Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer Pro 5-Quart Die-Cast Stand Mixer

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  • Planetary Mixing Action
  • Load Sensing Technology with Motor Protection
  • 12 Speed Electronic Control
  • 10 Minute timer with Auto-Off
  • Lift Assist Mixer Head


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Picture a world of baking that doesn’t include sticky bowls and spattered batter. What’s left? Baking nirvana. With a singular focus on mixing essentials, the Scraper Mixer Pro draws a straight line from your imagination to your taste buds.

It’s built for baking. Scraper Beater’s flexible edge scrapes the sides and bottom of the Stainless Steel bowl clean.

Pouring Shield minimizes spattering when mixing and adding ingredients. Smooth sounding motor features load sensing Motor Protection Sensors that detect heavy mixtures and maintain precision speed.

Specification: Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer Pro 5-Quart Die-Cast Stand Mixer

Weight21 lbs
Dimensions8 × 16 × 14 in






15 reviews for Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer Pro 5-Quart Die-Cast Stand Mixer

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  1. kestrel66

    After much research, soul searching, and hand wringing, I purchased the Breville BEM800XL Stand Mixer over the KitchenAid KSM150 Artisan and if you are reading this review you are probably debating the same purchase. To answer the main question, “am I pleased with my decision to get the Breville?” the answer is, “yes,” with a few caveats. Before purchasing I determined that I wanted a tilting head to my stand mixer and eliminated the KitchenAid 600 Series. I have worked with the 600 series before, and other mixers like it in the restaurant industry, and do not like the bowl locking mechanism and just prefer working with tilt head when scraping the sides of the bowl and scraping/removing the beater blades. If you are looking for a larger machine or a machine that will primarily be used for making bread dough, neither the Breville BEM800XL or the KitchenAid KSM150 Artisan are for you. Spend the money and get a commercial grade stand mixer from a company like Hobart. If like me you are looking for a machine that will tackle cake batters, single and double batches of cookies, quick breads, and the occasional bread dough read on. For over 30 years I have used KitchenAid (KA) stand mixers. Both my mother’s, which I have used extensively, and my sister’s have seen years of use, both intermittent and doing heavy work, and are still going strong. One was purchased before Whirlpool bought KA out, the other shortly after. I bring this up because there is a good number of negative reviews about the newer KA mixers. They claim that the newer mixers are not being made to the same level of quality control as they had been when Hobart made them and also that KA/Whirlpool’s customer service leaves something to be desired. I have had no first hand knowledge or experience with these problems, but I must admit that it was a factor in purchasing the Breville. I will point out that there is most likely only a small fraction of Breville stand mixers being used compared to the number of KAs, so I do not believe that Breville is the perfect company either. I have owned the Breville mixer for less than 2 months as of this review. In this time I have made 8 single batches of various cookies, 2 batches of cinnamon rolls, 2 large loaves of bread and 1 batch of cupcakes. SEE UPDATES AT END. On to the review and what I hope will be a direct comparison of both the Breville and KA Artisan Series stand mixers.Price (Tie): Both mixers retail for around $300. I got the Breville for $285.53 with free shipping and a free 4-quart stainless steel bowl (retail $50). I am not sure what I will use the second bowl for, but free is free. If you shop around, you can get the KA for less than $300 as well.What is in the box (Advantage Breville): Both mixers are pretty much have the same accessories (pouring shield, 5-quart bowl, wire whip, dough hook, flat beater). There are two additions to the Breville that I appreciated. The first is the inclusion of a scrapper blade and the second is a thin spatula that is designed and shaped to scrape the Breville’s bowl. The spatula allows me to easily clear the sides right down to the bottom of the bowl. Scrapper blades are available for the KA, but are not included with the Artisan mixer as of this writing, so if you want one, and you should, it will set you back an additional $20-25. I would also add that there are a number of aftermarket KA scrapper blades that I think would outshine both Breville’s and KA’s offerings. The SideSwipe scraper blade being one that comes to mind and it is only available for the KAs. Of minor note, I prefer the shape of the Breville bowl to that of the KA. It is a bit wider at the mouth with less tapered sides at the top and not as tall as the KA bowl. They both claim 5-quarts, I simply prefer the shorter, more squat Breville shape and find it easier to scrape down without lifting the head assembly. Lastly, the pouring shield on both the Breville and KA mixers are less than perfect. Putting them in place is inconvenient. Not difficult, but not easy. They do help with keeping flour and other dry ingredients from spraying out of the bowl when they are first added, but careful attention to the mixer speed can have the same effect. Most irritating is the fact that the head can not be tilted back when the pouring shield is installed on either mixer, so it must be removed to lift the head and scrape the bowl.Motor (N/A): I include this as its own comparison because there is a great deal of confusion as to what the wattage ratings of the motors mean. The Breville claims 550-watts and the KA Artisan 325-watts. These numbers are all but meaningless. I teach physics and work on all types of electronics and small appliances and find the wattage ratings for home stand mixers misleading and I am guessing inaccurate for reasons I will not go into here. If you want to see a perfect example of this, google the Hobart N50 5-quart Stand Mixer. It is a commercial mixer that is all but indestructible (I have used them in commercial kitchens), retails for around $2000 (yes, that is two thousand dollars), and has a 1/6 horsepower motor rated at 350 watts. It will run all day and never overheat or breakdown, something I can not say about any home stand mixer. Again, wattage means nothing here.Controls (Breville): There is nothing similar about the controls on the Breville and KA mixers. I am still getting used to the Breville after years of using the KA, but believe that the Breville controls are safer than the KA and they have a few additional features I personally like. The Breville has a push-button located on the top back of the motor assembly that must be pressed to raise or lower the tilt head and a handle in the front which aids in this motion. Lowering and raising the motor assembly is a two handed job, as you need to press the button with one hand and lift with the other. Due to the positioning of your hands during this action, there is no real way to pinch your fingers in the hinge assembly (I have never done this on a KA either). I was also impressed/irritated that once the motor assembly is raised about half an inch it cuts power to the motor making the removal of a spinning beater impossible. I say irritated as well because it precludes the unsafe practice of pulling the beater out of the bowl slowly to allow the batter to be flung off. A practice that I occasionally used with the KA. Mixing speed for the Breville is controlled by a knob placed on the back left of the machine. The knob has a positive feel to it and each subtle click lets you know that you are stepping up in speed. The mixer speed is also displayed using a vertical series of blue LEDs above the speed knob. Although difficult to see when standing in front of the Breville, they are easy to read and are labeled to indicate the type of mixing (kneed, cream, whip) which is helpful. Also printed on the mixer stand is a guide of what beater blade to use with what speed range if you are ever in doubt. The last control, and the one that I find useful when creaming butter or making cake batter is the countdown/up timer. Whenever the mixer is running the timer counts up to reflect the time the mixer has been running. The timer can also be set to count down from a desired time, which is a nice feature if a recipe calls for mixing a batter for a given number of minutes. On the down side, if you lift the Breville’s head assembly while counting down or up, it resets, which makes little sense if you need to lift the head to scrape the sides of the bowl. There is a “pause” position on the control knob, but it to is overridden by lifting the head. The KA relies on the tried and true sliding switches, one on each side to the motor assembly. The one on the left controls the speed and the one on the right locks the head in place. The speeds are labeled from stir to 10 in increments of 2. Experienced bakers should have no trouble determining the correct speed for a given task, but others my need to get used to what speed works best (here you can simply consult the KA owner’s manual). I personally have always felt that the speed control on KA mixers were just okay. They have a positive feel to them, but the total distance the switch moves is shorter than I would like and I often found myself readjusting the speed more than once. My main complaint about the KA’s control setup is that I have, on more than one occasion, pushed the head assembly lock into the unlock position when I wanted to simply turn the mixer off. This can be a real problem when making heavier batters and breads, as it forces the head to kick up as the beater spins. Since the KA does not cut power to the motor when the head is tilted up, the beaters just keep spinning. The only real concern I have with the Breville is the more complex series of electronics (timer, speed display, dial) vs the very simple, and unbreakable KA switch. Only time will tell if this will be a problem. (SEE UPDATE AT END)Aesthetics (Not Considered): Lets be honest, the Breville comes in one color, stainless steel, and that really isn’t a color (Update: the Breville now comes in 3 colors: stainless, black & red). On Amazon, the Artisan is offered in 46 different colors. I still appreciate the industrial look of the KA but like the Breville as well for different reasons. At no point did I even consider the aesthetics of the two machines when making my decision. If I had gone with the KA, I would have gotten white. I keep my mixer on my countertop most of the time and hope to have it for decades so the thought of having a tangerine, persimmon, or pistachio mixer simply puts me off. If you are worried about this, the advantage goes to KA, but if color is the deciding factor, perhaps you should stick with a hand mixer.Accessories (Not Considered): Here the KA shines in both accessories to aid in the kitchen (ice cream maker, meat grinder, pasta roller, glass bowl, etc) and products made by other companies (beater blades). I originally considered this to be a major plus for the KA, but after reading a review somewhere I was enlightened to the fact that I could purchase a dedicated machine to do any of the tasks that the KA could perform for the same price or less. I also believe that a dedicated ice cream maker, meat grinder, or pasta maker would perform better than the KA attachments. I also realized that in all my years using KA mixers in homes, not once did anyone have any of these attachments. So, despite the fact that the Breville does not support such a wide range of attachments, it really is not an issue I found worth considering. If I find myself in need of any of the items that could have been attached to the KA I believe I would be better off researching and spending my money on the best stand alone appliance I could get. I also have images of a drawer full of mixed accessories, all for the KA, that simply becomes more trouble than it is worth and sucks up space in my kitchen that could be used for takeout menus, old keys, and various items that I have long forgotten about.Weight and Convenience (Breville): Breville BEM 800XL – 16.0 lbs. KitchenAid Artisan KSM150PS – 23.0 lbs. Yes, that is a 7.0 lb. difference between the two machines. When I first opened and removed the Breville I was surprised at how light it was. Having spent years pulling my mother’s KA out from a low cabinet and lifting it to the counter I was pleasantly surprised with the ease with which I can move the Breville around. Additionally, the weight seems more balanced on the Breville and there is a number of hand holds under the mixer as well. I was worried that the Breville mixer might creep, or move around while mixing, but I have not had any issues. To be fair, I never had any issues with the KA moving either, even when kneading heavy doughs. The only other item of note here would be the cord storage on the Breville. The cord must be manually pushed into the base of the mixer, a task that is not easy or quick, and I gave up on it after attempting it once and simply wrap the cord around the base as I have on all KAs I have used. I score this one for the Breville, especially if you are planning on keeping it under counter when not in use.Performance (Tie): Having used both the Breville and KA for most mixing tasks, I can say they stack up fairly evenly. Both fly through basic doughs and can handle double batches of cookies with relative ease. Of note is the fact that the head of the Breville does move from side to side (about 1/4″ furthest from the pivot) when using the scraper beater and mixing bread dough. I am not sure if this will greatly weaken the pivot joint between the head and stand, only time will tell. The KA’s I have used have the same movement, it is just not as pronounced. When making bread, I have found that neither the Breville or KA do an adequate of kneading dough. I generally mix in the majority of the flour I need to achieve the consistency I am looking for and then finish by hand kneading. Again, if you want a dedicated machine for high gluten doughs or simply make a lot of bread, look for a different machine.Conclusion: Some part of me lives in dread that the Breville will not live up to my longterm expectations. Of course, had I purchased the KitchenAid instead I know I would be feeling the same way. Overall I am sure I would have been happy with either machine. Both have their potential flaws and pluses. For everyday use, I believe the Breville to be an outstanding stand mixer with a host of features that equal or exceed the KA. My last bit of advice is to simply ignore the negative reviews for both the Breville and KA mixers for the most part. Both companies sell tens of thousands of mixers each year if not more and the vast majority continue to perform flawlessly over time. Which ever mixer you buy will serve you well and will hopefully last to be handed down to future bakers in your life. I will update this review in 6 months to see if anything changes. UPDATE: I have been using the Breville for 8 months now and have no complaints. Having read through my review again I still feel the same way about both the Breville and the KA and do not regret my decision to purchase the Breville. I will state again, regardless of which which mixer you purchase, make sure you have a scraper blade. I bake at least once a week if not more and am still amazed at the functionality of the Breville scraper blade. It makes creaming butter effortless and when working with small batches of batter or dough it easily mixes everything without the need to stop and scrap the bowl. The only complaint I will add is that the whisk blade sits about 1/8 inch (3mm) off the bottom of the bowl. When trying to whip small amounts of butter (one stick) or cream (1/2 cup) I have to raise the bowl up by detaching it from the base. The same problem exists with the KA, so it is not unavoidable. The truth is, other then when making breads or whipped cream, I always use the scraper blade for the reasons mentioned above.UPDATE (May 2015): My mixer is still going strong and has seen weekly use most months. I have not regretted this purchase and find the Breville a joy to work with.UPDATE (August 2017) I can’t believe that I purchased this 3 1/2 years ago. I continue to use the mixer at least 2 times a week on average while making cookies, whipping egg whites, cake batters, etc… Most of the time I use the included scrapper blade and it is a godsend. The scrapper blade has held up extraordinarily well and I can’t imagine not using it. The included spatula has seen better days and is still in use but I do not know for how much longer. It is cracked in a few places along the edge of the blade. I continue to have no complaints about the mixer and would still purchase it again. I will add that the electronic selection dial that sets the speed sometimes fluctuates between two adjacent settings from time to time. This has been happening intermittently for the past 8 months or so. The issue does not seem to be getting better or worse nor does it effect my ability to use the mixer. I do find it funny though as this was the only potential issue I brought up in my original review. I will update this review if there is any further developments.

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  2. Happy to Spread the Word

    I cook ALOT, really ALOT. This mixer is a work horse and so very efficient! Never used anything like it. Ever!! Machine has a coating making it a zip to clean. Scraper blade does the heavy work previously done by my shoulders on heavy batter (pound cake). Everytime I use it, I shake my head in total amazement at the complete, rapid job it does.

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  3. Kindle Customer

    Bought this just in time for Christmas baking, so it’s already seen plenty of use. It’s sturdy but not too heavy for me to lift to the counter from a lower cabinet. The flexible scraper does a pretty good job of keeping the sides scraped, so you don’t have to stop as often. I bought this partly because it had both the scraper attachment and the regular mixing attachment in addition to the whip and the dough hook. I also wanted the splatter cover, but I’ve learned that it’s almost useless, so it’s been relegated to the back corner of the cabinet already. You have to move it constantly, and can’t lift the head with it in place. After a couple of times it’s just a mess.

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  4. No Iota

    On my third year I believe and it’s served me well making Irish soda bread which is a thick sticky dough. Great for mixing other cooking from omelet to thinning thick pasty Japanese sakekasu for pickling vegetables and making salmon roe soak.

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  5. KatieCO

    This is a great, well made stand mixer. I have a Kitchenaid as well, but it started having some motor issues and became less reliable. I fixed it, but decided it might be time to look at different options. I did some research and found this Breville mixer. So far, so good! I’m a frequent baker, so I need something with the power to withstand a lot of use and different kinds of dough. It does differ from a Kitchenaid in that it doesn’t offer attachments, but is does have some options that the Kitchenaid doesn’t – namely, a timer that can either count up, or count down to automatically turn off. It also has a more streamlined speed adjustment knob and gauge that lights up, making it easier to see the speed you need. I would absolutely recommend this stand mixer for someone shopping around.

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  6. C Wahl

    Lasted two weeks before began smoking under the duress…of buttercream? Returned and will buy a Kitchenaid. Digital timer was nice.

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  7. Quiet Poet

    After reviewing and researching for a few months, I finally decided that THIS was what I wanted for Christmas. This was my late Christmas present from the hubby, and boy are the kids happy I have it!I am so happy that I got this – I finally made my first ever batch of oatmeal cookies, and not a problem at all with the mixing. This can mix batter with chocolate chips with no problem, too. My last few hand mixers have burned out due to the density of the batters, but I am confident this will last many, many, MANY years! I like the count up/down feature, and am very happy with the quality of the accessories. My daughter thought she was Capt. Hook and was playing with the dough hook, until she dropped it on the ceramic tile floor. Not a dent on the hook!The bowl is sturdy, and the handle is very convenient. I very much like the fact that the cord stores in the unit, and I don’t believe that was mentioned in any of the descriptions or reviews I had read, so that was a nice surprise.I am waiting for BIA500XL to be available, as it is the US’s answer to the Freeze and Mix ice cream churn available in Australia for this mixer.

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  8. SBarreras

    After 15 months, the mixer is now over heating with definitely a burning electrical odor. I have been making bread at least once a week or more often with this mixer until this week. I thought when I bought this machine it would last for many years. Another function that was disappointing on this machine is the different speeds that were way to fast for what they said the function was for. All in all I would never put this kind of money into another Breville product.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    I work at a bakery and am used to high end mixers(just much larger ones), and I love this mixer! I have used kitchenaid home mixers in the past, and didn’t want to buy one just because of the noise – they sound like a jet taking off when you’re whipping! I have been baking all day with the breville, and it’s amazing how quiet it is!For less than the cost of a kitchenaid mixer, you can get this and enjoy a quieter kitchen, twice the power, a scraper beater, and a digital countdown/up timer. Enough said.

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  10. Gordon Lee

    I purchased this product a month ago. Only used for 4-5 times. I have small family so every time I only process 3 cups of flour for regular bread. Also, I always make Asian style dinner rolls. The dough is pretty wet and easy on the machine. I realised the every time the mixer did get hot quite easily. Yesterday, in the middle of process, I smelled plastic burning and found the machine extremely hot and there were light smoke came out of the machine. I stopped the machine immediately. After an hour of cooling down, the machine is still working. But I am just wondering what should I do with it. It is 3 days passed the return deadline. I am so disappointed about it. I choose it over Kitchen-aid because I thought it is more powerful. I will not trust this brand any more.

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  11. avidreader

    I have never owned a stand mixer, but I did intensive research and bought the BREBEM800XL 5-Quart …”the Scraper Mixer Pro”. Boy!! What a pleasure to use!It is light enough to pick up. It does not bounce or dance on the counter when mixing at any speed. It mixes evenly and the scraper beater does an excellent job as I do not have to scrape the stainless steel bowl during mixing. It manages to mix all the ingredients and not leave floury bits at the bottom. The Wire Whip is excellent for whipping eggs and egg whites etc. I shall be using the Dough Hook for pizza, Focaccia etc in the near future. I love the LED speed Indicator and LCD screen with timer as well as the easy to use speed control dial.The mixer comes with a 2 piece pouring shield which I used in the beginning when I first used the mixer, but I do not use it now, as I carefully and slowly mix the ingredient at a slow speed for 3 seconds and then get up to the speed needed. That way I do not cause splashing. The Stainless steel bowl is attractive and easy to clean.The fact that this product has metal gears is a bonus as I wanted a strong and sturdy mixer.550 Watts on this Stand Mixer is powerful enough to get any job done and last for years.This mixer has more than met my expectations and I am extremely happy with the Breville- Scraper Mixer Pro!!

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  12. Peregrine

    Well, I got tired of the noise my KitchenAid made…. also tired of the plastic gear in the KitchenAid that kept busting. So I see this Breville unit being used on Masterchef, and I say, “what the heck, I’ll try it”The timer is nice…. The unit whips very well….. it’s quiet enough to have a conversation in the kitchen…. the ice cream bowl accessory works REALLY well for making ice cream…. it can cream butter and sugar….. but I think I might avoid any heavy doughs on this machine as I think none of the residential units are really suited for kneading dough. I did knead a bit of pasta dough for many 4 minutes before it just spins the dough around and doesn’t really do much else…. so any stiff doughs really don’t work well on consumer machines like this, in my opinion. Making bread? I am afraid to try. Maybe a really wet dough, fermented naturally might work. Like a sourdough. Haven’t tried bread yet.

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  13. Kindle Customer

    I got this mixer primarily for bread making. I had the more traditional two beater attachment style and I was quite happy with it. However, the motor burned out kneading bread. So I did some research and found the Breville very well regarded and with tons of power (550 watts). For kneading dough though I find it poor. The bowl that comes with it is gigantic – 5 quarts – and its design forces you to make larger recipes otherwise the dough hook just uselessly spins a ball of dough around the cavernous bowl. My pizza dough recipe uses only two cups of flour and is too small for this bowl. Even a five cup recipe however uselessly spins the dough ball around. It could be that my dough is too tacky or something…but I haven’t had this problem until now. The two beaters were the superior design for kneading bread dough. For other mixing tasks this looks like a good machine but for bread, it’s not. I’m sorry I bought this.

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  14. Sedwend

    Lots of power, clean design, easy to clean; for 500 watts, it shut down on overheat more easily than I expected. The hinge seems to flex horizontally under the strain of bread dough, and I wonder if this is good or bad. So far, nice product. I’m a chef of 25 years, and have used plenty of stand mixers in this range, so I’d say that this is a great value, especially considering all the extras. The chute for adding things is a real help.

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  15. Music Man

    Reality has just come crashing in on me. It began serious smoking when kneading 4 cups of flour at 5 min. Serious smoke. I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy this machine now. It looks like a heavy duty machine is needed to knead bread. This is NOT it. Don’t waste your money on this machine you will only be disappointed.The machine will work ONLY for easily mixed ingredients like a cake mix or a banana bread. Nothing heavy or more than 3 cups for this machine. A serious limitation.

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