Breville BEW800XL Hot Wok Pro, Silver

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  • 8 qt large capacity with quick release base
  • removable dish washer friendly bowl
  • 15 heat settings up to 425 degrees


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SEARING HIGH-WALL HEAT FOR ASIAN STYLE GAS COOKING RESULTS.. The elements of this powerful 1800 watt wok are configured to heat the bottom and sides of the pan for an authentic stir fry. With 15 food & heat settings, this powerful 15″ wok reaches up to a searing 425°F with thick aluminum walls that maintain the high heat necessary for authentic Asian style gas cooking.

8-QUART CAPACITY With a large 15” diameter, this family sized wok raises the heat and holds it up its walls for stir fries, steaming, braising and shallow frying with less oil.

BUTTERFLY HEATING SYSTEM Like gas cooking, the Butterfly Heating element evenly distributes heat up the walls of the wok bowl.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL With 15 precision heat settings, you can slow simmer or stir fry at high heat. Perfect for chilis, stews and other favorites.

COOK ‘N’ LOOK GLASS LID Cook ‘n’ Look tempered glass lid with steam vent.

DISHWASHER SAFE And when you’re done, unlock the bowl from the base and

Specification: Breville BEW800XL Hot Wok Pro, Silver

Weight19 lbs
Dimensions18 × 9 × 18 in






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  1. Rose M. Hester

    This thing is amazing. I use it for my fried rice and preparing stir fry’s. It heats up quickly and cooks evenly. I love it and would recommend this product to anyone looking for an electric wok. This thing has really changed my life and the way I cook. Absolutely love it! It is a bit heavy so it will need some serious storage space however I use it a lot.

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  2. Daniel

    You will not be sorry if you buy this one. It heats up evenly and has a wide choice of temp settings. I am glad that I got the big one. It is very well made.

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  3. Melody

    We can’t get this appliance to plug in most of the time. It is extremely large and takes up a lot of space.

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  4. P. McConnell

    i posted this review under the 600XL many years back because Amazon didn’tsell the 800XL PRO, now that they do i copied and updated the review here :-)i have the BEW800XL Hot WOK Pro with is basically the same as the BEW600XL with a few additionalfeatures. i’ve had it for 6 weeks so far using it 2-3 times a week and it’s still like new.”this is by far the best electric WOK out there !i tried the Presto 5900 stainless wok but the flatbottom and tiny heating element were deal breakers.the Hot Wok Pro is in a class by itself, the bodyof the wok is over 1/4″ thick promoting awesomeheat transfer and the huge butterfly heating elementheats the bottom and sides evenly. the 14 heat settingsplus sear make it easy to cook just about anything,you can even use it as a crockpot on the low far the best feature is the amazing non-stickcoating, non-stick really means non-stick !!!broccoli with cheese sauce, scrambled eggs, stir-frysliterally slide out. after cooking i let it cool while i eat(about an hour) then wipe it out with a soapy spongeand paper towel i wish i had a gas stove so i coulduse a traditional wok but the Hot Wok Pro is surelythe next best thing.”UPDATE: had the WOK almost 4 months now and used it well over 100 times.still looks and works like new, non-stick finish is still amazing !!!UPDATE: 6/6/14 had this WOK for a year now and used it over 500 times.Eclipse finish still looks like brand new !UPDATE: 7/13/15 two years of regular use and it still looks and works like new !non-stick finish is still perfect !UPDATE : 3/6/16 after 3 years of regular use the non-stick finish is still perfectand the wok works like new. best wok i ever bought !UPDATE 10/14/18 five years of regular use and it’s still like new, the non-stickfinish is still perfect and it works perfectly, i regularly fill it with oil to fry things.tons of stir-fry’s, searing, boiling, etc. it will cook anything !

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  5. Vivian M. Hicks

    Absolutely love the Wok and it isn’t just for cooking Asian food! One stop shop for browning meat and cooking spaghetti! I have a lot more exploring to do! Love making my own chicken chow mein because I can control how much salt goes into it! I am thinking about purchasing one for my sis for her birthday coming up! Easy cleanup too!

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  6. Mhip

    I’ve had mine for at least 2 years of HEAVY use.It’s built like a tank and gets really hot. Yes it is big, but that’s what you want in a wok.Only thing I knocked off for is that although it has a non-stick coating, it still gets a glaze that is very hard to get off.

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  7. J Huston

    After six months of daily use at medium temperatures the NON-STICK surface started to BUBBLE OFF!I put it in the WOK into the recycle bin downstairs in my building.A lot of money spent for such a HUGE disappointment.STAY AWAY FROM ALL BREVILLE PRODUCTS!HIGHLY OVERATED AND TOO EXPENSIVE!I WILL NEVER BUY A BREVILLE PRODUCT AGAIN!THE ABOVE IS THE TRUTH AND I WOULD BE WILLING TO SWEAR THIS UNDER OATH IN ANY COURT OF LAW CHOSEN!

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  8. Shawn Thompson

    Back when I had a natural gas stove I had a wonderful steel wok that has been around my family for at least 40 years, it was perfectly seasoned and worked great. However, I am now in a home that has a ceramic cooktop and my round bottom great steel wok is useless. I have tried a few flat bottomed woks but they are all useless as the only real heat you get is in the bottom of the wok (kinda defeats the purpose of using it.I have been looking at Electric Woks for a while but have been skeptical as the heating elements in the ones that I had seen were again all in the bottom of the wok and they were small and under-powered. Enter Breville with the Hot Wok Pro a large electric wok with 1800 watt elements that circle up the sides of the wok. A great non stick surface and an ingenious removable base.I purchased it about a month ago and have made a few stir fries, Ramen noodle soup, Rabekki, BBQ pork fried rice, Beef Yakisoba and each time it has out performed my expectations. Heats fast and stays hot and is easy to clean.It may seem a bit spendy but if the durability is anything like my other Breville kitchen items it is well worth it.

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  9. theo manoalkos

    This was a terrible purchase..for my first time on Amazon. We couldn’t get the Breville Hot Wok Pro to a temperature that worked well or stay at the right temperature for would shot off and take fore ever to turn back on!!..hard time controlling the temperature to stay at the right level. So, we returned it never again!

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  10. Taylor

    It is the best wok we have ever used! We only buy breville products because of the great quality it is, would recommend this item to anyone.

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  11. Amazon Customer

    This is an amazing wok! Very high quality very easy to use and control

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  12. Beatrice A Hale

    Gave as a gift.

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  13. Marylyn

    It’s so wonderful, heating fast!!

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  14. Darin Ritchie

    My wife loves absolutely loves this wok.

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  15. Cliff

    Excellent appliance…..a little too awesome. When using the microwave and grill at the same time it trips the breaker. But the foid that comes trom the eok is amazing. Cooks evenly. Can’t say anything bad about it.

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