Breville BCP600SIL Citrus Press

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  • Effortless, one handed juice press arm operation for maximum juice, minimum effort
  • No Drip juice spout – just flip up the spout after juicing to prevent drips
  • All parts that come into contact with food is BPA Free. Power – 110 Watts. Voltage – 110-120 Volts
  • Dishwasher safe – juicing cone, juice collector, juice filter, and fruit dome
  • Safety locking system and wrap around cord.Heavy Grade Polymer Body


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How do you squeeze every drop from any sized citrus? The Breville BCP600SIL Citrus Press has a finned juicing cone and fruit dome for all citrus sizes.

Effortlessly squeeze every last drop of juice from the smallest lime to the largest grapefruit without needing to change cones.

Dishwasher safe parts and easy cleaning – the cone, filter basket and juice collector can be lifted off the base simultaneously.

Finned juicing cone and fruit dome provides grip and pressure to maximize juice extraction. Ultra quiet motor. More variety, more juice, less fuss.

Specification: Breville BCP600SIL Citrus Press

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions10 × 8 × 18 in






15 reviews for Breville BCP600SIL Citrus Press

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  1. Amazon Customer

    First, why I like it…It just works. It juices limes a minimum of 3 times as fast as the cheap juicers. It accomplishes this with a fraction of the effort as well.Now, why I’m disappointed with it…The handle cracked on the 3rd day of use. I know it’s plastic and has the potential to crack, but after the third day? Really? I was careful during use not to put too much pressure on it but it still cracked. Very disappointed.

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  2. JS

    Absolutely the finest juicer available! This is the fourth juicer I have purchased since 2011. Making orange juice is part of my daily routine and each of the others I’ve owned turned out to be cheaply made, very noisy, or both. This Breville juicer is whisper quiet and well-designed. The press arm is brilliant and makes juicing nearly effortless.Save money in the long run by purchasing a high-quality Breville machine instead of several cheaper ones which will break.

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  3. MF

    This one is not like the original that I bought years ago that was all metal and wonderfully sturdy. This one has cheap plastic parts including the arm which flexes and bends sideways when used. VERY DISAPPOINTED. Don’t know whether this is a genuine Breville product. I hope that this is not a “new” replacement for the old one. Addendum> I subsequently found and purchased another one that was miraculously available in Mexico, where I am currently living. Gave this one away. Don’t buy it!!!!!

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  4. Bob B.

    Why did I wait so long to buy a juicer?Having used a family hand-me-down glass manual juicer for many years, I finally got fed up when a picked up a crate of oranges at Costco. Sure they were beautiful, but juicing them manually was not working for me.Ran into the larger Breville juicer in the store but 1. I was not going to spend That much and 2. It seemed a little big.A trip to Amazon and found this one. It is perfect. Did a weeks worth of organges in 4 minutes.Happy happy joy joy.

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  5. Sherri

    I bought my juicer just over a month ago and have used it everyday since then. I squeeze oranges in the morning for OJ and Lemons to add to the iced tea and to make lemonade. It is easy to use and easy to clean. (HINT when juicing lemons- if the ends are pointy cut just the tip off to make them flatter. This way all the juice will come out.) It seems pretty sturdy. I am gentle on the handle as it is plastic, but I don’t think it will ever be problem.

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  6. Mr. Phelps

    This is a great citrus press. I’ve been using it daily since getting it. With very little effort, I’m able to extract all the juice from an orange or grapefruit easily. It looks attractive on the counter even though the body is painted plastic. The color of the actual unit is actually darker than the image would suggest, but still nice.So far the product is robust and seems like it will last for some time. It’s a great companion piece to my Vitamix blender.

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  7. LVDV

    I have used a few citrus juicers in my life, and this is certainly the best version I have come across. It is sturdy on the counter, juices well, is less messy than others and is easy to clean. Only thing missing is a vessel to catch the freshly squeezed juice. Not a deal breaker though as I just use a measuring jug.

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  8. Michael

    The product is as advertised. I bought based on goid reviews. Easy to use and clean.You’ll enjoy fresh citrus fruit with little effort.Suggestion: I think the dome should be removable since it must be cleaned.

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  9. AuroraSound

    If you juice oranges or grapefruits regularly, you know that it can be a slow, messy process with inexpensive 25-30 watt citrus juicers. As well, after juicing 1 or 2 oranges in those machines, they need to be disassembled and cleaned because any further juice will just mix with the pulp clogging the filter. Meanwhile, those cheap juicers are very noisy, and require so much hand-squeezing force that you may as well have used a traditional reamer.This machine solves those problems. It’s very powerful, whisper quiet, and the pulp filter is big enough, and easy enough to quickly clean, that it makes serious and quick juicing possible. This machine is great for a family who likes citrus juice, or even a single person who is serious about making quality citrus juice easily at home. I did not want to pay the extra $100 for the all-stainless steel version, but you may want to. The box and tags of this juicer makes it clear that all parts that come into contact with juice are BPA-free, which is important to me.Dishwasher-safe was also a must for me, and this has it, but by the time you disassemble this and load it into the dishwasher, you may as well just rinse it, dry it, and re-assemble it.My only complaint is that there is no way to lock the juicing-arm down for storage, and that the juicing-arm cup that presses the fruit down feels like very cheap plastic compared to the rest of the construction. It is an inexpensively replaceable part, and it is functional. I think I would probably give the deluxe SS-version 5-stars if I bought it, but I am happy with this one.For me, juicing oranges at home used to be a sticky, messy, frustration with smaller, less-powerful machines. No more! I just need to use this frequently enough to justify the investment, but I bought the extended warranty because unfortunately Breville devices only come with 1 year.

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  10. bail

    Looks good and seems it is made to last. The only problem is the shape of the cone, witch always leaves an unpressed part when you press grapefruits. I asked Breville if I could buy another cone that would be rounder, made espescially for grapefruits, but I have had no answer yet… Hope they will offer a rounder cone soon.

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  11. Sandra

    Wow amazing product! I returned it because I realise it take a bit place for low use I do about it. But wow amazing product. Quality as good as the steinless one much more expensive. Great product, amazing quality. I return mine for also a second reason there was a bulb in the finish of the plastic paint and I m a picky person, I want perfection. But I will reorder down the road when I move because this product is awsome. Top is magnetic, easy to remove and clean. Nothing vise just put. I would recommend.

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  12. Cristiane D.

    Extremely satisfied. I was a little skeptic of the strenght of this machine giving the brand has a similar model that is ‘professional’.It works great. It leaves nothing behind. And if you’re worried that you’re losing the good stuff (pulp), don’t worry. You can add back.Also, really easy to clean! Takes me literally 2 minutes with a soft kitchen brush.

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  13. Amazon Customer

    Got this for my dad as a father’s day present last year and it did not disappoint. It has been used extensively with no wear down. Just as good a year later as it was the first use. It is super easy to clean and gets every drop of juice out of the fruit. Highly recommend this product!

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  14. Clorinthia

    I like it’s easy and fast to use compare with other citrus juice machine. I don’t like the press handle part feels loose and shaky while pressing.

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  15. jimin kim

    6 months in and still getting oranges from Costco to juice.

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