Breville BSB510XL Hand Blender

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  • Bell shaped base, revolutionary shape plus internal ribbing reduces the suction for greater control and efficient blending
  • Ergonomic pistol-like control grip with trigger operation
  • 8″ immersion depth for large quantities or tall pots
  • Adjustable speed
  • Non-scratch base to prevent scratching pots
  • Included Components: 1 Year Warranty


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A commercially inspired kitchen appliance, offering you the control and all of the tools. Simple soups can often be hard to make, as stick mixers are notoriously clunky to hold and suffer from excessive suction, drawing the mixer to the base of the bowl or pot.

The Control Grip incorporates an ergonomic trigger grip, which is easily engaged with a very natural hand position. Control is further enhanced with a reduced suction blade and leg design.

This model also incorporates a stainless steel shaft, 25oz chopper, 42oz jug, and a whisk attachment. You gain control over your stick mixer, rather than it having control over you.

Specification: Breville BSB510XL Hand Blender

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions8 × 6 × 13 in






15 reviews for Breville BSB510XL Hand Blender

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  1. rex holcomb

    Power was fine for our uses. We threw this out after 2 years because of the poor design of the detachable blending head which isn’t sealed and allows the stuff you are blending to get up inside. After you wash it you can shake it and hear the gross liquid inside sloshing around and there’s no way to get it out unless you try to disassemble it. Who wants that stuff leaking into their food?

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  2. Amazon Customer

    I have to change my review to reflect my extreme disappointment. I loved this machine, which worked great for about 13 months. Then it just quit. Dead. I used it several times a week, but always followed the instructions and blended in short bursts with little rests between. For $90, I expected to get at least four or five years out of my investment. I miss having it, but I don’t have the trust to invest in another, and I’m leery of trying a cheaper brand when this expensive one had such a short life. Shame, Breville.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    I used the Breville Immersion Blender to make baby food for my daughter, also smoothies. It worked well for a year, then one day I decided to make a fruit smoothie with frozen fruit, some ice, and juice. I put all ingredients in container, turned it on, and after 10 seconds of upward and circular motions with the Blending Shaft, the wand broke inside the mechanism. I circled the areas in the photograph. I have yet to resolve the issue with Breville.

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  4. mikemo

    We purchased this immersion blender just over three years ago. We used it four or five times a week, mostly for smoothies. It’s been a great product for three years, and two months. And then… a screech or two, then a whine, and the motor is now dead. I called Breville, and we can’t buy just the motor/base. We don’t need the rest of the attachments. We may buy another, but we’ll try and find the motor/base first. There is also the option to go to a pro grade immersion blender, for double the price. Robot Coupe and Waring make commercial immersion blenders, but the warranty is only one year. They don’t make ’em like they used to, folks.

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  5. SailChicago

    I ordered the Breville BXB51XL Immersion Blender primarily for making breakfast smoothies after tiring of the time and work taking apart and cleaning my stand blender after every use. The blender is fast and powerful. Once you learn the technique of raising and lowering the blender in the mixing cup, it makes quick work of turning ice, fruit, and yogurt into a smoothie. I was also amazed at how neatly the blender works without splatter or splashing due to the design of the blending blades and shroud.The plastic mixing container is nicely designed with a handle for securing the container while blending, and the top when inverted and placed underneath acts as a skid proof cushion to keep the container from sliding around on the countertop while blending. The container and top can also be used to store soups or other liquids in the refrigerator.For me the blender works better at making liquid based creations (smoothies, milk shakes, soups), however, it does a decent job of chopping vegetables, onions, etc using the chopper attachment. The whisk attachment works great for beating eggs and making whipped cream.Clean up is a breeze, and Breville made this with safety in mind since the blades are protected by a shroud. The only potential negative is someone with very small hands may find the grip too large, however, I find the cushioned grip and trigger switch to be ergonomically pleasing.A note of caution – Amazon pops up a recommendation for a chrome milkshake mixing cup when you purchase the Breville blender. The base of the cup is too small for the blender, and can only be used with the whisk attachment, not the blender blade attachment. I would pass on the milkshake cup.A leading consumer magazine rates this blender higher than others costing 2X more. I followed that advice as well as the Amazon customer reviews and found a great kitchen tool at a great value.

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  6. B. Berger

    So I bought this new about 2 years ago. I ended up never using it but finally got it out last week to give it a try. To my surprise, the power unit was not compatible with any of the attachments. The power unit wants to receive a 6-tab connection and all the attachments have 4-tabs and are bigger in diameter. My bad for not checking it but it is not something you usually encounter on new stuff you buy. So a warning to folks thinking of buying this… the company’s attention to detail and quality might be lacking…

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  7. J Nog

    I purchased this device 5 years ago, and was never impressed with it from the beginning. The power is very low, when using it with the whisk attachment; even at the highest speed it does only an adequate job of mixing – good for making whipped cream, but not much more. In fact the whisk attachment is made so cheaply, that it appears to be designed to fail, which mine did. After using the whisk maybe 20 times in 5 years, the whisk shaft shattered the cheap plastic base that is mounted inside the shaft holder, rendering it useless. Come on Breville, people have been making whisk/beater attachments for this kind of appliance for over 100 years, why did you feel the need to devolve it into a disposable tool? it’s adequate for mixing drinks with the blending attachment, but my wife gave up using it for smoothies, because ingredients have to be chopped up into small pieces in order for it to work – otherwise, she has to fight the thing to blend everything properly; she finally ordered a Ninja which she uses every day and loves it. The only attachment in this system that lived up to our expectations is the chopper; it’s small, but it does the trick – though we use it so rarely, I can’t vouch for it’s longevity. Bottom line: This unit appears to be more versatile than it really is – if you really love fighting with a handheld blender, this one is probably no worse than others, but don’t buy it for the alternate attachments, because it fails on that end.

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  8. Kim R.

    I bought this blender on December 24th 2013, so it’s safe to day that I probably started to use it at thé beginning of 2014. I own another pricey blender (Vitamix) that I use for big jobs, this one was for really quick and small batch uses: purée soup and baby food, making mayonnaise, blend my favorite avocado-green Goddess dressing… overall, it was a good blender, except for the whisk attachment that didn’t have enough power to mount egg whites in firm peaks. I think that I used the blender 4 or 5 times a month.Today, for the second time in a row, I smelled a bad burnt odor coming from the blender while it was running. I was pureeing rehydrated chilis and water for a traditional Texas chili recipe. Before that, the odor was caused by the use of the chopping attachment while making chimichurri sauce. All really normal, soft uses of an immersion blender. Still, after the really bad odor of today, I heard an electrical bzzzt and the blender definitevely died in my arms.Four years of occasional use for such a pricey blender shouldn’t be enough to kill it. It’s unacceptable from a brand with such a good reputation as Breville. It’s the second time for me that an appliance from Breville dies after an suddent seize up of the engine (first time was the Ikon Blender). I won’t buy Breville anymore.

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  9. Jeanniehihi

    I had a Braun immersion blender for the past 4 years and it had the little 1 cup chopping bowl as well as two 2cup jars. It did the job fine except the chopping bowl’s blade had a crevice that accumulated dirt and for doing baby food i thought this was disgusting and needed a new one. anyway, this arrived today, I tested the blending shaft and the chopping bowl. Made some baby food with it (about 1 c of carrot puree) and I am so far satisfied. The jar is 1250ml and the chopping bowl is 750 so I take this as my mini food processor. The different speeds count for the type of chop you want. For chopping an onion i.e., low speed would have relatively good chunks and for baby food or smoothies, go to the max! Very excited to continue using it regularly. All the materials are very good quality. Hard plastic, no crevice in the chopping blade and very comfortable handle. My braun was just a straight shaft and was still easy to use, but this ergonomic design DOES make a difference. The noise is quite high when using at max speed, but not as noisy as a regular food processor or regular blender.And for storing, you just put the chopping bowl in the jar, put the lid underneath and there you go. It’s stored away! (but the motor and whisk need to go separate ways)I had read the reviews and some people mentionned the machine smoked and made some weird noise, but reading the owner’s manual it says when blending thick foods, only do 15 seconds at a time. And for everything else, 1 min max, let rest for 1 min and blend again for 1 min because yes the motor will overheat and burn. I find this is still reasonable and would respect that to keep my breville going for years (like what i expect of that brand)And yes when using the wisk attachment, the whisk is not straight so it does wobble. But it’s not a deal breaker since i rarely use electric whisks anyways. If i need to beat sh*t up (egg whites or cream) i use my kitchen aid mixer with whisk attachement. I would use this little whisk here if I needed to beat some scrambled eggs or for example the liquid part of brownie or muffin mix (eggs, butter or oil, sugar and vanilla), but not for anything bigger.Update after 2 months: I’ve been using this daily now. To chop mushrooms, onions, peppers, etc. I blend baby food daily (boil the carrots, blend the carrottes, add brown rice, blend the rice) and this machines makes it super easy. I even use the whisk attachement for box cakes or muffins! I love it so much. Even when I don’t use the blender machine, I use the measuring cup! Buy this now, you need it.

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  10. Travel bug

    lost sleep over whether to pay close to 100 on the breville versus low cost ~$30 sale priced blenders from other well known brands. Well after biting the bullet and trying it, I can say I got my moneys worth. never expected the chopping bowl to be so usefull (it is!) shouldn’t have sweated the extra money – this thing will last long enough to get very good value from it. I only got it because we are so super happy with our breville toaster oven – the best 6 slice on the market!(although the panasonic 4 slice is faster for just toast, you can’t beat the versatility of the breville larger toaster oven – we stopped using our fully size oven altogether. fairly confident in recommending this product. you won’t be disappointed.

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  11. Amazon Customer

    A handy, versatile blender, with an impressive range of accessories that, almost, makes my full size food processor redundant. My only complaint, and I am awaiting a response from Breville about this, is that the gearbox for the whisk/beater attachment has a distinct wobble in the output shaft that, at slow speed is annoying, and at high speed makes the blender difficult to hold steady.Other than that I would recommend this product as good value for money.

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  12. Jeremy Miles

    Typical awesome Breville quality. Chops ice, frozen fruit, nuts, pretty much anything. Really great for making smoothies quickly and the storage jug with lid is a huge bonus. Replacement parts are a little hard to get, seems to be out of stock a lot but so far only had 1 thing fail and Breville was quick to replace it.

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  13. Elke Love

    This is an extremely versatile appliance. With the chopping bowl it becomes a free-standing mini food processor, and processes nuts, cheese, coffee beans, breadcrumbs, herbs, etc. The speed dial means it’s very easy to control the amount of processing you want. The on-off switch is in exactly the right spot when holding the power handle. The blender jug turns it into a free-standing blender, and used on its own with the blender attachment it can be used in any pan to puree soups and sauces. The motor is powerful and not that noisy. I also like the finger hole in the plug – a much safer way to pull it from the electrical outlet. The whole thing feels robust, and is well balanced. The results I’ve had so far have been great. For the price it’s an amazing appliance. It also came within 3 days of ordering, all the way to rural Nova Scotia. Highly recommended.

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  14. Charles Palmer

    The blender came without the whisk blade, but as usual, Amazon fixed the problem with remarkable speed. The most distinctive feature of this blender is the large very functional range of speeds that one can easily use, and adjust as required. This feature distinguishes this blender from all others that I have used. Initially, I had a problem with separating the blender blade unit from the motor, it was a struggle to obtain the separation, and it would come apart with such a jerk that food around the blade would scatter. To solve the problem, I had to slightly sandpaper the eject button internal white clips so that the separation would occur freely, I have to use it daily, so it is an important household item. It is a big improvement over my previous blenders, mainly due to the large range of speed settings, and also due to the low noise levels emitted by the blender at all speeds. A twist separation of the units from the motor would likely be an improvement. So, I would recommend this blender.

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  15. Boomerang

    This Breville Immersion Blender is a replacement for a very old Braun unit that has limited power and had become ineffective as an Immersion Blender. I read many reviews and Breville won hands down in the reviews marketplace.It is a large Blender however it also comes with some handy attachments. Great for whipping cream and a handy storage container to do it in. The second container for chopping up food is also excellent.The unit is tall so this could be an issue for some people. Thankfully is comes apart for storage. The speed dial on the handle is a welcome change to obtain greater power capability.This is our fourth Breville appliance: Die-Cast Smart Toaster, Hemisphere Blender, Oracle Espresso Machine and Immersion Blender.Where do you store all this stuff in a small kitchen? Our house was built before modern appliances hit the market place.

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