Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast Smart 4-Slice Toaster

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  • 1800-Watt 4-Slice toaster with intelligent one-touch auto lowering function
  • Push-button controls for toast, a bit more, bagel, defrost, and lift-and-look functions
  • Led panel illuminates according to selected setting on variable browning control
  • Brushed die-cast metal housing; end-of-cycle beep; 1-1/5-Inch-wide slots; cord wrap
  • Measures 11-3/4 by 11-3/4 by 7-3/4 inches; 1-year limited


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4 extra-wide slots As your artisanal bread, bagel or pastry lowers gently into one of the 4 extra-wide slots, you’ll experience engineered performance that excites on a human level.

Customer feedback led us to develop innovative “A Bit More” and “Lift and Look” features that set us apart.

Specification: Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast Smart 4-Slice Toaster

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions12 × 11 × 8 in






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  1. Stevie P.

    You know how when you read a negative review you think to yourself, “that won’t happen to me! maybe they were using it incorrectly…” Well i read a bunch of reviews on this toaster before i bought it and saw several negative ones and just figured there was probably a 1 percent chance i would get a bad one. Unfortunately i am not very good at guessing my odds because i did get a bad unit. i got the toaster in mid November 2017 and here we are in early January 2018 and it is broken. the toast quality is great and i really like the look of the toaster and breville in general. But when you have a fancy mechanism to raise and lower the bread and you combine that with the heat generated by a toaster you must be asking for trouble. i had no problems for the first month then all of a sudden my toast didn’t come up and 5 lights started blinking on the unit. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it worked for a couple of days then the same problem occurred. i checked the crumb tray which i read about on a few google reviews and it was clean as a whistle so crumbs weren’t the problem. i tried to return to amazon but i was outside of the 30 day policy so now i am stuck dealing with Breville’s warranty. i assume they will take care of me but we’ll see. Its a shame that there isn’t a universally loved high end toaster that you can buy with complete confidence. Maybe the mypillow guy can invent one… in the meantime i am likely going to buy a Dualit toaster since that seems to be a pretty highly regarded unit. it has plenty of bad reviews too so i guess i’ll be taking my chances again!

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  2. ams1988

    We’ve had this toaster for just over a year. Initially I was impressed at the mechanism, clean look, and most importantly, it did a great job toasting. Then the problems began. It is super easy for some crumb to become lodged in the lifting mechanism, I almost wonder if the internal design includes a funnel and a small vacuum to neatly route any debris directly to the lift control. This causes the toast to become stuck, and you must remove the toast before it starts burning, let it cool down, and the vigorously shake the device upside down to dislodge the crumb. I suspect after this happens enough times, burnt debris around the lifter becomes permanent. The design basically makes this lift mechanism completely inaccessible for cleaning, even when pulling out the useless crumb trays. I note these trays are useless because they rarely catch anything, and they are completely enclosed again preventing access for removing stuck crumbs (in many other toasters removing the trays acts like a trap door, making it easy to get crumbs out).It never ceases to amaze me how a product like this, with some pretty slick engineering, can be felled by the smallest crumb. More amazing still, that a crumb is the cause, as a toaster inherently has to deal with toast and crumbs on a daily basis. My toaster is now toast, and I’m happily reading reviews of other toasters. Breville will be gone from my kitchen by year’s end.

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  3. gwr

    I just got this toaster and it broke after 2 days – 2 of the 4 slots don’t work. I have been unable to reach Breville despite calls and email. And Amazon will not return the item (and the return policy was not clearly stated at all). For $180 completely unsatisfactory. I am hoping this review prompts a response. Aside from that, it is a great toaster and I would like a replacement given I have had it less than a week.

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  4. Agillator

    Good looking, lousy toaster. Has a setting of 1 to 6 for doneness. On three it just dries the surface a little (See photos, right side). Toasts on 6, but very unevenly from side to side (See photos, left side). Disappointed in Breville.

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  5. Jeffrey Belack

    To repeat, can you really get that excited about a toaster’s overall performance, when looking at it’s “cost-benefit” factor? The answer to this question is YES!Yes this toaster is expensive. Yes it is totally and completely, worth the extra money required to purchase one, a statement that I cannot make about many things we’ve purchased for our household. In the end, the old adage “you-get-what-you-pay-for”, completely applies here.Yes it is auto-everything, meaning you push a button and your pre-toasted item (bread, bagel, english muffin, etc), is lowered automatically, and then is gently raised when toasting is complete.Yes, this unit has some genuinely unique and usable features, like the “Lift & Look” button which allows you to check on your item before it is finished, just in case sufficient toasting has taken place already, and or, you require some additional toasting to get your bagel to where it is perfectly-toasted to your liking. All of this at the push of a button.Yes, this unit also features “A-Bit-More” button to allow for a smidgen more toasting of your muffin, to get it to toasted-perfection. The fact is, there are many more features to this toaster that I’m not going to waste your time mentioning. Suffice to say, this thing is loaded with great features, that are truly unique.You’d think that with all of the usable features I outlined above, there couldn’t be anything else you’d expect from a toaster of this caliber. However, with all of these terrific features aside, what truly makes this unit worth the money, is the incredible way it toasts your bread, bagel or muffin! This toaster produces impressive toasting-uniformity. Moreover, your toasted item not only comes out completely and evenly toasted but, the golden brown toasting color of your item is beautiful regardless of what type of bread-type your using (uh, did he just say beautiful)? I did.This is one purchase you’ll truly love , plus your family and friends will be so impressed with your new “state-of-the-art-purchase! What are you waiting for…..Buy it! You’ll not be sorry.

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  6. Jane Stokes-Rees

    It’s tough to rate this 5/5 on “value for money” just because I think it’s a little absurd that anyone would pay $200+ CAD for a toaster…and yet, here I am, doing it for the second time. There’s nothing wrong with the first machine, let me explain.I was married to the kind of man who grumbled at length about anything he found annoying. This included our plastic 2-slice toaster, which we’d picked up from a discount store way back when we first moved in together. It was cheaply made and toasted inconsistently. Eventually, tired of the daily ranting, I donated it and bought him the most expensive toaster I could find, hoping that would improve his quality of life, at least at breakfast.(This was quite a few years ago and I had ordered it from a department store. I had to pick it up at the store and the kindly older sales rep was a little alarmed to see how much it cost, until I explained that I was trying to keep my husband happy.)It worked, to an extent. He did like the toaster and stopped grumbling (about toast, at least). He’s a machinist and particular about materials & finishes; the Breville is a gorgeous appliance. In fact, he liked it so much that he insisted on keeping it when we finally split up (don’t worry, we are both much happier now).Two years post split, I don’t miss him at all but I sure missed that toaster. I’d bought a stainless steel toaster when I moved out and I hated it. For a while, it only toasted one side of the bread, and then it broke.After that, I finally broke down and ordered my own Breville. It is a beautiful appliance and I regret nothing. It is well-built, the controls are precise and accurate, it looks amazing on my counter, and it toasts like a dream. Was it the frugal choice? No, but amortized over time it’s worth the investment. And now that I have the “a bit more” button again, my life is complete. My toast is perfect, every time. My mornings are better and thus my entire quality of life has improved.Maybe this isn’t the toaster for you, but it’s the toaster for me. I finally understand what it means to be treated well and I hope you can also find a way to set standards. If you can find the means in any way, don’t put up with a toaster (or a partner) who treats you terribly. I’ll never settle again. And if I remarry I’m putting this toaster in my pre-nup.

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  7. CombatCaptured

     1st I LOVE my Breville products, I definitely think they’re worth the money.IF you get a working one, here are my thoughts:Out of the box it’s a very sharp looking appliance.I loved the cord storage under it, mine sits very close to the wall and the cords not all over the place anymore.I still prefer the old push leavers, specially the “lift to check” was faster then the new “button” is to auto lift the toast.Also my old Breville had a nob with a digital number for toast time and was easy to read, the numbers on this unit are not lit and hard to see without direct light (mine sits under a low cabinet and the shadow covers the toaster)The BIG issue and reason for the 1* is the Inside element section on both side did not heat up , so only 1 side toasted on all 4 slices.This issue happened on my replacement unit also, and I gave up after that….I’m not up to spending this much on a toaster where I have to watch and then flip the toast 1/2 way though so both sides het toasted…

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  8. Cagg

    In the first year the LED started to fail one by one. In the second year the heating element didn’t fully turn on. It took foever to toast. It is like useless now. It is shame for such an expensive product. Will not buy any Breville again. I feel sorry couldn’t give the item a zero star.

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  9. Claire Johnston

    Our previous toaster was a plain old toaster which lasted for over 20 years. This toaster was acting up within the warranty period, with one side of toaster not raising the bread when it was done. The remedy was, we were told, unplug and give it a chance to reboot. Now that it is out of warranty, it is doing this with more frequency. Frustrating.Also, it toasts one side of the bread more than the other. Not really a tragic event, but we expected better for the brand and for the buck.The features it offers are nice though. The outside stays cool while toasting. We use the “a bit more” and “lift and look” fairly regularly. The cleaning trays are nice.If the electronics were flawless, it would be a home run. But I wouldn’t buy again.

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  10. Jim A. S.

    This is an update to my original review.Well I’ve had this toaster exactly 3 years now and I’m not too happy. One of the elements on the right side is not working. I figured if you pay big bucks for a high end toaster, it would last quite awhile.I first reviewed this toast and gave it a 5 star rating… Now it only gets a 2 star.I’m very disappointed. To get this fixed, I’ll have to take it to certified dealer who is at least 70-80 klms away, wait for the repair then drive back, then pay.

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  11. Amazon Customer

    Pour le moment il fonctionne assez bien, très facile à utiliser. J’ai constaté par contre que les éléments à l’intérieur ne chauffent pas tous correctement, le produit pourrait être mieux conçu……At the moment it works pretty well, very easy to use. I found that the elements inside do not all heat properly, the product could be better built for that reason ……

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  12. Ian Pritchard

    Seems like a good toaster after 1 month. Does wide slices, bagels and the like. Only drawback is for larger breads, like rye, get a longslot if you do that bread type lots. Like the “bit more” browning feature + auto raise to check is cool. Little bit pricey, but reviews were good, so I bit the bullet + bought it while on sale. So far so good

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  13. B Seventy

    Very pleased with the toast quality and adjustability of this product. I was worried that it would be hard to get smaller pieces out of the toaster but it lifts them up quite high so that hasn’t been an issue. Much better than my old cheaper toaster. The beeping when finished is quite quiet so it does not disturb me – plus it can be silenced if you prefer. The finish is less of true stainless steel and more like a grey stainless coloured metal – if you want it to match perfectly to stainless appliances – it won’t. I’m okay with that myself. If you don’t mind the extra price – you’ll be happy with it otherwise.

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  14. pabilodeau

    Je suis habitué de m’acheter des grilles-pain à 20$…C’est parce que je n’avais jamais goûté à la perfection…Mes enfants scrappaient toujours les bras de descentes…maintenant c’est terminé. Plus de bris. Facile d’utilisation..Un pur bonheur, donne une autre dimension au déjeuner..

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  15. Sarah

    Love the toaster! There’s a gap between the case of the toaster and the actual toaster where crumbs can get in but not a big deal just shake it until the fall down onto the trays for cleaning.Only complaint is it didn’t come with an owners manual for cleaning and general info. Breville manuals always have good tips and tricks included. Wondering if maybe it was preciously bought and returns? Also didn’t have a warranty card like most other breville products come with.

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