exact water temperatures and controlled brew times to allow their unique flavors and aromas to develop during brewing.

The Tea Maker eliminates the guesswork so you can enjoy a perfect cup of tea, every time.

Fully programmable for all types of tea, water temperatures, and steep times! The moving tea basket allows water to circulate freely around the individual tea leaves for maximum infusion.

Set the timer and wake up to the aroma of your favorite brew. The German-made Schott glass kettle is durable and stain resistant.

Specification: Breville BTM800XL Tea Maker/Kettle – 1.6 qt

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions11 × 8 × 13 in






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  1. Perry The Cynic

    Brewing good tea is finicky. You need just the right temperature for steeping it; the tea leaves need to have room to breathe; and you must absolutely, positively take them out at the right time. Other than that, it’s easy.This appliance tries to take the art out of tea making. I mean that in a good way. You tell it “tea, black, medium”, pour in the water and put in the tea leaves, and it does the rest. (If you’re fancy, you can say “180 degrees, 3:30 minutes” instead.) It heats the water, drops the tea basket into it, leaves it there for the allotted time, pulls it out again, and beeps. You pour the tea. It can keep what’s left warm for you.It works surprisingly well, actually. Even delicate green teas come out flavorful and fresh. Black teas are not over-steeped (unless you ask for that, of course). You can make a single mug (aka two tea cups) just fine – even though only the bottom of the basket is in the water, infusion still works well. Or you can make a dozen cups; there’s a mode that keeps moving the basket up and down in the water to ensure maximum contact.To me, the best feature of this device is also, perhaps, controversial. It automates the tea making process; you can set it up, walk away, and when it beeps, your tea is ready to enjoy. It takes the ceremony out of the tea-making. Without the lifting-the-basket-when-it-is-time feature, you pretty much have to stand there and watch the tea brew. A minute of contemplation and reflection, all wiped out by technology. I guess that’s progress…Of course nothing is perfect. The carafe itself cleans up easily, but the spent tea leaves will cling tenaciously to the inside of the metal basket, requiring vigorous scrubbing with a suitable kitchen brush to get them out. That’s mildly annoying. Perhaps Breville should design a custom-shaped brush to go with this basket. (Perhaps someone else should?) Of course, you can let the tea dry in its basket and then it’ll drop right out, but that would take hours.Five stars for the quality of the tea, the design, and the general convenience. Minus one star for the annoyance of cleaning up the tea basket afterwards. A very good device. Recommended even for picky tea drinkers.Cheers — perry

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  2. PickyChick

    I bought this to replace a Breville glass Electric Kettle, which I liked in spite of constant problems with the lid (the total failure of the auto shut off feature was the kicker). I liked the idea of being able to set it up to brew automatically in the AM, and the keep warm feature.PRO: Set it up, push a button and it does the rest…giving you a little extra time in the morning for other things. The standard brew programs made very weak tea (using high quality loose leaves) BUT it is very easy to set up the custom button to brew to your preferences. If you need as much help as possible pre-caffeine this may be for you.CON: Plastic-y smell. It’s been nearly a month and it hasn’t abated. Possibly a deal breaker. Also the “Keep Warm” function is pretty useless: apparently if the tea/water temp drops below 112 it shuts off automatically. This seems to happen quickly. So it doesn’t really do much to keep it warm, and will likely have shut off when you go back for your second cup. Boo.UPDATE: After 5 months the plastic odor/taste is still ruining my tea. The tea from this has never tasted as good as the tea I used to make with a stainless filter. Considering that the ‘keep warm’ feature barely works, there is really no upside. I experience the disappointment anew every morning. I am looking forward to the day it breaks so I can get rid of it without feeling guilty.

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  3. Kathleen M. Hayhurst

    I purchased this July 2017. You would think a product would last longer than 6 months. Every other time that I use this I get re set errors. What a pain. When it does work the water never gets hot enough. Waisted money. Bought my daughter the Mr. Coffee tea maker and it works great! Think before you buy this one!

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  4. Holly Dever

    We really liked it at first, however it quit working after only 3 months. The customer service department either won’t answer the phone or has a recorded message informing the customer that due to high call volume you have to try back another time. No email option from website only the same troubleshooting that’s in the manual.

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  5. Ann de Vries

    Oh Joy, Oh Bliss. If this is for you or for anyone else for whom you are considering buying this tea maker, DO IT. My husband kept saying we didn’t need an instant tea maker because it is easy to make tea the old fashioned way. True, it is easy to make tea using a teapot, but I’m not a morning person. I am REALLY not a morning person and I don’t drink coffee, only tea. I kept glaring at his programmable coffee maker, and one day, I snapped. Realising I was contemplating smashing my husband’s coffee maker over his head and murdering him if he sighed happily over his first cup of pre-made, ready and waiting morning coffee one more time, I decided that it was history for him and his coffee pot or a Breville tea maker for me. Fortunately the Black Friday sales were on and I got the tea maker at almost reasonable price.I got tired of replacing electric tea kettles every year and bought a Breville tea kettle, which I have had since since 2009, and which still woks like a charm. That’s why I chose the Breville tea maker, which seems to be as well built as their tea kettle. There is nothing flimsy about it and the various settings available are wonderful for the dedicated tea drinker. The glass pot is solid and the water heats up very quickly. I used to set a timer when I was making tea in a teapot, but sometimes I would get busy and not hear it. An hour or so later, I would be faced with an extremely bitter brew. The Breville tea maker is great because it removes this problem by lowering and raising the basket of tea leaves as programmed.So, for anyone who loves tea and would like to hang onto their spouse or significant other, I highly recommend the Breville Tea Maker. It’s expensive, but if purchased on sale the “ouch” factor will be reduced. If it lasts as long as the Breville Tea Kettle, it is also less expensive than a cheaper, unreliable product in the long run..

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  6. kelvin

    Bought it for my mom, she uses it every day. It’s very versatile and easy to use. It’s also very unique and we get compliments on it whenever people come over.It uses magnets to drop the basket depending on what kind of tea setting you input. You can also use custom settings.Only thing is after a while, the bottom metal part discolors and looks like rust .Overall excellent but the bottom discoloration bothers me.

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  7. Holly Booth

    I’ve have this tea maker for over two years, and it has been used aggressively every day. At least one full pot, sometimes 2 and hot water for a sleepytime tea at bed. No troubles with the heating or basket or buttons at all. I’ve seen the tanin stains, they comes out easily either by keeping them wet and wiping, or simple baking soda of a bunch has built up. I’ve never had the slightest problem, except forgetting to set it to be ready in the morning. This tea maker has been one of the greatest things I’ve ever bought. No other product lifts *and* raises the basket, which for some loose leaf black teas is the difference between a warm cup of joy and a bitter slap in the face. It can be an absolute lifesaver for white teas and oolongs or Pu-erhs (Which I brew on oolong). The only tea this won’t brew for you is matcha, but it’ll happily (and delightfully quickly) heat the water.If you’re only using bagged black or herbal tea and never get into loose-leaf, greens or the like, this is probably not the product for you yet. It’s very much a beast of loose-leaf brewing, I’d recommend starting with a temperature-controlled kettle and if you get into loose leaf, then this will be your new best friend.The best tip I can offer to anyone looking to buy this is that if you use a very fine tea (like a yerba mate, rooibos or herbal) to grab some coffee filters, cut a slit int he middle and line the basket with one. It makes it easier to clean the basket and dispose of the leaves and it keeps the leaves more in the basket.Extremely highly recommended, a workhorse that performs consistently 24/7, 365.

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  8. Megabytes

    This was a huge splurge gift for myself to celebrate a new job. I was reluctant to spend so much for a kettle, since I’m equally in love with coffee, and I already have a really nice breville espresso machine. I mostly thought it was fun to have a keep warm function because I like to make a pot and drink it all afternoon or evening.But after buying I was very impressed at the difference it made in the taste of my teas. I preferred herbal teas, because green and white teas, and even black, tend to be too bitter. But now all the nice green and black teas I was barely using are becoming my favourites. With the right temperature the taste is so much better, feeling on the younger like they are just on the edge of being bitter, but they are just held back from it while the flavour is maximized. I love my blends from David’s tea, and they all come out perfect with this kettle. In addition the timer keeps me from letting the tea sit for too long and, again, become bitter. I’m sure this could be accomplished with someone very careful to monitor the water temp and using a timer to remove the tea in time, but I don’t think I would ever be organized enough to do this.I had been going back and forth between this kettle and the slightly cheaper version without the automatic basket, but I’m really glad I went with the basket, because it really is worth the little bit extra.

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  9. Viola

    I never expected to own a tea maker because we love teapots. Thank you to all the reviewers whose enthusiasm convinced me to buy offered the best price at the time of purchase. The shipping was free.The cord can be stored under the base if you want to put it away after using it. It is attractive enough to be left on the counter.We drink mostly green, white, oolong and herbal teas. We did have to adjust the settings to get the brews the way we liked them which was usually different from the manufacturer’s recommendations. We use the custom settings for teas that are meant to be brewed at different temperatures thanthe standard ones offered.The carafe is sturdy but you must take care not to get too much water on the outside because of the electrical components underneath.It keeps tea warm for an hour. You must remember to press the KEEP WARM button after you return the carafe to its base.I needed a sticky note at first as a reminder. 🤭The tea does get stronger the longer it sits. However, there is no bitterness to it. I don’t particularly care for the darker colour but no one else minds.If the brew is too weak letting it sit on Keep Warm is an advantage. About half an hour on Keep Warm is my limit.The strainer is good. With certain teas fine bits will get through even our small superfine strainer.When serving tea in the dining room I pour the perfectly brewed tea into a teapot and place it on a tea stove with a candle to keep it warm.I refrigerate leftover tea to use in smoothies.The cleaner works well. Next time I am going to try vinegar and baking soda because it’s a natural cleaner. One reviewer suggested Oxy. I have never timed it but the water seems to boil really fast. We have never programmed it to brew at a specific time.I use a Hario dripper to make coffee occasionally. I can boil the water in the teamaker at 205 degrees which is apparently the the best temperature for coffee.This is one of the best purchases we’ve ever made. It really makes a difference to the way tea tastes. We use mainly loose tea but tea bags work too. You can use more water than normal for second and third brews. I love the way the basket moves up and down to gently move the tea leaves around.We absolutely ❤️ this tea maker.

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  10. camossung

    Whilst I do have a propensity for hyperbole, I do believe this is the finest purchase I have made to date under $300. I love tea, but it is easy to ruin it by over steeping, or by using the wrong water temp, especially black tea, my tea of choice. With the Breville, you can play around with the settings to get it just how you like it, set it and have your tea made perfectly every time, on command. It’s simply awesome to be able to make tea with all of the consistency and convenience that coffee drinkers have long enjoyed. I use Twinnings loose tea in it which I believe produces less waste and is much healthier than tea bags. I saved the box and styrofoam, and with a little tape reinforcement on the corners travel with it when ever I leave for more than a week. This is a premium product, at an appropriate price. I have had it nearly a year and no complaints with performance.

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  11. Teissedre

    A beautiful kettle, super design, very fancy… BUT we already had to return one… there was a nasty smell of burnt heating element… we received a new one very fast but it is beginning to smell again after only a few weeks… we don’t know what to do… we are very careful how we use it… we don’t know what causes the problem… it looks like the heating element is over heating.

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  12. Marc Baillargeon

    This is a truly fabulous product for tea lovers! You put the teal leaves in the little basket, water is heated to the appropriate temperature depending on the type of tea, magnetiacally, the basket drops in the heated water, stays for the exact time programmed by you for the strength, and then goes back up so the tea never gets bitter. A STAY WARM button allows the tea to remain at an optimal temperature until you are ready to pour it. Easy to clean. Can be used as a regular kettle. Top design and manufacturing quality in Schott glass.You will find it pricey and hesitate, but it is a great value and indispensable for tea lovers! Very highly recommended!!

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  13. Toronto88

    The automatic lowering mechanism means that you can have fresh tea brewed for you early in the morning when you get up. And if you get up early and leave the house soon after you get up then with this system you can have properly brewed tea as opposed to instant tea bags. Also the fact that tea is automatically brewed for a specific time would result in perfect tea every time (you don’t have to time yourself and get the tea out of water). However, the price is a bit too high for a tea maker (reason for taking off a star). Overall, it’s a great product, if you have a use for it’s automatic system.The only issue I have with it is with the Keep Warm feature. For some reason it turns off by itself and I feel it doesn’t heat it up to a high temperature. (I might be doing something wrong)

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  14. Jeremy

    Expensive but holy wow I love it. For months I couldn’t justify the huge cost for a minor convenience. But then the price dropped to $220 (all time low) and I just couldn’t resist. I’m so glad I bought it, it’s so satisfying to use, and the keep warm function is amazing. I can leave tea in the pot all day (note that keep warm expires after an hour) and if I want more tea, it’s ready and warm. If it was over an hour I just press “hot water” to heat it up again. Infinite tea!

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  15. Adam P

    I bought one of these as a gift for someone and my husband surprised me with one as well! I LOVE this thing – best present ever, no word of a lie. I thought this was more of a luxury item but when you have young kids, brewing a proper cup of green tea is next to impossible (getting the right temp of water, actually timing it and getting to it in time to remove the steep). This is literally a push the button and you have perfect tea every time and it has a keep warm feature that holds the temp for an hour after steeping. You can also set the auto function to wake up to tea in the morning (I have not used this yet). I have made black, green, and herbal teas in this pot and they have all turned out perfect. My experience with Breville customer service (for other appliances we own) has always been exceptional as well. This maker has a max brew time of 10 minutes because really one shouldn’t brew tea for more than that, just add more leaves if you like it stronger. So that would be the only negative if you are the anomaly who enjoy an over steeped cup of tea.

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