Breville 4-Square Smart Waffle Maker

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  • Makes crispy golden waffles with even heat distribution
  • BWM640XL Features: -The Smart collection
  • -Stainless steel housing with die-cast aluminum cooking plates
  • -Top plate lid automatically starts timer when lid closes
  • LCD indicator with reset timer button and a bit more button


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-The Smart collection.

-Stainless steel housing with die-cast aluminum cooking plates.

-Four batter type custom settings and 12 color settings.

-Top plate lid automatically starts timer when lid closes.

-LCD indicator with reset timer button and a bit more button.

-Moat for no mess and no waste.


Specification: Breville 4-Square Smart Waffle Maker

Weight17 lbs
Dimensions16 × 9 × 19 in






15 reviews for Breville 4-Square Smart Waffle Maker

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  1. Skiman

    This waffle maker is straight from the Jetsons!Functionality – This thing is really good at one thing and thats making waffles. Well if you’ve ever spent any time on social media you’ve probably seen food videos of people making hash-browns or cinnamon rolls in their waffle iron. While I’m not saying that this wont work for that, I would personally go for something with shallower grooves, or a non-Belgain style maker. That being said if you purchased this thing to make waffles, which you probably did, it works wonderfully. I’ve made all types of waffles in this ranging from authentic Belgian style Liege yeasted waffles with pearl sugar to your run-of-the-mill Bisquick shake and pour in this and get perfect results every time. Actually it is beyond perfect, you get that crispy crunchy exterior like it was just out of the waffle maker on a fancy hotel buffet on the medium setting. The settings, and wow are there a lot of them. I’m sure this waffle maker has more electronics in it than Apollo 11 had to land on the Moon. You can customize your batter type, and your crispness setting with the very well built and easy to use knobs on the front of the machine. For me, the default color is the perfect setting for most waffles and I like mine crispy. Unless you like almost black waffles I wouldn’t really advise going past the middle. If you like softer waffles make sure to go lighter than you think because you can always press the handy “A Bit More” if it needs more time. Now on to cleanup – The nonstick coating works very well and you barely need any oil to get it going. The only problems I’ve had cleaning it is with those Liege pearl sugar waffles I talked about earlier. The sugar caramelized in the bottom of the maker and took a long time to completely remove. However…this is more of a problem with the nature of the recipe than the maker itself. If you are just making normal waffles than you should have no problems with cleanup- just make sure its cool first. Finally, the moat around the outside really helps with cleanup compared to traditional waffle makers, but we will touch on that more next.Problems – This thing is HUUGE. When you pull it out of the box you feel reassured that your $250 didn’t go to waste and you got a substantial, well built product. This however is the only upside to the size. Living in an apartment with a small kitchen it is hard to find a place to store monstrosity. It is also hard to find a place to use it on. Its lid does not have a soft close feature like you might find on a fancy toilet-seat, it just slams shut if you let it go. This is a big problem because it is so tall. So tall in fact that it does not open under my cabinets and I have to use it in an area where there are no cabinets overhead. When opened fully it is taller than by 6QT Kitchen-aid stand mixer. If this is a problem for you then I would advise getting the 2 slice model because I would believe it opens to a lesser height. It is also heavy and has a substantial footprint. If you spend this much money on a waffle maker you might want to proudly display it out on your countertop, but because of the moat that catches the expanding waffle batter it makes it have a very large footprint making it hard to justify giving it so much real-estate for such a speciality appliance. If you do choose to move it back and forth from cabinet or pantry to countertop just realize it is not the lightest thing in the world.Conclusion – If you have $250 to burn on a waffle maker then you cant get much better than this, but if the price is a barrier for you there are cheaper options from Breville and other manufactures that will probably give comparable results without the price tag. If you have tall cabinets or an island in your kitchen this is a good buy, but if you don’t I would go for the two slice model just because that lid wont close slowly if your hand is under it and it can’t be opened all the way prevent closure, thus turning your hand into a Belgian waffle if your hand thats holding it open slips. All in all this is an amazing piece of technology and its crazy how far simple things like a waffle maker have come. Do you need it? Probably not, but it makes killer waffles well every time and if you can get past the size and drawbacks associated with that it is a near perfect machine.Also- The measuring scoop they include is very helpful for portioning the waffles. I tend to add a little bit more than the scoop says but thats just me.

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  2. Judy L.

    I have a few Breville appliances, and they are all of the highest quality. This waffle maker maintains the high standards of the Breville products. This Breville waffle maker addresses conveniences that others don’t. For example, the plug has a finger hole that makes it much easier to unplug the unit. Did you ever put a little too much batter into a waffle iron only to have the excess flow over the sides and back of the unit. Then you have to clean the counter, the sides and back of the unit, and often have to get batter out of the hinges. That will never happen with this waffle maker. Any overflow goes into a moat that cooks the excess batter so it is easily removed with the waffle.This waffle maker also heats evenly so the waffles are consistently evenly browned on both sides. There is no wait time between waffles. As soon as you take one out of the maker, it’s ready to be loaded with batter for the next waffle. I haven’t tried all of the waffle types, but I do know that the temperature and cook time will differ depending on the batter you are baking. For example, a Belgian waffle requires a higher temperature to get the rise, and to crisp on the outside while keeping the inside light and airy. This waffle maker automatically bakes each waffle type depending on the setting you choose. In addition, you can select your preferred brownness. To evenly brown the waffle, the heat must be evenly distributed on the entire top and bottom plate. This is not the case with all waffle makers.A couple reviewers have mentioned that this waffle make is larger than many other. This is true, but the waffle section are also larger. Each section of the waffles made is 5′ x 5′ x 1″ thick whereas the average waffle maker produces sections that are 4″ x 4″, and usually not a full 1″ thick. I would also like to mention that this waffle maker has a lock lever that holds the unit closed when it is not in use.Tonight, I made Belgian waffles, eggs, and sausage. For a family of three, I thought I would have to make more than one waffle for all of us. This was not the case. Each of us could eat only one section since they are larger than the average. After dinner, I baked the remaining waffle batter, cooled the waffles, and separated the sections for freezing. These will be used later for toaster waffles. Fortunately, the slots on my toaster (also a Breville) are large enough to toast the waffle sections.

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  3. Elizabeth Rabinowitz

    I purchased this four slice waffle maker knowing it would speed up serving breakfasts over my 2 slice maker. My 2 slice (not a Breville) makes wonderful crisp waffles with deep pockets; I didn’t want to skimp on getting a larger version so I could maintain my reputation as “best waffle maker.” I’ve made several batches and have tried several settings. These take longer than my 2 slice maker and the waffles are not as crisp and take longer to make. I tried calling the company hoping they could provide me with the temperature for the different settings. I waited on hold and was given an option to be called back. I eventually left my number. I never got a call back. A few days later I called again and after waiting on hold 5 min I hung up. After searching the internet for a way to contact their customer service, I was able to send an inquiry. I have yet to hear a response. Yes, the waffles are okay and my family likes them, but they as for me to make them on my old 2-slice waffle iron. I spent way to much money on this to just go back to my 2 slice option. I’m disappointed the company hasn’t responded.

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  4. lgunter

    For making waffles, this is a GREAT waffle maker. GREAT. Gives the cook total control over darkness, crispness, thickness — every aspect of cooking waffles. The waffles come out quite easily, too. And it’s pretty fast if you’re cooking plenty of waffles for a large brunch. Seems very sound mechanically, too. BUT, you can’t remove the griddle plates for cleaning. And that is a huge issue. If you make fruit waffles or ham or bacon waffles, there will be little cook-on bits that you will have to remove (carefully) by hand. You can’t submerge the plates to soak off the bits, because they are built into the electronics. After making Liege waffles, which are studded with pearl sugar, it took me nearly 20 minutes to clean the Breville using a chopstick to pick off the tiny bits of burnt sugar and a wet paper towel to collect the bits from in between the pockets. Buy it, but be prepared for the inconvenience of keeping it clean.

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  5. John

    If you love waffles, this is it.Be sure to clean the machine and burn off all the oils from the factory before cooking, but this machine makes it simple to make perfect waffles every time. Yes, it is large and expensive, but is easily worth it if you are making waffles regularly.Waffles are crisp, fluffy, and the machine’s design and non-stick coating make it simple to clean, even without spraying with oil before hand. Quality built machine.Highly recommended.

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  6. Sean M.

    This is the best waffle maker by far! I’ve tried the Cuisinart one (parents own it) and the waffles never have that nice outer crisp to them. They often put waffles in the toaster after to get the crisp – ha ha! This one has an overflow tray so you can make sure to fill the full waffle area, and can accommodate all sorts of waffle recipes (adjusts) and you can choose your level of crispness. I would say though that these waffles are a bit bigger than the Cuisinart ones – if that is important to you – and that because the waffle wells are so deep, if you want to really clean it every time, you would have to take out the plates. Personally, the waffles come out so clean (great non-stick surfaces), that I’m ok with wiping inside lightly and leaving the plates in.

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  7. Greatwhite

    My wife told me that there was no way any waffle maker should cost this much… but I replaced our $20 maker with this one, and she is now mad at me for not doing it sooner.It’s amazing that the waffle maker itself can make such a big difference in the quality of waffle. We use the same time recipe, and they are much fluffier and crispier without being burnt.I just wish it came with a manual containing recipes, but that just makes me want to order the “Will it Waffle?” book!

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  8. Algis

    A great thing when it works. After 3 years the thermistor (apparently) broke down, almost causing a fire at home.Breville were helpful enough to suggest either a repair or a discount for a replacement, but in both cases that’s almost the price of a brand new device. Just FYI, a thermistor costs cents, but good luck finding the right model.All in all, I was expecting more reliability from this brand.

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  9. Denise

    Confusing when using the options, such as belgium, classic etc for type of batter! No recipes included with the waffle maker. I am using a batter recipe that I once had in recipe book from old oyster waffle maker. With this price we should have different recipe ideas to use with this waffle maker. Very crispy and convenient as it makes thick and 4 waffles at a time,

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  10. SC/KL

    I can’t rave enough about this breville waffle maker to friends and family. I totally recommend this to anyone and everyone. I have 4 breville appliances now and will not stop there. Bought this baby on sale for $199, at first I thought it was a little steep for a waffle maker but this thing is awesome. You can make more than just waffles (I search online for recipes). The best ones I’ve made were the Wild Blueberries & Oat Waffles.

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  11. Papa David

    Well I just bought this and never had one before so I can’t compare. I’m not even a waffle cooking guy to compare waffles. What I can say is it was super easy to use, instruction were really simple and my first set of waffles turned out awesome. I made about 12 and the family loved them, this waffle iron made me a pro. As I made each batch all I did was hit the restart button after closing the lid and waited for the beep, opened and pulled them out. I washed it before I used it and that wasn’t easy but after that clean up was pretty easy.

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  12. Lisa T

    We love this! The waffles come out perfect and is easy to clean even though the trays are not removable. We are glad we chose the four slice but we don’t have to make 4 very easily if we don’t want to. We keep any left overs in the fridge and toast/warm them up when we want them. We also make up batches before we go camping and they keep well in the fridge or freezer!

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  13. Margaret

    I really had my heart set on a “regular” waffle maker-like the flatter ones I had as a kid-I never really loved the big Belgian ones. This seemed to be a compromise. We have had this for over a year and even my waffle-neutral hubby likes them. We use the recipe on the breville website for “classic waffles” (although I decrease the butter a bit) and they are delicious! I would buy it again! ( but I hope I don’t have to replace it for a long while! 😉)

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  14. N Vaillancourt

    This is the 5th product from Breville I buy and I’m still very happy with the overall product. For the first time I was surprised that no purple booklet was provided with the product, only a small 1st step to operation leaflet with no recipe. So I went online to try to find a ‘classic waffle recipe’, the waffles were good but not what I really expected. So I went back online on the Breville website and after searching a bit, I found the purple booklet available for download in pdf format, it also includes 4 recipes. I don’t know why this information was not available in the leaflet. So I tried the first classic recipe and it was simply amazing! So if you get this product, go to the official website and download the book.Cleaning, so far no problem. I just wait a little and clean with a damp towel. I had no issue at all, fairly easy. Maybe when I add chocolate chips or blueberry it will be different, but for classic or Belgian style, no is happy and so am I!

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  15. Alisa

    No buyers remorse here!! All the different options for a variety of waffles is amazing, and I love how you can adjust the golden level of your waffles AND it’s great how it adjusts the cook time based on how hot the plates are. So smart and innovative! Don’t waste your money on any other waffle maker, just buy this one.

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