Breville BTA720XL 2-Slice Toaster – Stainless Steel

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  • 2 slice full stainless steel body toaster
  • Voltage:110 – 120 volts.A Bit More’ allows you to add a little extra time to the toasting cycle
  • Lift & Look’ lever to check your toast at any time without interrupting the toasting cycle
  • Other settings include Bagel, Frozen and Cancel buttons.Power: 900 Watts
  • Adjust the toast ready alert to High, Low or Mute


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How do you perfectly toast any slice no matter what type of bread? Add an extra 30 seconds for well that little bit more.

The Breville BTA720XL Bit More toaster also features a ‘Lift & Look’ Lever which raises and lowers the carriage to show the browning progress without interrupting the toasting cycle.

Additionally, the high lift feature raises the carriage approximately a 1/2 inch making it easier to remove smaller items such as English Muffins.

Specification: Breville BTA720XL 2-Slice Toaster – Stainless Steel

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions13 × 9 × 9 in






15 reviews for Breville BTA720XL 2-Slice Toaster – Stainless Steel

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Amazon Customer

    We have only had this toaster for a week… so time will tell about long-term quality.So far, this is a GREAT toaster. I do not understand the bad reviews for this item, unless there is a quality problem at the factory. No sharp edges, toasts everything relatively uniformly. Would buy this again without thought.The sound for completion of the toasting cycle is not as loud as the sound of the spring mechanism tripping at the end of the toasting cycle.Update: We still love this toaster. Same quality as when it was new. We have once again found the bliss offered by great toast.

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  2. M&M

    The Breville BTA730XL looks nice, but fails horribly at making even toast. First and foremost, if you think you’re going to use this toaster to toast a long slice of bread, think otherwise as there are no heating elements in the middle, which means you’ll get burned toast on the ends, and completely white and untoasted in the middle. Furthermore, many of the toasting filaments don’t light up, sometimes entire strips (seems like they’re way too tight)….quality control seems non-existent when it comes to the heating elements.If you have a short pieces of bread, and you make sure you place them near the edges, and you happen to get one of these with filaments that light/heat up in most places, this might be an ok toaster for you.On a side note, I have also tried the slightly cheaper BTA630XL. It performs far better at toasting then the BTA730XL, but its plastic housing leaves a lot to be desired (especially with reviews claiming it turns yellow over time, and all the buttons/text rub off). The BTA630XL is suitable for toasting long pieces since the heating elements span its entire width.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    I’ve had this toaster for over 2 years now. I had used a series of $8-$10 toasters for several years with mixed results. This toaster was ranked #1 by Consumer Reports so I had very high hopes. I was underwhelmed at first. It’s a nice toaster, pretty, as easy to use as any toaster, but it didn’t out-perform my last dirt-cheap toaster. Honestly, I expected dancing and singing toast given the price. Shortly after the return time expired, I started having issues with the elements. I was getting variable toasting from side-to-side. Within the first year, it stopped toasting at all on the inside, regardless of the setting used. The external construction materials are excellent and it still looks brand new but I have to “double toast” – flip my bread over and toast again – to get even browning on both sides. It’s not worth the hassle and definitely not worth the price.

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  4. Natalie

    I loved this toaster until it broke 1 1/2 years into owning it. I have the juicer made by this same company and it is also amazing. This toaster is fantastic it toasts well, I love being able to pull the toast up to make sure it’s not burning and add a little bit more time if it’s not quite toasted enough. However, as with most things made these days it is bound to break shortly after the warranty expires. Yes it seems no matter how fabulous and amazing you make something these days please be sure to test it and make sure that it’s going to break just past the warranty expiration. No no, let’s not make something that lasts a lifetime. Let’s make sure that our customer has to buy it over and over and over again thereby ensuring our existence in retail land. Breville toaster, Thank you for the lovely toasts over the last 18 months, I will miss you. I hope you get some nice neighbors in the landfill. You will have one chance and only 1 chance to fix yourself when my husband gets home. Should you not take that chance, seize that opportunity and carpe dem I’m pretty sure you’re going to end up in the trash. Rest in peace.

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  5. Sue Patterson

    While we insist on the “lift and look” feature, this one doesn’t lift the bread as high as our old one. Even lifting it to it’s maximum, removing English muffins or smaller bread is not feasible with your fingers…too hot. I’ll have to buy some tongs since we like to remove our bread really hot so the spreads melt quickly. Additional comment: 10-8-18 – doesn’t toast evenly on both sides. If left in so that one side toasts nicely, the other side will have started to burn.Editing this week or more later. Am returning this toaster for full refund. Can’t get it to toast evenly both sides, and lift function is so slight we have to use tongs to remove the toast.

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  6. Charles Tzipas

    Worked great for months, then smoke started to appear, smelled terribly, looked inside, appeared to be something burning from behind control panel (See picture to form your own opinion)Customer service extremely difficult to work withCould not find website support since dropdown box “toaster” option was not thereWebsite support phone number called was just placed on hold, no one ever picked up, gave up after so many minutes.Will give them another try, but wont use this toaster againWill update review if things change for the better (hopefully)

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  7. Kindle Customer

    You will see my reviews of 2-slice toasters scattered through Cuisinart and KitchenAid. Won’t toast. Toasts very unevenly. Toasts evenly but only one side of the bread. YIKES!! Open, use, repack, return, order the next. Open, use, repack, return, order the next.The two-slice model of this Breville is a keeper!! Right out of the box toasted two slices of bread flawlessly. Bagels were perfect. My compliments to our friends in Australia for designing and building a great toaster.Also a word to the Amazon folks whose tolerance when it comes to returns has been superb. Similarly the efficiency of their system and ease of use is commendable.

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  8. Sphinx

    The main wish I had for a toaster was to toast evenly. The rest would be nice to have, after having Proctor-Silex toaster that cost $12 for the past 8 years.So I tried a few name brands with fancy features but all burnt the toast unevenly. Still not sure why some toasters cost hundreds of dollars but decided to get this one for a 100. Worst come to worst I could just return it with Amazon Prime – no hassle.It came out to be a decent toaster.Pros- Keeps the outside cool (slightly warm after long toast)- Wide enough slots- Looks sleek and high end (which it is)- Have the bagel button- A bit more button- countdown led timer (the red light bar)- You can lift the lever to check the toast while toasting is in progressCons- the price.- I wish the lever range could go a little higher to help get the toast out better- Slots are wide, but not too long. Still sufficient for a single toast.Bottom line – Even though this was a little high price to pay for a toaster and I outlined a few things could be even better, I decided it was worth every penny to what it had to offer and still deserve 5 statrs. The features it presents usually come in more expensive toasters.P.S – I paid full price

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  9. Alisia

    Very disappointed in this toaster. It does not toast both sides of the bread evenly; however, being able to check the progress of the toast without cancelling, enables me to manually flip the bread half way through toasting. So as long as I babysit my toast, and manually flip it half way through toasting, I can get evenly toasted bread; but, for this price, I shouldn’t have to.I really expected better from this company.Note: This is the fourth disappointing toaster I have bought over the past year. For some reason, no matter how much money you spend, it is just impossible to find a toaster that can actually toast evenly. Maybe I’ll have better luck with a toaster oven!

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  10. Lynne & Euan

    I actually hate this toaster. It doesn’t “pop” things up enough to actually grab with your hands. You really need to reach (and burn) your fingers trying to get anything out. If you are strictly toasting large bread slices and bigger it is ok. Otherwise (pancakes etc) do not buy.

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  11. Carbon

    Great toaster! Very solid and nice design. Seems a lot longer then expected..but really it’s no bigger then my old 4 slice, just that it’s thinner in design. Excellent functions and the ability to check the toast without interrupting the toasting cycle is neat. Along with the usual bagel, frozen and an added function to extend the normal toasting time. The price could of been a little lower, but it’s definitely a solid brand as I already own a kettle. **update**I have been using this for a little while now and it does an alright job toasting, but it seems to darken toast alot easier than my old toaster.

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  12. Christine McNab

    This toaster looks great and feels solid, however it toasts very unevenly – with one side toasting perfectly, and the other side hardly at all. We returned one, and bought another hoping it was a one-off problem. But, had the same problem with the 2nd one and have returned that as well. Please stop making small appliances that don’t work well – I don’t know where our returned items end up, but I hate the idea of them simply going to a land fill. Appliances used to be made for a lifetime of use. Now you’re lucky to get a year or two, or less. Irresponsible manufacturing.

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  13. Kflower77

    This toaster has been put through the wringer and tested on a continues basis for an entire three loaves of bread right after the other with the best consistency we have seen from a toaster to date. Most toasters can’t handle this kind of demand. We are pleased overall with it as well. We’ve tried various kinds of bread, frozen and the a bit more button does a bit more perfectly.

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  14. khensel

    You would think with such long slots that it would be able to do long slices, but there is a large blank spot in the middle where large or oblong-shaped slices of bread will not get toasted. I’m pretty disappointed, considering how expensive this is, especially after seeing it highly reviewed online.Only buy this if you ONLY toast regular sized pieces of bread (not even rye bread, just regular old square slices). If you ever have rye bread, or any other kind of slice that isn’t square-ish, this won’t cut it.

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  15. michel

    Doesn’t toast anywhere near evenly on both sides.Toast is never golden, but goes from dry and white to almost burned in seconds.Heating elements look like they are burned out or not evenly distributed when you look inside when it’s turned on.At this kind of price point, you’d expect to have an unbelievable toaster, but the only thing that is unbelievable is how poorly it toasts bread.Hate this thing, but my roommates wanted to keep it because “it looked nice”.

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