Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Electric Oven

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  • mart element IQ: there’s heat, and there’s smart heat; Element IQ transfers heat intelligently across 4 quartz elements for accurate and stable heat just where and when you want it for perfect results, every time
  • 8 cooking functions: 8 cooking functions to guide you to perfection: Toast, bagel, bake, roast, broil, pizza, cookies and reheat
  • All the room for delicious you’re looking for: 4 Slice Toaster, 12 inches Pizza, 6 cup muffin tray, roast chicken and anything else you’ve got for it
  • Backlit easy read LCD: Calculates correct time and temperature, Illuminating orange during preheating and cooking, and blue once cycle is complete
  • Non stick cavity coasting: The walls on the inside of the oven feature a non-stick coating for easy cleaning
  • Capacity: 4 slice toaster oven, 12 inch pizza



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The Compact Smart Oven with Element iQ includes most of the features of a larger Smart Oven in a compact, counter space-saving design. From toast for breakfast, open melt for lunch to roasting for dinner, you can use it throughout your day.

Special Features of the Compact Smart Oven:

  • Just the Right Compact Capacity
  • 8 Cooking Functions
  • Back Lit Easy-Read LCD
  • Smart Element iQ

Specification: Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Electric Oven

Weight21 lbs
Dimensions15 × 17 × 10 in






15 reviews for Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Electric Oven

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  1. Maven-at-large

    Bought to replace an old Black and Decker toaster oven that finally died after more than a decade of use. I was never really happy with it because it was poor at making toast and took too long to toast everything from plain bread to English Muffins or bagels, etc.Key in decision to buy it was its top rating by Consumer Reports and it’s reported ability to toast quickly and evenly.Opened it and — before doing anything else — read the operating manual. It said to record the model number and the serial number for future reference. Model number: OK. Serial number? There is no serial number. After calling Breville’s toll free number and hanging on interminably — with no indication as to how long I’d be on line — I was told that there was a “batch number” embossed on the label that showed the Model Number. So why doesn’t the paperwork that comes with the toaster oven say so? I have no idea.There’s nothing on Amazon’s site, or Consumer Reports site, or anywhere else I looked on line that indicated that the Breville needed 4 inches of clearance on each side, and where I keep my toaster oven I don’t have a total of 4 inches of clearance combined on both sides no less 4 inches on each side for a total of 8 inches.The old Black and Decker was 1150 Watts. The Breville is 1800 Watts. It gets so much hotter than the old Black and Decker — not just inside, but outside: the top, the sides, the front and the back, and the bottom of the over-the-counter cabinet above the toaster oven — that it became immediately clear why it needed the excessive clearance: fire prevention.I repacked it today and took it to UPS. Within hours Amazon issued the refund even before it had left the UPS Store. Nice customer service!It seems as if it was well made. Frankly, it was surprisingly light in weight, but nicely constructed. Because of the clear fire risk due to the lack of the mandated clearances, I never even toasted a slice of bread in it. I have no opinion as to how well it actually toasts, or bakes, or broils, or cooks pizza, or deals with frozen food because i never did any of those things. I just returned it.If you have the required clearances, and don’t intend to place it under an overhanging cabinet, this may be the perfect toaster oven I was hoping for. Just be aware of how much counter space you’ll need for it — much more than its footprint.Today I ordered a Panasonic NGB110P to replace it. From Amazon. It’s rated at 1300 Watts, so although it’s more Watts than the old Black and Decker’s 1150 Watts it should not exude nearly as much heat as the Breville’s 1800 Watts. It’s not nearly as highly rated as the Breville, but Consumer Reports says it toasts quickly and well — my primary concern after safety.

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  2. Randy S

    Was happy with purchase until I got an E01 error code. Unplugged & plugged it back in. Worked OK until another E01 error code. The manual says this is a “non-resettable” issue code and that I should unplug and call customer support immediately. Now going thru a return and replace warranty process. Spent a lot of time on hold until I could actually talk to someone. Not happy with customer support and exchange process. “Advance replacement” means they will charge my credit card until they get the original unit back. Hopefully all will go well going forward.UPDATE: Returned original oven to Breville as per above. Breville shipped me a new one. Within a week I started getting the same E01 error message on the new oven. Another defective unit. Contacted Amazon and made arrangements to return the oven for full refund. THANK YOU AMAZON.

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  3. rshadd

    Temperature was off by 25°F. When set on bake at 450°F, the oven never went above 425°F. I expect a oven in this price range to be more precise.

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  4. Bruce Aungst

    UPDATE : Nearly two years old and used every single day and we are just as pleased as the day it first arrived. There are some reviews which claim it wouldn’t last 6 months or a year, well the Breville unit we received is rapidly approaching its second birthday.Actually, with this unit, we use our regular oven less and less. I like the way this unit cooks but I really like the way it reheats food. Where a Microwave will warm food much faster, it also tends to make some meats “rubbery”. Not the Breville toaster oven, it warms the food through uniformly and doesn’t “change it” the microwaves can. This oven is also very good for crisping things like french fries, breads, etc. Whether its as simple as heating up my wife’s daily raspberry Pop tarts or baking cookies or making bread, this oven has done it all. Very good for pizza’s as well……..We have cooked a wide range of items in this oven and it’s used at least once everyday. Does my two years of use change my rating of this unit? No, I still rate it very highly and we are very happy with this toaster oven. We have even bought others this same toaster oven as a gift and they have indicated they are pleased with it.——————————————————————————————————————————————- ordered this as a surprise for my wife. Her last toaster oven recently went to the appliance yard in the sky and she had mentioned that she wanted another toaster oven, but not a cheapie that are sold at the local stores.After research, I found this Breville Compact Smart Oven and ordered it as a surprise for my wife. Imagine her surprise when it arrived, only to be immediately followed by disappointment that there was damage to the shipping box and it transferred to damage to the oven right in the center of the rear and top of the oven. I contacted Amazon immediately and they shipped a replacement which we had in just a few days. I returned the damaged oven the same day i received it. The return process couldn’t have been easier.My wife is very pleased with this oven’s consistency and it’s ease of use. It’s also a very good looking appliance. We were in Best Buy recently and they had the same oven at a price $90 higher than what I paid Amazon.Check out the plug on the cord, another indication that Breville is paying attention to how their product is actually used. Impressive.The oven is well made, is an attractive appliance and has the look, feel and function of a quality appliance. We have now used it for about a month and my wife uses it now instead of the big oven for many meals. This is one of those purchases which I looked forward to receiving and am now glad I spent the money. This is heads and shoulders above a Black and Decker or other similar low price point toaster oven. The size is also perfect to be left out on the counter in the corner where my wife wanted it kept.If I could, I would give this 6 stars. Well, in a way, I guess I can ******…..

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  5. Ali B

    Purchased this toaster when I moved to my first place. Fits perfectly when counterpace is a concern – otherwise I would have purchased the bigger brother. Have used it primary to bake/toast things, and it does the job well. I know that some reviewers (on, for example) have actually tested temperature on these units and had some issues with consistent performance. While this may be true, I haven’t noticed much difference between results when cooking the same foods. It gets the job done, it looks pretty nice, but when you get cheese or something on the elements, it can be tough to clean. Because of oil stains from the stove, I have to use a stainless steel cleaner to give it a nice smooth finish. The tray which slides out for easy cleaning is convenient, but has sharp edges.I haven’t really experimented with every cooking setting, except for bake, broil and toast. I can say that those work well and if you’ve used breville in the past this is consistent with their other products. Overall, I’m happy. I just wish they’d sell their products for less in Canada!

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  6. creekside

    A very good looking product.The instruction manual is easy to understand with preset settings which are easy to adjust to your personal preferences .Toast comes out as expected ,so do roast chicken and steak .Cleaning is simple although the construction reveals finger prints etc .I am happy with my purchase.

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  7. Mary G.

    I LOVE this oven! It heats up and cooks SO fast, it must be saving a ton of money. Pizza is bubbling on top and the bottom is brown and crisp;toast is done exactly the way you want it and if not , adjusting timing or temp. is easy.I have it placed at eye level which negates all the bending down necessary with my large oven.A neighbour viewed my use of it and immediately ordered one for herself.For those mostly cooking for one, it’s a huge saving.

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  8. Debbie

    This purchase was a mistake. The thermometer is completely off. I have verified it with two different oven thermometers. Not only is the temperature off, but it keeps changing and getting worse. It’s now off by an unbelievable 60 F. I am going to return it, but that is a huge hassle I don’t have time for.

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  9. Pierre B

    Nous avons acquis ce fourneau pour remplacer un autre que nous trouvions trop gros et qui ne performait pas à notre goût. Jusqu’à maintenant nous aimons bien sa performance, son look et le fait qu’il est compacte. Bien heureux de notre achat.

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  10. Ann Kempton

    Very good for small quantities. Exactly as described. I managed to find a cooking tray that exactly fits this model on Amazon. If anyone is interested it is Professional by Chef Made. WK9114, 12×10 non-stick. A bit pricey, but it I think, worth it, as it covers all the interior area. I’ll probably invest in another one.

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  11. Fr

    Good toaster oven with lots of features. Draws enough power that I can’t have my microwave and it on at the same time without blowing a breaker.This is a model they don’t sell in stores anymore as it was replaced by the convection model, but for the price I’m happy to skip the convection.

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  12. misscrabtree

    Forget every other toaster oven..I have one of these and so do my son and one of our daughters.. I bought this one for another daughter in Western Canada because she admired ours on a visit to us in the Northeast US. Best gift ever! We all love our Brevilles!

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  13. Jamie

    Love this toaster oven. We replaced our microwave for this. Don’t miss the microwave at all. Cooks stuff so much faster and better than our oven. Cleans so easily. Keeps looking brand new after every clean. I want to grab an extra pan.

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  14. Jaskaran

    I’ve been using a cheap oven for a long time and that one stooped working. So I got another one and Which also stopped working after few months.So I did some reasearch and found about this one. It’s great

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  15. Client d’Amazon

    Bon rapport qualité prix, choix de livraison durant la journée assez difficile pour Montréal avec ups. Avec quelques arguments j’ai pu le recevoir dans un point de chute plus près de chez-moi dans l’est de la ville. Alors selon ups les colis de 20 lbs et plus vont se retrouver à ville Lachine si vous n’êtes pas à votre domicile après 16:00 hre. Sinon il faut prévoir des frais pour une livraison après 16:00 hre.

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