Baratza Forte-AP (Flat Ceramic) Coffee Grinder

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  • SPECIALTY COFFEE ASSOCIATION AWARD WINNING GRINDERS – Baratza grinders are preferred by coffee professionals and backed by Baratza’s world class support.
  • GRIND BY WEIGHT/TIME – Built in digital scale for accurate weight based dosing or digital timer for time based dosing. Programmable buttons to save up to 3 different presets for repeatable, one-touch grinding.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE GRINDING/ ALL PURPOSE / 260 GRIND SETTINGS – 54mm professional ceramic flat burrs provide high throughput and maintain sharpness. Engineered to produce an accurate and precise grind with a high grinding capacity of up to 5lbs/day. Perfect for dialing in espresso, and all brewing styles. Good fit as a single origin or decaf espresso coffee grinder. The shut-off hopper allows for mess-free, easy removal of the hopper to switch between beans.
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT/STYLISH – A polished metal body gives this grinder a bold image that makes a statement on your coffee bar while taking up very little space.
  • WARRANTY/QUALITY PARTS – Engineered with 54mm professional ceramic flat burrs by Mahlkonig in Germany, plus a powerful DC motor. This combination creates a consistent grind and durability ensuring the longevity users have come to expect from the Baratza brand. The Forté AP is backed by Baratza’s world class support and a 1 year warranty.



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The upgraded motor keeps (with 70% more power) your beans cool, even during extended grind times. The Baratza Forte AP was named best commercial product at SCAA 2013.

The Forte AP features an improved intuitive touch screen display, which allows you to grind by time or dose (built in scale) and a sleek metal case housing. With its 10 macro settings and 26 micro settings, the Forte offers easy adjustments to make that perfect cup.

The Forte AP grinder comes with 54mm ceramic flat burrs by Ditting for accurate and precise grinding. It quickly grinds at an average of 2.0g/sec for espresso and 3.5 to 3.7g/sec for presses.

The Forte AP has all coffee needs covered from press pots to espressos. This compact commercial grade machine is perfect for the coffee aficionado or cafe that needs multiple preps.

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Specification: Baratza Forte-AP (Flat Ceramic) Coffee Grinder

Weight18 lbs
Dimensions5 × 7 × 14 in






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  1. Michael

    I have used this grinder for a year now. I have a Rocket espresso machine and grind the coffee with the Baratza. I regret this purchase. My main problem is the inconsistency when grinding based on time. I cannot even guess how many shots have been ruined by the grinder either dispensing too much or not enough espresso. I do not have experiences with other grinders so this may be the nature of these devices and not just inherent to Baratza. As a solution, I am going to start grinding by weight and pouring the grounds into the portafilter via an espresso funnel. Hopefully that will be a clean process and yield more consistency. Secondly the fine grind adjustment on the left is horrible. It is extremely difficult to adjust and is not smooth whatsoever. Light pressure won’t move it and when you apply heavy pressure it moves all the way up or down. It takes several attempts to get it right. This is true when the hopper and burrs are completely clear of beans. How absurd to pay this much money for a product only to get a janky adjustment feature that makes me regret the purchase each time I have to change the grind.

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    Fantastic. Easily switches modes, from espresso to drip, easy enough to change small adjustments for espresso with different beans. Has a portafilter basket cradle that doesn’t seem perfectly balanced (I have to hold the basket handle, on a prior grinder that died the handle cradle was secure), but otherwise the flexibility to measure by ground weight, time, or manual is a huge convenience.

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  3. JBird

    This grinder is a solid 5 star unit. I know there’s word about static in reviews, but I see no issues at all. I do grind only my own fresh roasted beans, thus likely have slightly higher moisture content. The resolution of the step adjustments is perfect. A few clicks north or south of the fine adjustment gets me dialed right in. It’s quiet (within reason) and fairly quick. The scale lands me perfectly measured doses every time – it’s great having two variables under complete control (dose and grind management). Two thumbs up on this unit.Update – I had one of those ‘user induced’ issues with my Forte – now almost 2 years after purchase. After contacting customer service via e-mail, not only did they take great care of me, they got me up and running in no time. A few days later, I got my parts needed, and started grinding espresso once again. Great service!I use it for 100% fresh roasted beans, only for espresso grind. It’s used at least 5 days a week on the weight function. Since I grind by weight, I simply set the grams for a tad over my porta-filter’s needs. Pour from the buck into my porta-filter (over a sink), and sweep off the small amount of excess w/ my finger. Minimum waste and easy. If I need to adjust the grind (as my beans age, or change batches), it’s a simply click (while grinding), and the next pour is accurately adjusted.I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of my grinder..

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  4. Brian Enos

    I upgraded to the Forte from Baraza’ Vario. With the Forte, every shot pours at the exact same pressure. (Machine: Expobar Brewtus 4.) The shots are much more consistent than they were with the Vario.My only complaint – beans remain on a flat ring around the perimeter of the base of the hopper. I dose by weight (18 grams of beans / shot.) So the only way to ensure all the beans gring is to brush them off the ring at the bottom of the hopper during grinding.After I come up with fix for that, it will be my last grinder.04.06.15 Edited to change to 5 starts. Baratza’s tech support is top-notch! I emailed them about the “beans stay in the hopper” issue, and they replied with a link to a regular style (non-shutoff) hopper:

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  5. Stan Pine

    This was a birthday gift for our son in the Seattle area (picky about coffee). I just talked to him and he told me how much he loved it (totally unsolicited). His family loves how easy it is to dial in the grind for one thing.

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  6. J. T.

    The biggest mistake people make when buying home espresso gear is spending more on the espresso-maker than the grinder. If you want great espresso, get a great grinder; and in the sub-$1000 range, this is it.

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  7. D. Adams

    Natürlich kann man sich für privat auch eine K-30 in die Küche stellen. Da dies für mich nicht in Frage kommt, ist die Baratza Forte AP die beste Wahl. Leistung und Präzision sind großartig. Die Unabhängigkeit per Gewicht oder per Zeit zu mahlen ist genau mein Ding.Besonderes Plus:+ es verbleibt kaum Kaffeemehl nach dem Mahlen in der Maschine.

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  8. G. Biedermann

    Massives Edelstahlgehäuse, hochwertig und präzise verarbeitet. Tadellose und vor allem jederzeit reproduzierbare Mahlergebnisse, die eigentlich auch extrem anspruchsvolle Espresso- und Kaffeeliebhaber zufriedenstellen müssten. Bei sorgfältigem Mahlen in den Behälter und auch direkt in den Siebträger wird praktisch so gut wie kein Kaffeemehl in der Gegend verstreut. Ausserdem ist die Mühe einfach und schnell zu reinigen – aussen wie innen. Da die Baratza Forté-AP von Hause aus für die gewerbliche, professionelle Nutzung gedacht ist, müsste sie bei der Nutzung im Heimbereich und pfleglicher Behandlung eigentlich Jahrzehnte klaglos ihren Dienst verrichten. Und bei dem doch recht stolzen Preis sowieso;-)

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  9. Ollie

    If you can afford to spend the extra cash on a grinder they don’t come much better than this one. Had consistent results since I bought over a year ago, paired with my sage dual boiler I get a lovely coffee every time.

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  10. Joachim Holler

    dachte erst, dass ich die Zeiteinstellung zum Mahlen direkt in den Siebträger nutzen würde – nach nun rund vier Wochen Nutzung der Wägeeinrichtung habe ich festgestellt, dass dieses Feature wiederholbar genaue Ergebnisse liefert.Sowohl Feinheit also auch Gleichmässigkeit des Mahlgutes sind tip top. Sehr zu empfehlen. Die Verarbeitung und Haptik sind überragend.

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