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  • ACULON A211 16×50 binoculars are designed to be as light as possible along with excellent ergonomics.
  • Turn-and-Slide Rubber Eyecups allow for comfortable viewing during extended periods of use.
  • Made with A spherical Multicoated Eco-Glass Lenses bright and clear images in most lighting conditions.
  • The smooth central focus knob makes these binoculars simple to operate and easy to focus.
  • A durable rubber-armored coating ensures a non-slip grip, even in wet conditions.


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ACULON A211 16×50 binoculars are built with multi-purpose functionality and a lightweight, ergonomic design.

These binoculars are perfect for those looking for extremely versatile, high quality, and economically priced optics.

The ACULON A211 16×50 binoculars deliver the highest fixed magnification in the entire line and feature enormous 50mm objectives.

Built to last with eco-safe components and designed to perform in a variety of conditions, the ACULON A211 16×50 binoculars are sure to bring you even closer to the action and give you an experience nothing short of incredible, all at a very affordable price. Includes free Tripod Adapter.

Specification: Binoculars Nikon Aculon A211 16×50 – 718614

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions9 × 4 × 4 in






15 reviews for Binoculars Nikon Aculon A211 16×50 – 718614

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  1. Linda Lou Betty

    Can you get a pair of 16×50 binocs for $40? Yep. Then why pay $140?Because the quality is worth it.I have bought dozens of Nikon products over the last 30+ years and have never, not once, been less than thrilled with the quality and dependability of their products. You simply don’t have to question whether it is going to be good or not.These binocs are no exception.The only criticism I have is that the diopter adjustment knob is a little hard to use if the eye cup is down all the way and you have large fingers.Apart from that these are great!The case is nicer than I would have expected too, very well padded.The Nikon tripod adapter is not plastic but solid thick aluminum.Even the neck strap isn’t El Cheapo.So yeah, if you are looking to spy on the neighbors, go spend $40.But if you are looking for a high quality pair of binocs, you can feel very confident about spending the extra money for these.You really do get what you pay for…and that is a good thing.****EDITED OCT. 29, 2017****I do have one beef with Nikon that needs to be mentioned here. I buy a lot of their products because they are simply that good. But when you pay top dollar for something you expect that the details will reflect that. And on the binoculars (and other Nikon products) they do…except the lens caps. Nikon makes the worst lens caps on the market, whether it is cameras, or binoculars, and these may be the most frustrating lens caps of all time. The eyepiece cap just sits loose over the eyepieces. There is not even tension to hold it in place. The barrel end caps don’t go over the barrel like most caps do, they snap into the inside of the rim…if you set them in just right. If you don’t, then they stick in place for a few minutes and then fall off. Nikon has fixed something that wasn’t broken here, and ended up making it worse. Fortunately, after-market standard lens caps can be purchased cheaply, and I would highly recommend it. Again, not an issue with the binocs themselves, but just a fairly important detail that could have been done better. -1 star.

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  2. Mark Twain9

    Pros:Thick solid metal tripod adapter.18mm wide eyepiece, vs 16mm on my Celestron 10×50 and 13mm on my Tasco 7×351.5 inch wide neck strap with leather backingThick, padded carrying pouch, without a strapMy reflection in the Nikon lenses (Objective and eyepiece) are dimmer than in my Celestron 10×50’s by at least half, which is good for the Nikons.Sharp images with easy smooth focus. Not much turning required to focus.Near focus of 15 feet not 28 listed, but I am a bit near sighted but don’t use glassesLight and easily hand holdable by me, but I’ve had lots of practice and am young. I can hold it steady with one hand.Measured exit pupil at thinnest point, and it is exactly 3.1mm, vs 4.3mm on Celestron 10x50Pressing my eye sockets against the eyepieces does not move the focusI can see veins in distant tree leaves that my 10×50 only shows the general leaf shape ofThe objective covers stay on easily and can clip onto the neck strap.As I look around my dark house inside, lit only by one computer screen, the view through the Nikons is no darker than with eyes.The smooth sides of the eye cups makes it easy to tape paper light shields on them to block side glare. It made the viewing that much more enjoyable.Careful measurement confirmed that the apparent field of view is indeed 61 degrees, a degree wider than my 10×50 wide angle, and that the magnification is indeed about 16x.Cons:During the day, I must look straight forward. I can’t move my eye to look around the field of view like I can with my 10×50, because the exit pupil is smaller and gets blacked out. This is not a problem at night. At 5pm, with my pupil a bit larger, this is no longer an issue. I get better use during the day if I’m very careful to measure my interpupilary distance and match the eyepiece distance to it exactly.The eyepiece covers are too big and fall off the eyepieces. But they do clip on the neck strap so they don’t have to fall on the ground. With some tape, I can make my own covers that double as side light shields.The carry pouch, although nicely padded, is small, and you have to really stuff the binoculars in there to barely close it.===The Andromeda galaxy and M33 are easier to see with the 16×50 than with 10×50. I did not see a dimmer view with the smaller exit pupil. In fact, the Nikons seem a bit brighter, even when looking at houses without any porch lights nearby. The Pleiades look better and show more stars in the 16×50. When looking at Venus, near sunset, I noticed some faint stars with the 16×50 that I could not see with the 10×50. Orion’s belt also had a denser star field in the 16×50 than in my Celestron 10×50, though not by a large amount. Venus looked larger, but I still could not see its phase. Jupiter looked larger and rounder in the 16×50, and the moons were a bit easier to see but still small. I could not see stripes on Jupiter. The moon looked a bit better too, though not spectacular. I did not see any extra details at 16x that I could not see at 10x; however, I did not have to look as hard to see them. Any detail obvious at 16x could be verified at 10x. I was getting tired from being up late, and shake was more noticeable in the 16x than the 10x.I can locate M82 and M81 in my 16×50, but not in my 10×50. M51 and M101 are much easier to locate too.During the day time, the 16×50 expands every detail I could be curious about with my naked eyes. It makes me feel like I’m over on that distance hill, walking through that tall grass. The 10×50 is more for seeing the full picture.16x is as high as I can go and still have good depth of focus on terrestrial objects at different distances. At 25x, I have to refocus for each distance. Also, 16x is as large as I can go and still figure out where I am in the sky just by panning around. At 25x, I can just point and look but not know where I’m truly at unless I recognize and object of known location.I recommend owning a Nikon 7×35 and a Nikon 16×50 for both big picture views and detailed inspection. Get a telescope if you want more power.

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  3. Inge Tingle

    I’ll admit, I do not know a lot about binoculars, lenses and the like. I wanted a good pair of binocs for use at the lake house to watch birds/deer/beavers as well as to watch people (because when you’re on a lake, you want to see what everyone is doing). These binocs are not for sitting on a deck looking at objects within 25-30 feet. You’ll want to use them for looking at objects 100 yds or 1/4 mile away. They are a little heavier and that’s fine. I use my knees or railing for balance. The package comes with a tripod adapter (if you have a tripod, I don’t). Overall great value, I might purchase a pair for my father for father’s day.

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  4. Ali17

    I bought these binoculars because I was going to see the Phantom of the Opera, and I wanted to get the best set possible. This is a terrific set. It comes with a neck strap and a Nikon tripod adapter., and the case is really nice as well. Overall, it’s a great purchase. I find it a little bit heavy for the opera or the theater, but I wanted something excellent, and this is it.

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  5. Rick Daniels

    Optics look fine, but the eyepieces are so large that I can not look through the binoculars without having to crush my nose between the eyepieces. Perhaps if you have wide set eyes and a thin nose, this may work for you. The celestron skymaster 15×70 worked fine for me. Also the Nikon Trailblazers 10×25 also were fine. Both of those are awesome binoculars too.

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  6. Anthony

    Would have been perfect binos for me except for the fact that it was impossible to synchronize left and right side into one unified view regardless of the adjustments made and the fact that I am skilled binoculars user of over 45y of experience with various types of glass. When looked through each side one at a time it offers nice and clear view as in monocular glass, but if you try looking through both your eyes get double picture and super fast eye fatigue.Thankfully, seller stood behind his product and gave me a full refund. Maybe it was a one time rare lemon, I won’t give up and will reorder again and hopefully it will be one well made.

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  7. Gary Swanson

    Great to hold and use ,, I would definately buy again

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  8. Amazon Customer

    You better have a tripod for these ones because you cannot hold them steady enough

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  9. kulwinder singh grewal

    Good bincoclour the money I spend Nikon bincoclour clear view return it I shop around lots but this one best I recommend this one

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  10. Tomato

    I like it.

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  11. Rick Powers

    Top quality product that meets the needs for bird watching with twice the power of typical binocs.

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  12. Wizick

    Met all our viewing expectations.

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  13. Vinay

    Legendary Nikon optics. Use it regularly for bird watching.

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  14. Tuk Bullet

    Clear as being there!

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  15. Mark Smith

    Very nice binoculars but only for those with a steady hand unless you want to use a tripod.

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