Athlon Optics Midas Binoculars

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  • ED Glass – ED glass gives you an image with little or no chromatic fringe so the final result brings a clearer and sharper image to your eyes
  • ESP Dielectric Coating is a multi layer prism coating that reflects over 99% of the light to your eyes bringing you a clear, bright image that displays accurate color reproduction.
  • Advanced FMC – Advanced Fully Multi-Coated lenses gives you better light transmission to bring optimum brightness and true color across the entire light spectrum.
  • Argon Purged – Argon purging gives you better waterproofing and thermal stability and Field of view Angular -8.1 degree
  • Long eye relief can be particularly important for eyeglass wearers because longer eye relief allows them to still see the entire field of view.Field Of View M @1000 METERS:144 m




Equipped with Extra-low-dispersion glass, so your image from edge to edge is free and clear of chromatic fringe.

Athlon combines BaK-4 prisms with an Enhanced Spectral Prism Dielectric Coating to reflect over 99% of the light to your eyes, so you see images that are brilliant even during dawn and dusk, the hours when wildlife is most active.

Phase-corrected prisms create high-resolution, high-contrast images, letting you spot distant game even faster.

Specification: Athlon Optics Midas Binoculars

Product Dimensions

5.2 x 3.3 x 5.7 inches, 1.56 pounds

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2.2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

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Athlon Optics





14 reviews for Athlon Optics Midas Binoculars

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  1. chrissy bear

    Markedly superior (brighter, warmer, sharper) views relative to my trusty 10-year-old Nikon Monarch ATB 8×42. However, check your binocular as soon as you receive it to confirm the close focus limit, because the first Midas 8×42 that arrived had a >3m close focus point, so we returned it. The replacement focuses as closely as 2m (which meets the specs), which is great, but the eyepieces had water stains on them (how did those get there, if this is a new product?!), 99% of which were easily removed with my old LensPen.Update: each of the four pairs we’ve tried has had different build issues: two had focus knobs with noticeable play, two had close focus points that were longer than the specs, one folds down on itself when held up with one hand, one is too stiff and doesn’t bend easily, one had water spots on the eyepieces upon arrival, and one had a scratch on an objective lens and dust on the inside of the lens upon arrival. We eventually gave up and kept two of them. We’re going to give Athlon the benefit of the doubt, because we love the two pairs we have. If they have significant issues in the short-term, we’ll adjust this review…Update 10/31/2019: Although I still enjoy using the Athlon Midas 8×42, I find myself preferring my >10-year-old Nikon Monarch 8×42. As an advanced birder, I don’t need great image quality so much as I need to obtain a sharp image as quickly as possible. Songbirds are really fast, and the super-smooth Nikon focuses on them almost instantaneously. In contrast, the Athlon takes much longer to acquire focus, partly because of a shallower depth of field, partly because the focus knob is stiffer, and partly because the knob needs to be turned more than that of the Nikon.Update 12/2019: The binocular strap broke the other day, from the plastic attachment to one side of the instrument. I was lucky to catch the binocular before it fell onto concrete!

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  2. karthik

    I have spent a considerable amount of time looking for superior optics in the sub-insane price range. I am a keen birder, and have relied on traditional recommendations such as the Nikon Monarchs and several Vortex and Bushnell offerings on the market. I came to this product from a wirecutter review. Putting my stock in their verdict, I chose the Athlon Midas 8×42, and I could not be more pleased with this purchase. The ergonomics on this product are fantastic, and that is its least impressive virtue. The clarity and brightness of image is unbelievable, birds literally pop into view with ease.The ED glass really helps with minimizing glare and ghost images (I believe these are among the least pricey bins with ED glass on the market). The close focus and low light performance is just brilliant, and are the icing on the cake. In my opinion, this blows the similarly-priced competitors out of the field.

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  3. M. Matthews

    I bought these binoculars for an upcoming trip to Alaska. I was a little nervous about getting binoculars from a company I had never heard of, but, as another reviewer mentioned, the Wirecutter review caught my attention. All the other binoculars in this price range would have involved some kind of compromise, either a narrow field of view or a of lack of ED glass or a long minimum focusing distance. These binoculars ticked all the boxes for me, and I stayed within my budget (although it was the high end of my budget).Even though I am no expert, I am impressed. These binoculars are very comfortable in my small hands. They are solid without being unwieldy. The focusing is smooth and easy. Also, I am impressed with how bright they are in low light. The binoculars arrived late in the day, and I gave them their first test drive in the dark. To give you an example, I was able to focus easily and pick out tiny details in an area that my camera metered as f/2.8 and 1.3 seconds at ISO 200. That’s EV2, which is really dark.One more small detail. These binocular do have a tripod mount, which was not mentioned in the reviews or the product specs on the company’s website.No regrets here. I would highly recommend these binoculars.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Pros: Wide field of view; good eye relief; better than average edge-to-edge sharpness; relatively close focusing; claimed to be waterproof; tripod mount (sneakily hidden beneath the screw-off Athlon logo on the front of the hinge); good resolving power — not any better, frankly, than a 40-year-old pair of compact 8x Nikons against which I compared them… but those Nikons were known for being very sharp and the Athlons blow the Nikons away on field of view, low-light performance, and eye relief, so they’re not really comparable in most regards. But just saying, these are sharp but not otherworldly sharp.Cons: To adjust eye relief, you twist the eyecup housings. The eyepiece lens covers are rubber and they slip somewhat snugly over the eyecup housings. On my first or second use, upon removing the eyepiece lens covers, the outer layer of the eyecup housings (which seem to have been glued in place) came off with the lens covers. The objective lens covers are also a bit clumsy. They hang from the front of the lens barrels from rubber bands and fit inside the barrels. But in the field, they tend to fall out a lot and the bands sometimes come off completely, so it’s easy to lose them. Finally, my binoculars came with a few visible imperfections/dust specks on the internal elements. In practice, doesn’t impact use, but I’d have preferred not to see any…

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  5. Steve H

    Pros:• Superb optics – excellent clarity/resolution, brightness (excellent in low light conditions) and field of view• Build quality, ergonomics and “feel” of binoculars is excellent.Cons: Some “quality control” issues pertaining to focusing, as follows:• Grinding noise – I have tried 3 pair and all have a grinding noise when focusing. The third pair, which I am keeping, is acceptable but the others were distracting and very noticeable.• Focusing knob is somewhat stiff, but acceptable, but that is under hot summer conditions. I have to wonder about the performance in sub-freezing weather. I suspect the focusing will be very stiff (don’t expect quick focusing response).• Close focus is not as specified (6.5’). One pair was >10’, the third pair is about 8.5 feet. I would have expected that the specs would be conservative, meaning performance should be at least as good as specified, not worse. In contrast, my Bushnell Legends (originals), Legend UHDs and Bushnell Elites, all have smooth, silent focusing and focus closer than specified.Bottom Line: I would like to give 5 stars for the optics and overall “feel”, but quality control issues around focusing suggest 4 stars at best, possibly 3 stars. If they improve focusing knob issues, it would be 5 stars and “best in class”.

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  6. Lawrence H.C.

    The reviews for this product are true. If you’re looking for absolute Zeiss quality – not near-Zeiss, but true high-level optics, this is for you! Bright view. Easy operation. Impeccable clarity and light transmission. Great lifetime warranty! Buy it without regret, doubt or remorse. You won’t be sorry – you will be very impressed and awestruck.

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  7. Mr. K

    Bought it a few years ago. Fantastic binoculars! Vision field is so large, you almost need to move the eyeballs to see it all. Edges are quite clear as well, no distortion. And this thing is so bright! Used it for concerts, Africa safari, Polar bear watching, Antarctic trip, just stunning.Also, 8 times zoom is very stable when fully zoomed. It won’t do any goods if it shakes too much.

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  8. Steve

    Bought as gift, they are amazing! My wife loves them.. used primarily for bird watching/ deer etc.. the clarity is great. The lense caps don’t get lost as they are attached to the unit . If there was one thing I would improve upon it would be the strap itself kinda fiddley to attach a nice clasp would be better. Used when we were looking for these and they were rated very well

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  9. George Adakis

    I purchased these for nature hikes. I have zero knowledge of binoculars, but did some research to the best of my ability and got these compared to the others in the price range. The build quality seems very solid (magnesium). The optical quality is super clear, nice carry case, instructions, and a lifetime warranty. I got them on sale which was a bonus.

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  10. Magoo

    During the winter we do a lot of viewing of winter animals living around our lake. We live right on a lake so we are very fortunate to be able to view from inside during our freezing winter. These binoculars are amazing and far exceed the ones we had before – everything is so clear and appear so close!

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  11. Antonio Cangiano

    Wonderful clarity and just a pleasure to use for general nature watching (birds, hiking, etc). You simply cannot beat them in this price range. They look and feel like $1500 binoculars. Do yourself a favor and get a pair. You’ll love them.

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  12. Brett

    I dont have alot of experience with binoculars but these ones are amazing. Easy to use, comes with good protective accessories and as I said great optics. Pricey but you get what you pay for

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  13. John

    Friend has vortex optics and these are very similar.

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  14. donna mcnicol

    Excellent product well recommended on Wirecutter

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