Breville BTA630XL Lift and Look Touch 4-Slice Toaster

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  • Motorized carriage with push button controls
  • One touch a bit more
  • One touch motorized lift and look
  • Adjustable browning control. Voltage- 110 – 120 volts
  • LED toasting progress indicator


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Motorized one-touch technology. Mechanized lowering for gentler handling.

Consumer research led designers to add A Bit More browning and the Auto Lift and Look features.

Bagel setting knows to toast only on the inside. Sleek, modern, premium plastic housing accents your kitchen with style.

Extra-long and wide slots for artisanal breads, bagels, and pastries. Front pull-out for no-lift cleaning.

Specification: Breville BTA630XL Lift and Look Touch 4-Slice Toaster

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions8 × 16 × 8 in






6 reviews for Breville BTA630XL Lift and Look Touch 4-Slice Toaster

2.7 out of 5
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  1. Mr Kenn

    I guess I should have read the negative reviews first. I am one who normally will buy a cheap toaster and just consider them to be a throw away when they die. I currently have a cheap Cuisinart 4 slice toaster that has served me well, but because we like a particular bread that is long, we needed to get a toaster that would handle the larger bread size. I own n a T-fal TL6802 4-Slice Digital Toaster that I bought from Amazon at my main home which we like, but it is discontinued. So I chose this Breville toaster. I personally like plastic covers as it does not get hot on the outside during use. What a mistake. It was purchased at the end of November, 2016 and used for about a week since this is a vacation home. We returned in Early January and it died in mid February. The lights started flashing and then it blew the ground circuit breaker in the kitchen. I called Breville and they say to leave a call back number and you will not lose your place in line. They do not tell you how long the wait is. So after about 30 minutes, I left my number. I got a call back about 5 hours later. They were very cooperative and gave me a return UPS slip and the choice of giving them my credit card to get a replacement with a credit upon using the same box to return the original or I could just ship it and wait for the replacement. I chose the credit card deal. I have not received the replacement nor have I gotten a tracking number if it was shipped, but was told that it could be 10 days til receipt. The phone process took longer than I liked but you have to go by their protocol. Had it died 2 weeks earlier, I could have returned it to Amazon but my time ran out.

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  2. Tuffie

    UPDATE 1.2.2018: I’ve had mine since April 2016 and I’m happy to change my original four star rating to a five star. I’ve had none of the issues others have said in their reviews. It works great, toasts all bread types on all sides, all my lettering is still intact, all indicator lights still work correctly, and it hasn’t caught itself on fire @_@. New pics attached.For the lettering coming off issue the manual says only to use a damp cloth and not a scrubbing pad, to clean the outside of the machine. I’m guessing those who find their lettering coming off are using scrubbing pads and/or cleaning solutions, which makes sense that over time/after repeat cleanings this would cause the stickers to come off. Not sure what’s up with those reporting it catching on fire, I couldn’t find any consumer report stories or safety recalls for this product, so not sure what to make of those stories. Either the toaster they got was defective/a lemon or it was the user, but hopefully no one was hurt and insurance/these companies made things right.And no I don’t work for Vine or Breville or Amazon, I’m just a guy who bought this toaster and I’m happy that after a year of use it still works and looks great. So for me the price, look, style, and performance make this toaster worth five stars.Original Post:It’s a lot bigger than I expected but it’s a beautiful toaster. Solid, clean design, 4-piece slots so it can handle both commercial sandwich bread and longer artisan loaf slices. It’s simple buttons are very nice, which was what attracted me to it. I was nervous about not having the classic toaster push down lever (this is all automated #fancy) but with the Lift and Look button you get to see how your toast is doing and if it’s toasty enough for you yet. If not there’s a Bit More button that gives you a little more time without having to stop and start all over. Also that light bar in red is also the timer and goes down as it times out. Pretty cool!The toast in this picture is from a artisan what loaf, so long slices, and this was on the #4 setting and came out perfect for my taste. I personally like a lil char on my toast, but I know some people see black and go Ewww but I like it. I think if you wanted a golden brown somewhere around #3 would be perfect. I’m not sure about all the uneven toasting reviews, this toasted both sides evenly and to the same level.I bought this to replace my Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven (which died on me out of nowhere after two years of use) so I’ll have to see how this one does since Breville products have a notorious reputation (just read the critical comments) for crapping out before getting their fair mileage worth. But I take care of my stuff and bought the three year replacement insurance (thanks so if he’s blows up I’ll get a new one at no additional cost.All in all for $70 bucks it’s worth the money so here’s hoping she lasts a while.

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  3. JAC

    I read the booklet that came with the toaster. Who knew you need directions for a toaster? It’s brief, read it. I did like it said and ran a cycle on high with nothing in it. Luckily it was near the stove and range hood exhaust. The smell was quite strong but the exhaust fan took care of it. I took it outside and ran 2 more cycles on high to make sure it was odor free for the next morning. It worked great. I’m still figuring out what settings I like for what. 2 was still a bit light for my toast, the “bit more” got it just right. The crumb tray slides out (on the front) easily for cleaning. I’ve never seen a toaster with a grounded (3 prong) plug either. The actual plug has a loop in it, so even if you have a poor grip you can easily pull it out of the outlet.

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  4. Bill White Happy Baby Signs

    After about a month the inside elements started going out. I did an advance exchange where I give them my credit card and they send out a new toaster. After the new replacement arrives I return the broken toaster in the packaging. That was pretty slick. One year later this replacement toaster’s middle inner elements have gone dead. Another problem is that the labels next to each button on the first toaster started to rub off. I cut a thin strip of packing tape and placed it over the labels of my second toaster which was a good way to prevent the labels rubbing off. I love the lifting look feature where I can throw in an extra piece of toast after I started the first one. Overall I wouldn’t buy this toaster again.

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  5. joseph mickelson

    I really wanted to love this toaster. We decided to splurge on this model because it was the best reviewed long slot toaster. The novelty features like the ‘lift and look’ were nice and all seemed to work well. I was happy to spend the extra money considering it was well functioning and I assumed it would last a good number of years to justify the price. Even though the lettering started to come off around the year mark, it was doing an excellent job of toasting so I didn’t mind . Unfortunately the center heating coils have recently gone completely out on the right side and 60% out on the left. I’m not really a fan of single sided toast. And of course this happens just a few months after the warranty has expired. Long story short- I loved this toaster while to worked but it’s lifespan was far too short to justify the price.

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  6. Chynadoll

    I’ve had this toaster for a while now it is fantastic. It toasts perfectly everytime. It surpassed my expectations when I received it. I would recommend to everyone.

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