Baratza Sette 270 Conical Burr Grinder

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  • SPECIALTY COFFEE ASSOCIATION AWARD WINNING GRINDERS – Baratza grinders are preferred by coffee professionals and backed by Baratza’s world class support.
  • DOSING – 3 programmable dosing buttons for accurate, consistent dosing to within a 10th of a second. This allows you to save 3 different doses for a variety of uses. Dual dosing options – grind directly into a portafilter or grounds bin/brewing device.
  • EXCEPTIONAL ESPRESSO GRINDER – The Sette delivers beautiful espresso and is also capable of grinding for manual brewing methods requiring a finer grind (e.g. Aeropress, Hario V60, Chemex, some drip brewers).
  • 270 GRIND SETTINGS – Macro/Micro adjustment for the most precise dial-in capabilities. A built-in convertible device holder allows for convenient change between a portafilter or supplied grounds bin.
  • HIGH SPEED GRINDING – Up to 5g/second and minimal retention in the innovative straight-thru grind mechanism.



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The Baratza Sette 270 Conical Burr Grinder offers 30 steps of macro-adjustment and a fully stepless micro-adjustment system that gives the user a near-infinite number of grind settings.

Offers 3 programmable presets to store your grind choices.

Specification: Baratza Sette 270 Conical Burr Grinder

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions5 × 10 × 15 in






15 reviews for Baratza Sette 270 Conical Burr Grinder

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  1. Theodore Tsavoussis

    My old Starbucks Barista grinder finally died, so I did my research and settled on the Baratza Sette 270. The results were excellent. Very fast, no waste and a very fine espresso grind. And so I enjoyed great shots every day for a year and a half (made with my Rancilio Silvia, which I love).And then I did something foolish. Someone gifted me a package of Jamaican Blue Mountain ground coffee, which of course I had to try but the grind was not fine enough for espresso. I decided to regrind it using my Sette 270. It worked the motor so hard, I could hear it straining to fine grind already ground coffee. It did the job but at the end I killed the motor.I wrote Batatza and told them the motor was dead. They asked for proof of purchase and then verified that since it had been more than a year since I purchased it, it was no longer under warranty. They did offer to fix it for free if I shipped it back to them and paid for shipping both ways.Unfortunately (fortunately?) I live in the Bahamas and the cost of shipping back and forth to the USA is very expensive. I estimated it would have cost me $300 (almost the price of a new machine). So being handy with electrical repairs, I asked them to just ship me the new motor and I would do the repair.The motor arrived a few days later (they even paid the shipping) and after watching the video they sent, it literally took me 15 minutes to take out the old motor and install the new one. My Batatza is up and running and once again I’m able to make great coffee.The Blue Mountain coffee was excellent but definitely not worth burning a motor over. Lesson here is not to regrind already ground coffee.The Baratza Sette 270 is a great machine that consistently produces a very fine grind. Baratza is an excellent company, that will go the extra mile for their customers. Their customer service is exceptional. Highly recommended machine and company.

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  2. Coffeist

    Grinder works great when it works. Motor stopped running after 7 months. Would look elsewhere until they work out the QA issues.Update: Warranty process was painless. Sent Baratza an e-mail and they had a new grinder shipped out within a day with a RMA label to send the broken one back. The new grinder I received has an updated adjustment cone with dots at certain measurement points, hopefully they’ve addressed other issues as well.Update #2: Replacement unit has been working great over the last year, no issues. Attached a picture showing the new dots between the ‘Coarse’ and ‘Fine’ text which the original unit didn’t have. Added +1 star.

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  3. Catherine

    I loved this machine. It’s beautiful, it’s fast, it grinds perfectly for espresso. It was loud but I didn’t care. Then after about 3 weeks of light use (17-38 grams of beans Monday through Friday and maybe 70 grams on weekends with plenty of downtime for the motor in between), the machine just stopped working. Silence. I was devastated, and horribly decaffeinated, and I went through all the stages of grief as I requested a return and packed the machine back in the box (thank you to previous reviewer who advised me to save the box). This machine is great but longevity is a serious issue. I hope that Baratza fixes this in the next iteration of this machine.

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  4. Jared C.

    I am very happy with the performance of this grinder but it took a while to get there.If you want to use it for anything besides espresso order the brew grind burr from baratza and replace the one it comes with. This grinder is advertised as being a jack of all trades out of the box. That just isn’t true. I emailed baratza about this and they made me read an article about how I should adjust my brew method to suit their grinder. I think many would agree this is backwards. Just order the other burr and avoid the headache.The grind times are very consistent to the point that you can dial it in and have it grind within a few tenths of a gram every time. This is great for those that don’t have time to weigh their coffee grounds before brewing. It’s also very fast compared to my old grinder, the bodum bistro, which took about twice the time to grind 32 grams of coffee.

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  5. C.N.

     The Sette 270 is a great, precision espresso grinder. It can grind somewhat coarse, but not coarse enough for a french press; maybe coarse enough for Chemex. As far as grinding for espresso, it is very fast, grinding 18g in about 6 seconds. This version does not have the weight capability, so I weigh the beans beforehand. I pour the pre-measured beans in, and hit the preset button that grinds for 10 seconds. That pretty well makes sure everything is ground fully.There are many adjustments to dial in your grind perfectly. The grind quality is the best, of the consumer grinders I’ve tried. I live in a dry climate that is prone to static and clumps in grinds. This is the first grinder I’ve owned that doesn’t introduce clumps. I don’t do anything to prepare the beans, don’t add moisture, or anything else. When the coffee is ground, there are simply no clumps. I don’t know how they do it, but it’s amazing.Taking the burr out is relatively easy. You just have to be careful that you screw it back on the proper way (refer to the manual). If you screw it on incorrectly, you can damage the spring inside that tells the grinder that the burr is installed. Then the grinder won’t turn on. Beyond that, I expect this grinder to work well for many years.

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  6. Amazon Kunde

    Keine Kaufempfehlung Mühle blockiert und ist Schrott nach 6 Monaten.-Mahlwerk Stumpf-Lärm Mahlgeräusch unerträglich.Ich nutzte die Mühle hauptsächlich zur Espressozubereitung. Ich war begeistert von der Idee der Mühle leider wurde bei der Auswahl der Materialien gespart.Die Verarbeitung ist total schäbig und unterirdisch. Bin Metallbauer von Beruf.Der Mahlkegel hat soviel Spiel das leider der Mahlgrad nie exakt ist.Jeder Shot läuft anders.Das Gehäuse ist nicht sauber verschlossen schlecht zusammengebaut.Die Lautstärke ist unerträglich. Das nervt extrem nach einer Zeit.Fazit nie würde ich diese Mühle weiterempfehlen. Das Konzept ist Super.Jedoch sollte der Hersteller alles nochmal überarbeiten und mehr Metall verwenden.Die Halterung des Mahlkonus ist aus Plastik und hat viel Spiel. Das Gewinde in das man die Verstellaufnahme setzt ist auch aus Plastik.Außen wird mit Massiven Metall Verstellung geworben und innen alles Plastik und total wackelig.Die Kraftübertragung vom Motor zum Mahlkranz ist nicht passgenau und aus PlastikSiehe Bilder deswegen total verschlissen und rutscht über.Finger weg kauft euch eine Eurika SpezialitaOder eine Mahlkönig Vario Home kostet das gleicheGlaubt mir ich bereue den Kauf sehr

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  7. Sebastian

    Positive Kommentare gibt es ja hier zu genüge, daher teile ich nur meine negative Erfahrung:Ich hatte die Mühle knapp 3 Monate im Einsatz und war mit ihr wirklich zufrieden, da sie nicht wirklich teuer ist, um ein gutes Mahlergebnis zu erzeugen. Mit den Unterlegscheiben, die dabei sind, gibt es ausreichend Stufen für ein Espressomahlgut. Allerdings ist die Mühle so laut, dass sie am Morgen und spät Abends nicht benutzt werden kann, ohne andere im Haus zu wecken. Des Weiteren ging die Mühle nach nicht einmal 3 Monaten kaputt und die Reparatur dauert schon über 3 Wochen an… das kann einfach nicht sein. Daher empfehle ich nicht über diesen Händler zu bestellen!Kaufempfehlung?!: Ja, da die Mühle für diesen Preis trotz dem Defekt ein hervorragendes Mahlgut produziert und ich keine vergleichbare Mühle gefunden hatte.

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  8. Peter G. Sharpe

    I had my K3 grinder for almost 10 years but it required a part to be replaced which would have cost at least $400. I was generally having problems with my espresso making, probably due to the burrs also requiring replacement.Decided to see what was new in the grinder world and found the 270: in my price range and with generally good reviews.Took the plunge and I am delighted with this grinder.All of my espresso making problems went away but I gained so much more.The controls to set the grind size and quantity being ground are simple to use and powerful. Dialing in a grind was very easy and fast.The quality of the grounds is uniform and without clumps.I won’t go into detail on everything but this is very close to being the perfect grinder for me.I only have 3, extremely minor complaints. Really, I’m just nitpicking.1. It is quite loud. (But fast. My 14 sec. grind time using the K3 is now less than 7 sec.)2. I find it a bit difficult to correctly position the portafilter. I blame myself and I plan to see if I can adjust things and make it work better.3. It is messy. The area around the grinder collects quite a bit of grounds after awhile but they are easily cleaned up.Overall, I highly recommend this grinder and I’d buy it again if I needed to.

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  9. manfred vogt

    Nach anfänglicher Skepsis wegen des Preises für eine elektrische Kaffemühle bin ich absolut begeistert.Hier kommt ein teurer Kaffee echt zur Entfaltung. Es riecht auch wirklich mal nach Kaffee. Ich fühle mich wie ineinem Wiener Kaffeehaus. Das einzige Manko – Maschine hätte ich schon früher kaufen sollen.Absolut empfehlenswert – wirklich nur für Kaffeegenießer.

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  10. Harald Brandstetter

    So teuer die Baratza Sette 270 auch ist – sie gehört zu den besten Mühlen, die man sich für daheim grad noch leisten will. Wenn eine Mühle nicht genügend feine Einstellungen für den Mahlgrad hat, steht man auf verlorenem Posten beim Espresso.Wer mit seinem Espresso nicht zufrieden ist, sollte mal die Mühle einer gründlichen Prüfung unterziehen. Da lässt sich am meisten rausholen.

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  11. Kalyan

    product is great but broke with in 20 days of usage; removed to add shims,cleaed a bit and reassembled and it stopped working; tried all permutations and combinations but no use; no clarity on warranty as its imported product and Seller is not transparent on warranty or services; got product replacement -thank you

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  12. Vittorio Manzo

    Esteticamente bellissima. Completamente smontabile per le pulizie. Intuitiva nell’uso pesatura automatica e’ perfetta. La consiglio a chi e’ maniacalmente interessato a fare ottimi caffè.

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  13. Amazon Customer

    We bought this grinder to use for all our coffee beverages and it is a great addition to our coffee bar. The grind settings are easy to use and the presets are easy to adjust. A great investment and I would readily recommend this grinder to anyone. The only downside is the macro micro adjustment is kind of hidden under the control panel and is a little hard to see and adjust. Steve

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  14. G Gross

    It’s only been a few weeks, but I’m very satisfied, it grinds incredibly fast and consistent, it’s easy to do pour overs and switch to my Rancilio Sylvia for some perfect shots. Very well done Baratza!

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  15. Amazon Customer

    Good but the consistency seems la long for such an expensive product

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