Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker

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  • Automatic fruit and nut dispenser releases ingredients at the right moment during the knead phase so they are evenly incorporated within the dough. Voltage : 110–120 Volts
  • Unique collapsible kneading paddle thoroughly mixes ingredients then collapses before bake phase to minimize the hole at the base of the baked loaf
  • Smart lcd screen with progress indicator displaying 13 automatic settings, 3 crust colors, and 4 loaf sizes
  • Loaf sizes include 1.0-pound, 1-1/2-pound, 2.0 ln and 2-1/2-pound (Family size)
  • 46 step by step recipes (basic, whole wheat, gluten free, crusty loaf, sweet, yeast free, dough, jam as well custom recipe charts). Power : 830 Watts


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The smartest bread maker. Ever. There’s nothing like waking up to a freshly baked loaf of bread. But when there are over 60 different recipes to choose from, how do you make sure you get it right.

A very clever interface computes temperature and baking time when you make a selection, while a super easy Turn and Confirm dial gets you started on any recipe in seconds.

It even lets you select what time you want the bread to be ready, adds fruits and nuts at the appropriate time, and lets you create your own recipes.

It’s the greatest thing since, well you know. Capacity: 2.5 lb–1.0 lb Loaf Sizes.

Specification: Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker

Weight20 lbs
Dimensions10 × 16 × 14 in






15 reviews for Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker

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  1. Adonis

    I’m writing this review from the perspective of one who has never before owned a breadmaker, but as all else, does extensive research before purchasing any appliance.I was looking for the best bread maker on the market that would satisfy my small family’s needs. I needed something that required no attention to operate (wife) and could make sweet breads like banana wallnut (son), yet was not limited to size and types of breads that it could make (self). With this in mind I narrowed it down to three bread makers – the Breville BBM800XL, the Zojirushi BB-PAC20, and the new Panasonic SD-YR2500.All three of these machines are amazing bread makers worth anyone’s consideration. The following is why I chose the Breville and why I am keeping it.Sizes:Of the three machines I’ve mentioned, the Breville is the only one that gives the user an option to make 4 sizes of bread loafs. The sizes are 1, 1.5, 2, and 2.5 pound loafs. In practice I’ve found that for my small family the 1 pound loaf is the perfect size for us. Two pounds is just entirely too much bread for us to manage, half of it ends up going to waste as stale bread because we simply can’t eat that much no matter how good it is. The Zojirushi has a limitation of only making 1.5 or 2 pound loafs. The Panasonic had more size options, but does not as small as 1 pound.Dispensers:My wife wanted a machine she could “set and forget” (an old Ron Popeil reference). In other words she did not want a machine that she would need to tend over to add things like nuts or raisins when a little beep prompted her to. In this case too the Zojirushi does not fit the bill as it is the only one of the three that does not have an automatic dispenser of any sort. The Breville has a fruit and nut dispenser, but the Panasonic SD-YR2500 has both a fruit and nut dispenser as well as an automatic yeast dispenser. Because of this the Panasonic is as “set and forget” as you can get with an automatic bread maker.Baking options:Where the Panasonic really fails is its limitations with baking options. Of the three machines mentioned, the Panasonic is the only machine that does not include a “Whole Wheat” selection, as well as being the only machine that lacks customization options. This lack of customization coupled with limited options (for example there is no jam option either) renders the Panasonic the least useful of the high end bread makers.Conversely this is where the Breville shines. The Breville sports the best user interface of the three. The selection wheel is very intuitive and easy to use, plus the baking options are well described on the large LCD display. Each baking option is listed in plain English (as opposed to a numerical code you have to look up as with the other two) as well as plainly obvious icons for loaf size and crust darkness. The Breville also allows for full customization of any of the preset baking options in addition to the ability to program up to nine custom baking options.So that’s why I chose the Breville, now to what I have learned with experience……Collapsible paddle:Lots of reviews mention this one part as something to love or loathe. I, like on most subjects, fall somewhere in the middle. The collapsible paddle requires more attention than I would like, but it is not terribly difficult to manage. The first thing you want to do after removing the baked bread from the bread pan and allowing the pan to cool, is to fill the bread pan with hot water up to just past the collapsible paddle and allow it to soak for a while. This will soften any dough that is stuck within the hub and arm of the paddle and allow for easier extraction and cleaning. To clean the paddle I’ve found that running it under hot water while cleaning it with a soapy dishcloth does the trick. The bread pan itself is a snap to clean. Just be careful not to scratch the Teflon lining of the pan while cleaning it out (take off any jewelry).Delay timer:I’m good at math, but I don’t want to do it when using an appliance that has the capacity of handling it for me. The only thing that I envy about the Zojirushi is the ability to simply set the hour and minute you want your bread to be done rather than calculating the start delay. It’s not as bad as I make it sound. All you have to do is push the “delayed start” button then set how many hours/minutes it is before the time you want your bread to be done. For example, if it is 7:30pm now, and you want your bread to be done at 7:00am, then set 11 hours and 30 minutes (11:30) at the “ready in” prompt. Still, the Zojirushi timer is better, set what time you want it done and forget about it (unless of course you want to add raisins or something).Noise:Not loud, not a problem at all.Walking:My machine is sitting atop a clean granite counter top. The weight of the machine on its rubber feet keep the machine stuck fast – the thing wont move even when I want to move it. Not sure why some others have indicated that this is a problem.In conclusion I am very happy with this purchase. This machine above all others gives me all the baking options I need for my small family and turns out absolutely spectacular bread.

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  2. Misty

    I’ve never like machine bread so when my fellow breadaholic proposed getting a machine I was hard against it. However we love to eat artisan breads and pizza so I researched the options and agreed to give it a go. After using it for 8 months, about 5 times a week, I have to say we both love the Breville bread maker. One feature that we use constantly is the option to customize the oven’s knead, rise, bake profile. I like my pizza crust to rise longer, at a lower temp. He likes to autolyse the whole wheat before adding the other ingredients and… well he likes to change lots of things. It has been fun and a great cost savings.I did a lot of research on brands and the only other machine that I thought was of the same quality was the Zojirushi, but in the end the Breville offered more flexibility. I did have to call them and get a replacement for the bucket due to the teflon coating not adhering but they replaced it, quick and easy.Update March 2019: Still using it at least 3 times a week. Works great.

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  3. Cat lover

    This machine has everything! This was an upgrade from my current bread machine which I’ve had for over 20 years and has been a real workhorse (in fact I’ll still keep it, it was a Sanyo, for kneading dough). I did a lot of on-line research before purchasing the Breville BBM800XL. I was willing to pay for a premium machine that had lots of presets but also allows customized settings and this fit my needs to the tee. I really wanted a machine that could do sourdough crusty loaves and that’s the first loaf I made. It came out beautifully! I love the interior light so you can see what’s going on. I also like the feature that you can take a loaf from yesterday and just use the “bake only” function to warm it up for dinner. You can also take the dough out and form into braids or individual rolls in the bread pan and then put it back in to bake. Functionality is super easy. I didn’t have any issues with noise or the machine “walking” that some reviewers complain about. It was quieter than my old machine and on my granite counter it didn’t budge an inch. All in all, so far, I’m super pleased with this early birthday present from my hubby. I’ll update if things go haywire.

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  4. J. Dol

    First and foremost, this is my first bread machine. With a Celiac in the family I’m currently only making gluten free breads.I’ve seen the negative review of the collapsing paddle which hasn’t been an issue here. The picture I included is of the hole of the collapsing paddle. It’s about 1/2″ deep and 3/4″ long. Depending on how you slice the bread, it effects one or two slices. I’ve received bread from others with much larger holes. Also, if you don’t like the collapsing paddle, this machine comes with a fixed paddle as well. Enough on that.As mentioned, I’m a novice to baking bread. I haven’t dabbled in custom flour mixes. I’m strictly using bobs red mill bread mix. Every loaf comes out great just like the one in the picture. White, whole grain and cinnamon raisin, it doesn’t matter. The texture is great as is the flavor. The book and the instructions are well done. I look forward to getting a 2nd bake pan to use for regular breads.

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  5. Marcela A. Denniston

    Let me start by saying this product is really big! It takes up a lot of counter space considering the size of the loaf it produces.I also used 2 recipes, and both flopped. My machine was also wobbly and unstable. I’ve had other bread makers in the past and they were much simpler and more elegant. I’m attempting to return it now and I’m also getting a hard time form the seller. All in all, I don’t recommend it.

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  6. Guinea Piggy

     Pros:- User Interface easy to read and use- Stainless steel modern design- User friendly- Detailed manualCons:- Top Heavy (wobbles a little)- Short power cord- Beeps are loud- Top of bread doesn’t get as brown as the sides do

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  7. Lise Plamondon

    We were disheartened by the texture and taste of the bread that was being produced when we first bought this machine. We were on the verge of returning it when I decided to try recipes other than the ones in the booklet provided. My friend had a 20 year old Panasonic bread maker and recipe book so I copied some of those recipes and SUCCESS! Amazing taking bread that we make every other day. Wonderful machine!The recipe (place in pan in this order):1-1/2 cups warm water2 Tablespoons of margarine or butter (room temperature)3 Tablespoons of sugar1-1/2 teaspoons of salt3-1/2 cups of flour (any combination of white, whole wheat, multigrain)1-1/2 teaspoons of instant bread maker yeastPut on 1.5 lb loaf setting

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  8. Barbara Clark

    Purchased this wonderful bread maker about 6 wk ago and just love it. I bake about 2-3 times aweek and no failures so far however be warned thr 4-5 cup flour recipes are huge, definately family size, even with whole wheat flour. I never use the vital gluten as our Canadian wheat is great and gives good rise always. The only door stop loaf so far was the recipe in the book containing cinnamon which kills yeast apparently. I mixed it in the flour with all the other dry ingredients, guess that was not a good idea! I always add yeast last on top of dry ingredients and warm water and butter first.The top of every loaf is always nicely browned on every setting however the sides and botton are a little too brown even on light setting basic recipe for white bread, perhaps due to too much sugar or whole milk powder? The whole wheat setting for crust is auto preset and bottom and sides crust are very dark but still wonderful high loaf bread and this too was a high sugar bread.The winner in the preset loaf where crust cannot be adjusted is the french bread crusty loaf…….a beautiful light airy bread, taste excellent and perfect golden crust all around but it had no sugar or milk powder, just oil and salt any maybe that is why, so still have more fun experiments to try it seems.The pan is surpprisingly light, with very slick coating. Single paddle and pan shape and kneading very thorough, I am impressed and loaf shape is quite high semi rectangular deep enough so no stick to lid issues.Anyway the machine works great, the paddle only lays partly prone due to dough caught under the paddle , makes a dent in bottom of loaf but that is still better than the machines that tear a huge hole when paddle is left in to bake. However there is a beep after last knead so you can remove paddle if desired.The add in dispenser works fine and goodies get mixed in properly.The dough is extremely well mixed and finished loaf shap is smooth unless the dough is too dry then thhe top may be lumpy.I am really delighted to have a completely hands free bread making machine and enjoy it very much. I did a lot of research before buying and am pleased with my choice of Breville.I have 2 other Breville products and found them very good, heavy duty also just like this bread machine.

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  9. Joe Istead

    My wife and I want to love this bread maker. We’ve baked about one loaf of simple white bread per week since we bought it three months ago. The bread quality is great, tough and chewy on the outside without being stale, great for anyone looking for something that DOESN’T taste like Wonder bread.Two negatives, one of them a showstopper: the bread is difficult to remove from the pan, and, rivet corrosion inside the pan. I sort of expect the bread to be difficult to remove, so that’s a minor inconvenience. The rivet corrosion is nasty though (as pictured). We wash the pan by hand using warm soapy water and a soft sponge. I’m not sure what the problem is for sure, but it seems similar to what happens when you have two metals against each other with an electric field across them. If that’s the issue, then I can’t recommend this device… metal powder being mixed into your bread? Not good.

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  10. Saphyre

    This thing works great, my first breadmaker. I chose a good one.I mostly make the honey milk bread from the book, as 2 lb loaves, sub 3 cups of white for whole wheat (1 cup of white) and run it under the whole wheat setting! When it hits the 3rd rise I take out the paddle and even out the bread and its perfect!.But I have made pizza (cheesy garlic fingers) , rosemary olive oil bread, raisin bread and cinnamon buns. for the most part they turned out pretty good. The only one I didn’t really care for was the Jalapeno cheese corn bread.Oh the other issue is the paddle can be a pain to remove or clean. But its not impossible.

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  11. LeeA

    It takes about 10 full minutes to prepare a loaf that is perfect in just over 3 hours. Thoroughly happy and highly recommend this maker. Excellent “fruit and nut” tray allows you to automatically add mixed ingredients as part of the mixing cycle. The unit is a little noisy (enough to wake me when I attempted to make raisin bread to be ready at 6:00am) but still 5 stars all around.Tip: For the full size loaf, replace the sugar with 1/3 cup of honey.

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  12. Tybran

    This is a great bread maker – easy to use and the loaf size is perfect. My previous Zojushiri was a longer loaf and it had 2 paddles but the Breville bakes a perfect loaf. I particularly like the automatic dispenser for nuts and fruit since I no longer have to wait for the beep to add. This bread maker seems to be well made so should last several years.

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  13. Smart Shopper

    I ordered this breadmaker on amazon as I had been eyeing it for awhile and found amazon had the best price. Like many Breville products it is first quality and I am very happy with it. No more bought bread with chemicals for me. The unit works great with no complaints. Have made bread and pizza dough with excellent results. As with any bread maker the trick is in exact measurements.

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  14. Amazon Customer

    I used it so far to cook a few different types of bread recipes and I had excellent results every time. The bread tastes much better than all mid-range bread bought at the supermarket. Unlike other reviews, I did not have any issue so far with the collapsible paddle – it does collapse at the proper moment just as it should. Also, likewise previous reviews, I indeed found that the breadmaker performs better for larger loaves (2 lbs and 2.5 lbs) than for smaller ones (1 lb and 1.5 lbs). Cleaning is also much quicker than I first expected and can easily be completed within 10 minutes.

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  15. R. Saunders

    The Breville Bread Maker is amazing!! We received it a few days ago, and made our first two and a half pound whole wheat loaf last night. It turned out incredible….(see photo below). The loaf rose very high and the flavour was outstanding! Make sure to follow recipes exactly, with the water at just 80 degrees and use bread making flour as specified. The bread maker is easy to use and easy to clean. We like the collapsible blade, that doesn’t leave a big indent in the bottom of loaves. We rate this a five star!!

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