Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

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  • Automatic microfoam milk texturing: The automatic steam wand allows you to adjust the milk temperature and texture to suit your taste; Delivering Barista quality microfoam that enhances the flavor of the coffee and is essential for creating latte art
  • Faster heat up time: Innovative thermojet heating system achieves the optimum extraction temperature in 3 seconds; Ready to make your best coffee without the wait
  • 19 grams dose for full flavor: Achieve a consistent and balanced Espresso using the right amount of ground coffee; The 54 millimeter porta filter with 19 grams is the key for full flavor and café quality coffee
  • Low pressure pre infusion: Low pressure pre infusion gradually increases pressure at the start and helps ensure all the flavors are drawn out evenly during the extraction for a balanced tasting cup
  • Precise Espresso extraction: digital temperature control (PID) delivers water at precisely the right temperature, ensuring optimal Espresso extraction; Voltage 110 to 120 volts
  • Auto purge: Automatically purging the heat system after steaming ensures your next Espresso is extracted at the right temperature



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The Breville Bambino Plus is engineered to deliver optimal espresso flavor with every cup. It pre-infuses ground coffee with low, steady water pressure before extraction, gently expanding the grinds before stepping up to high pressure.

The result is a more even extraction, which produces beautifully rich, balanced coffee flavor. Select automatic one- or two-shot volumes at the touch of a button.

Easy programmable control offers preset 1- and 2-shot volumes. Low-pressure pre-infusion gradually increases water pressure to gently expand grinds for an even extraction, balanced flavor and thick crema. Thermojet heating system is ready in three seconds. Automatic microfoam texturing produces barista-quality froth for making latte art.

Exterior is brushed stainless steel in choice of premium metallic finishes with polished-chrome accents. Designed to take up minimal countertop space without sacrificing performance. Includes stainless-steel frothing jug, one and two cup filter baskets, trimming tool, tamper, cleaning tool, cleaning disc and cleaning tablets.

Dimensions and More Info 7 3/4″ x 12 1/2″ x 12 1/4″ high. 64-fl. oz. cap. 11 lb.

Designed and engineered in Australia, made in China.

Additional Information 64-fl.-oz. removable water tank with handle and replaceable water filter.

Stainless-steel swivel steam wand froths milk for lattes and cappuccinos. Stainless-steel housing.

Specification: Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

Weight16 lbs
Dimensions13 × 8 × 12 in






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  1. Stuart E. Schechter

    The Bambino indeed has a super-fast startup time for both making espresso and steaming milk. A machine that starts up quickly is much less harmful for the environment than one that you need to leave powered up over night, which most of the higher-end machines do.While the Bambino does start up in 3 seconds, the instructions specify that run a single-cup cycle without the filter before actually starting to make your first shot. This is not going to slow you down if you start up your machine before grinding. Start the machine before you start grinding and you’ll be able to hit the single-shot button while you’re still grinding. The machine will be ready before you’ve finished tamping.I love the materials and the ease with which the base slides off for cleaning and back on again. It’s got a deep tray for water so I haven’t had any spills carrying it over to my sink.However, you should know before you buy that:(1) There’s a good deal of necessary friction to overcome as the filter needs to lock in tight to be sealed under pressure, and the machine is so light that it will slide around your counter before accepting the filter. There’s no handle to grab, so the only way I’ve been able to make this work is by wrapping my arms around the whole (fortunately small) machine. Don’t welcome a Bambino into your home unless you’re prepared to give it two bear hugs for every espresso you drink.(2) When the steamer self-cleans the tip of the wand, the initial spray often hits the edges of the hole it’s supposed to land in. That initial spray contains milk that is being cleared, and the milk splatters. You’ll need to keep the towel you used to clean the wand handy to play defense, and prepare to clean up splatter that you miss. Hopefully in v2 the hole will be slightly bigger and the alignment more precise. (Aside from this, the self cleaning function is great.)(3) The minimum amount of milk required to steam (the min line in the included steel milk jug) is a bit more than will fit in an 8oz mug, especially on the frothiest mode. Fortunately, I’ve not had any problems after filling a bit below the min line.I’d definitely buy this again as all the flaws are manageable and I love the quality of the espresso it creates, the ease with which it does it, the ease of cleaning, and the petite size. Having originally eyed the Barista Express, I have no regrets about getting a smaller machine that’s easier to clean and starts up more quickly. If my grinder breaks, I can replace it without replacing my espresso maker, and vice versa. I also have no regrets about not getting a double boiler, as having two fast sequential steps (espresso and steam) is just as good as two slower parallel ones. If really I wanted to make multiple espressos faster, I’d get another filter unit so that I can grind one cup while another is brewing.

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  2. J. C. Howard

    Oh My Goodness (that needed to be spelled out)! My headline said “Must have but Beware ” the issue is once you get this espresso machine and learn how to do it just right you will never be able to drink just coffee again. Plain coffee is just too nasty compared to the wonderful beverage that comes from this espresso machine. Also to go stand in line to get a cappuccino or latte will no longer be something you will be willing to do. So just know if you get this machine you will never be the same. The machine comes with two pressurized filters, a one shot and a two shot. I happen to trip across a UTube that explained with these pressure filters you did not need to tap down the coffee grounds.That’s where I was going wrong, I could not get my shot extractions to come out properly.All I did was put the tap onto the coffee in the filter and applied a little pressure with a few spins just to polish the coffee, it worked perfect. From then on my extractions were evenly dispersed. I did want a larger shot (to me the 1 shot and the two shot just did not have enough coffee) it was a little weak when you did a lot of milk. I used the directions in the book to adjust the shots to my specifications and that is one reason I loved this machine, you can make adjustments for what you like. Good luck to my fellow Barristers!ONE YEAR UPDATE: it has had the messups other reviews have mentioned.1. Portafilter getting stuck – lift up on handle when twisting to the right and it releases to turn left and off.2. Cleaning head step never did work and 3 weeks ago it would not do extraction – head has screw that allows you to remove head plate and clean, getting perfect extraction again.Ok this machine can be a pain and Houdini would be challenged. When it comes to the lattes they are great. My family wanted me to buy another Bambino right away. Come on Breville stepup to the plate and correct this little bambino, we love it!

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  3. Laurie B.

    This is our second one that was sent out as a replacement. The first one wasn’t working correctly within the first month and returned it.This one seems fine at the moment and makes an excellent cappuccino. We also have the Smart grinder.It doesn’t come with a single wall basket which you will have to order separately to make the perfect shot.

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  4. Roger Wolf

    No produce foam, solamente calienta la leche. El problema consiste que sale demasiado vapor a temperaturaalta. Quizas influye que la maquina esta operando en la Ciudad de Mexico a una altura de 2300 metros?

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  5. R. Gale

    Great quality taste

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