Breville BTA830XL 4-Slice Toaster

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  • NOTE : Bagel mode has a feature that activates additional heat to the middle heating elements to perfectly toast the insides of cut bagel without burning the outside
  • NOTE : It is normal for the outside heating elements to appear off or on a lower power during the bagel setting
  • NOTE : Kindly check the User Manual which is available below for referece
  • LED toasting progress indicator. Voltage- 110- 120 volts
  • 4 Slice long slot capacity for larger artisanal bread, thick bagels and dense pastries
  • 1600 Watt element features Cool-touch brushed die-cast metal body


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How do you toast any type of bread and get it just the way you like it?

The Breville BTA830XL Die-cast Smart Toaster has one touch ‘Lift and Look’ toasting carriage which automatically moves up and down to show the browning process without interrupting the toasting cycle, as well as features one touch ‘A Bit More’ which allows you to add a little extra time to the toasting cycle for any shaped bread.

Motorized carriage with push button controls include both a Bagel setting and a Frozen setting.

Specification: Breville BTA830XL 4-Slice Toaster

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions15 × 8 × 8 in






15 reviews for Breville BTA830XL 4-Slice Toaster

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  1. BZ

    I did loads of research before splurging on this toasting machine. Going full-on electronics to control my toasting made me nervous, but since there were so many glowing reviews (one blogger rated it the all-time top toaster), I thought I’d take a chance to have the epic toasting experience. We’d only had this toaster for a couple of weeks, but we are avid toast eaters and have toasted many types of breads, including pitas, sourdoughs, and multi-grain slices, thus I feel I am justified to leave an honest review.The operation is very cool, smooth, and calm. At the push of the button, the toast slowly descends into the chambers to be warmed. The toast level setting lights up and counts down until the toasting cycle has finished. Once finished, the toasted bread slowly then rises up from the chambers, and once fully up, the toaster commands your attention with a modest but pleasant “ding”. It’s all very cool and modern. We do not frequently buy bagels or frozen toast-ready pastries, so we did not test these functions.My husband did notice that there is a not-so-pleasant sounding squeak as the carriage ascends. It’s mildly annoying, especially given the smooth operation of the design and the hefty price tag on this thing, but I was so enthralled with the newness of it all that I did not even notice it until he pointed it out to me.I also immediately noticed, from toast 1, that the toasting is not even. I noticed browning is heavier on bottom edge vs. the top edge, but it was not drastic enough for me to despair too much. It was noticeable, but not ridiculous.Now for the really bad news. Unfortunately, this toaster, as cool as I wanted it to be, has serious design flaws. It’s so close to being great, but when I saw those flashing lights that others here have described, and I could not get the carriage to lift, I cursed this product. Here’s what happened. I was starving from working too long and finally decided I needed some lunch. I dropped a couple of slices of toast into my toaster, adjusted the darkness level to about 2 or so (light toasting for my sammy). After a while I was hoping to use the “lift and look” feature to see how it was doing, so I hit that button. I did not see the toast come up. Shortly afterward, the heat was turned off and all four buttons started flashing on and off constantly and indefinitely. I watched and waited for a bit. I hit the Cancel button, hoping to get the bread to rise up out of the toasting chambers. No change. I waited some more. The flashing continued and the bread remained snugly embedded within the chambers. I rushed to find the manual and troubleshoot.To may dismay, there is absolutely nothing in the manual about troubleshooting this problem, which so many reviewers here have also experienced. I also did not find any way to “reset” or “reboot” this piece of electronics. So, I did what comes naturally and unplugged the thing for a bit. I plugged it back in and waited. I could hear a faint motor sound, sounding like it was trying to do something, maybe lift up my toast, but the bread did not budge. So I unplugged it again and let it cool.I found the phone number on the back of the manual and though that would save me. I called, used the recorded menu options, and proceeded to listen to a song that I believe Breville created or at least owns, and the periodic Australian woman assuring me that my call would be taken in the order in which it was received – yadda yadda yadda – over and over again. I must have waited for 15 minutes before I finally gave up. At this point I was getting a bit hangry and decided I needed to fish out my bread and eat, so I took a break from the frustration for a while. I came back to this page to review the problems other consumers had with this same toaster. Sure enough, the most popular problem was the same as mine, and it seemed fatal.Why? Why, Breville, is there no button to reset things when the electronics get confused like this? Why does unplugging the toaster not serve as a reboot to help clear this? What is the bug in this design? Please make sure your engineers take a good, hard look at the design, do some thorough testing, and sell a more reliable toaster. I really wanted to like this toaster, and I really hoped that it would perform for me. I do not abuse my things. I take good care of them and I am careful to read the manual before I use them. I deserve a toaster that will work for more than a couple of weeks before going completely insane and refusing to do anything at all.At this point, I’ve returned my defective toaster to Amazon for a full refund and am shopping yet again for a comparable toaster that can replace my dying Cuisinart (now a Waring) long slot toaster. I’m very sad that things didn’t work out with this product, but I’m glad I was able to find out sooner, rather than after the return or warranty period was up. If you do decide to take a chance on this toaster, I hope you have better luck with it than I did. I would also advise you to keep the packaging, in case you need to return it. The return process is very easy with Amazon and UPS if you need it. Buyer beware!

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  2. Robert

    I read the reviews others had written specifically where this toaster decides it loves your bread item so much it decides to keep it forever and the electronic mechanism never lifts again. I decided to take a chance…big mistake. Today was the day it failed in this manner, and just 1 week past the return window, ugh. Up until this point, it worked fine. We’re talking minimum use here – I got it on January 17th and used it about 6 times since then, mainly on English muffins. I should say the first toaster I got had been used but Amazon was great and quickly shipped me out a brand new unit. Unpacked this one and it was NIB as they say. The electronic toasting mechanism is cool in concept: upon pressing the toasting button, two spring loaded sleeves grasp the bread/muffin etc. to center it between the heating elements, then moves down silently into the toaster. I didn’t see a superior toasting result over a $29 unit it was replacing but it does toast and that is the end result so all good there. But as I said, others have warned of this toaster’s failing point and today I experienced it too: the lifting mechanism just stops working and gets electronically (note: not mechanically so it is not jammed in any way) stuck in the toaster. I got the flashing lights, unplugged it, let it cool completely, plugged it back in….nothing fixes this problem. This means one thing – Breville is aware of this problem but still continues to sell this toaster. This is a known product failure based on multiple experiences and I’m dissapointed in this company. Yes, I read about other poor experiences but still took a chance so I’m writing this review to save you from making the same mistake, especially for this price!

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  3. stelhur

     It had been nearly three years since I have owned a toaster and after a lot of shopping around I landed on this Breville model. I’ve had it for several weeks now and so far it has managed to churn out perfectly crisp toast from a variety of both sandwich and specialty type breads, has made some delicious toaster strudel where the filling was actually properly heated throughout (see video) and makes a mean toasted waffle if I do say so myself. The basic function is there, and the other reviews are correct in saying that it’s a user friendly toaster that does its job well. I look forward to using it for many years to come. It’s easy to clean, it’s quiet, it heats evenly on many different foods, no complaints thus far!Edit: I’ve been enjoying this toaster since mid-January 2017. I have noticed that it has started to become slower to heat and that some of the coils are no longer turning red/orange-hot which is of some concern. I will continue to monitor in case my unit is defective, but for now it still does the job it’s designed to do even with this issue and therefore maintains it’s original 5 star rating from me.

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  4. Nanakai

    I loved this toast for three months until the electronics started going haywire. Intermittently, it starts over in its toasting countdown when it should be finished, won’t release the toast, and generally misbehaves. “Rebooting” sometimes solves the problem, but I have a feeling this is going to get worse. It is past the return time-frame for Amazon, so I guess I need to contact the manufacturer.Update: Nine months in. After the three-month issues, everything seemed fine until today, when it went crazy again. I think I need to go back to an analog toaster without a micro-processor.

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  5. D

    I bought this toaster less than a yea ago. Some of the appeal to buy this model was the finish and the fact that it does wide bread slices. After maybe a year of owning it however I will be throwing it out and NEVER buying from Breville again. It slowly lost elements (heating elements) to the point I get one side of the toast finished and the other is warm bread. It does not matter what side of the toaster both sides equally make useless toast. My wife absolutely hates it. Don’t buy it, I agree it looks classy and the finish is nice however it is junk. I assume Breville wants us back in the market to buy another toaster so the product is designed to look nice but be non functional for the short term. I have wasted enough money on the brand and will NEVER buy again. Save your money buy something else.

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  6. jaan salk

    I bought this toaster in January, 2018. It looks beautiful, and worked perfectly-for a few months. After 3 months, the inside heaters would not work properly. The inside heaters would go on when you pushed the bagel button, but then the outside heaters would cut off. You had to manually push the buttons to get both sides toasted.Breville sent me a replacement toaster after I contacted them. Since I originally was impressed with the design and functions, I bought, through Amazon, a similar toaster.The second Breville toaster I bought failed, exactly the same way, after 3 months of daily use. I called Breville, and they sent me another replacement toaster for the second one I bought. I subsequently used the first replacement, and guess what? The replacement toaster failed, and exactly in the same manner. I then unpacked my second replacement toaster-it failed the same way the first day I used it.This means that 4 (FOUR) Breville long slice toasters (BTA830XL) failed identically in a ten month period.Breville does not have anyone answering phones anymore, so you cannot contact them with your problems.These toasters are made in China. So, either the design is faulty or the electronics are poorly designed. Or, simply, it is planned obsolescence and the workmanship is extremely poor. But they still look nice-even when they don’t work.I remember we bought a basic, simple toaster around 1955-and it lasted us 30 years with no problems. It cost about $10, compared to $170 for this Breville.This toaster reminds me of the Ford Pinto car many years ago-it should be banned, and taken off the market.If the same problem happens 4 times, and cannot be fixed, where is the pride and responsibility of the company. We will never buy another Breville product.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    I can’t believe I spent this much money on a piece of junk like this. The first one toasted only one side of the bread so I sent it back to get another one. I assumed it was just a one-off lemon. This second one toasted unevenly, but I could live with it. Now however, like many other reviews, it has pretty much stopped working after only a few months. All the lights start to flash, the toast wouldn’t pop up and the elements stopped working. I had to unplug it to get my barely warmed bread out of the toaster. If I leave it unplugged for day or two, it will work again, but only for a couple of days and it fails again. My $30 Proctor Silex worked better than this – I’ll never buy Breville again.

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  8. LJ

    * update – after a year of occasional use one of the burners has stopped working, and another is noticible dimmer. Not impressed. Have had a bunch of cheep toasters over the years that never dies – one at the cottage is probably 40+ years old and still works. So very not impressed. They don’t build things like they used to.Old review:Very nice toaster – I like the clean lines of it, which includes having most of the controls on the top. Works as advertised, and has some nice features. The Automaitic lifting and dropping is a nice touch of class. The take a peak button is nice feature, as is the button to toast it a little more. All in all it’s quite nice. That said, i’m only giving it 4/5 stars because in some ways it still uses the same technology as you wallymart toaster. For instance, you do get some hot and cool spots – nothing to worry about and the results are pretty consistent, but you will notice that one side or end might be a little more toasted than the other – same as you’ll notice on most toasters. For the money, I’d expect they could improve on this. Second, the slider that selects the level of toasting appears to operate just like any other toaster. You’ll find that your first batch is a little less done then the subsequent batches of toaster because the toaster is already heated up for the second batch. An issue? no not really, but for the price I’d expect better tech than your $15 toaster, like perhaps a browning optical sensor, or perhaps a temperature sensor, or a chip with an algorithm in it. I don’t know, I’m sure they could come up with something. So 4/5 stars for an aesthetically pleasing toaster with three somewhat novel features (auto lift and drop, take a peak, and a little more)

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  9. adamzon

    I bit the bullet and bought this toaster, mainly because I wanted to make my old toaster jealous. My old toaster was lazy. It would take so long for him to heat up, and most of the time he would only do half of what I asked. Plus, he was so messy. He left crumbs everywhere! When I brought Tank home (Tank is my Breville’s name), Melvin (my old Cuisinart) decided to start toasting both sides again…. but it was too late. Tank has an automatic motorized down/ejection, Flashing LED lights to show you the remaining timer on the toasting, a bagel function, “a bit more” button, and a button you can press to see the toasting progress without stopping the toast cycle. Also, Tank is built like a … what’s the word? Hmm… it will come to me.Needless to say, Melvin is in now a better place. Make your old toaster jealous with this beefer of a toaster.

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  10. Ryan Sanderson

    I bought this toaster a year and a half ago. Recently, one of the inside toasting elements stopped working. Which means on one of the toast slots, only half the bread gets toasted. The toaster was cleaned and babied. Never abused. It just failed. For no reason at all, because being of poor quality.Also, because this toaster essentially has a computer inside it, it will just go mental for no apparent reason. As in, it will take the bread down, toast, then all the lights will start blinking and it will not give pop the toast up. It’s the equivilant to the blue screen of death on a Windows computer. You have to unplug the toaster and let it cool down, then plug it back in so it can “reset”. This is unacceptable for an appliance that is supposed to heat up bread.It looks nice, but there is WAYYYY to many things to fail. And because it is basically mass-producted garbage, one of those many features (or more) will soon break.I think Breville should be ashamed of their manufacturing quality. This is a TOASTER. An appliance that has existed for a hundred years. Why is it that my parents can have a toaster from 1964 that still, TO THIS DAY, makes toast perfectly, but Breville can not build a machine that lasts over 18 months. A nearly 60-year-old appliance runs circlues around the lastest product from Breville. That. Is. Pathetic.Stay away from this toaster. Many people have given it posivive reviews, but they are doing so after using it for a short period of time. I have used it for a year and a half, and this is the crap I have had to put up with.My confidence in Breville has been wrecked. My next option is to buy a quality machine that is built to last. Likely a Dualit Classic, or perhaps a vintage toaster from eBay.Think long and hard about wether or not a “smart” toaster with all the electronic features, is worth it to make bread hot and crispy.

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  11. Marie-Claude

    My toaster was great for a few months but it’s ALREADY broken!!!!!!! So it was way too much money spent on this. I thought Breville was had excellent product quality :-(But my $500 Breville Blender broke this week (the motor just burned and oil was splashed all over – smell was horrible). And now my $150 Breville toaster is broken too after a few month’s use??!?!?I will never buy Breville again: too expensive for the poor quality and durability.

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  12. Bob R.

    Outside of the fact that this toaster burns the crust on all of the bread, it’s great. It lifts high, is nice to look at and seems very high quality.But if you set the toast level high enough to actually toast the center of the bread, the crust burns to a dark brown or black. A toaster that doesn’t put out good quality toast is useless to me. Note, I have tried many different types and thicknesses of bread. On all of them the crust ends up burnt.After looking I see a few other reviews that say the same thing. I wonder if the people who love this toaster are ok with burnt crust or if the issue is just with some of the toasters, but not all of them.

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  13. Dominique

    Très bon produit que je possède depuis 2 ans. Le seul défaut est qu’il est parfois difficile de le nettoyer totalement. Pour le reste, il grille bien et la fonction automatique est très pratique !

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  14. mary pietrantonio

    I have promblems with flashing lightsToast will not come upEven after all crumbs are removedThis toaster has no lever to push downModel BTA830XLJust a button that says toast or cancelI also have a breville toaster in my Florida homeThis toaster has a leverBTA730XLAnd it also causes problems because the lever won’t stay downI’m very disappointed about toasters that are very expensiveI’m hopping to get refunded for bothMary

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  15. Miztress

    Close to $200 for a toaster and it lasted exactly 2 days after one year was up. Our household has 2 people in it, one of us does not like toast so this toaster has not been used much at all. STAY AWAY!!!

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