Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel

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  • 9 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing provides smooth Operation
  • C6 carbon sideplates provide significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength and durability
  • Duragear brass gear for extended gear life
  • Instant Anti-Reverse feature is available


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One of the most popular low-profile baitcasters in bass fishing, the Abu Garcia Revo SX Baitcast Reel enters its 4th generation with cutting-edge upgrades that deliver advanced performance for the serious angler.

Always known for its power, performance, and durability, the lightweight SX now brings the added precision of Abu’s Infini brake system and the raw strength of the most powerful drag system in the industry.

The result is effortless castability and the punch to handle anything that swims

Specification: Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel

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7 x 5 x 3 inches, 8 ounces

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11.2 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)

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Abu Garcia





15 reviews for Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Amazon Customer

    hello everyone, i hope you will find this in depth review of the revo sx helpful! bare with me as i’m sure i will get off track lol. i am a long time abu garcia, particularly the revo lineup fan/user. i will be comparing this reel to the other gen 4 revos that i own ( Revo X, Revo premier, and Revo Mgxetreme 2) as well as various other reels i own of smiliar price (Lews mach speed spool, shimano curado k). all aspects are based off my personal experiences with the Revo sx and comparable reels, and i am a very picky person when it comes to reels.For starters I will say that I am extremly impressed with this reel, so impressed I had to come on amazon, after purchasing this reel from bass pro to right a review, and I would 100% recomend this reel for a “ do it all reel” over any other reel listed above. I have owned the sx for exactly 1 month now, and fished it almost every day. Throughout this month I have thrown every weight lure from a 1/8oz jighead (just to see how or if it’s possible to cast) up to a 1.5oz punching rig.Quick pros and cons:Pros1. Amazing castabilty2. Ergonomic3. Relatively light4. Looks very good5. Very smooth6. Amazing braking system7. Does just about every technique as good as anyCons1. Sometimes on the retrieve the worm gear eye thing would pinch my fingerStarting from the finesse end of the spectrum. It’s no secret that pretty much any reel can cast a lure 1/2oz and over, most reels under $250 really struggle with the finesse catagory. In this part of the review I will compare the SX to my mgx 2 (msrp $500). Using 10lb braid, casting a 1/8oz lure is possible with the sx, averaging over 70ft per cast. However, things can get kind of sloppy mid cast. The mgx consistently achieved 8-12 feet further casts over the sx and was much less sloppy. The same story for 3/16oz. However…throwing something that light is a little extreme and something I don’t think I have ever done bass fishing in Florida. Something a little more common, a weightless Senko and 4/0 hook. The Senko castabilty really surprised me, and is partially why I am writing this review. To my surprise, the revo sx consistently casted a weightless senko within 2-3 feet of my mgx on the same rod with the same line. There is no mid cast over runs if the line at all, i was very impressed at the distance and ease of cast.Getting out of finesse and into generic fishing that apples to the everyday angler, I will compare the revo sx to: gen 4 premier, gen 4 revo x, Shimano Curado k, and lews Mach speed spool. Starting with the premier (msrp $300). As far as casting goes, the sx and premier are equal to me, however I prefer the brake system on the sx slightly. With that being said, I could not justify spending twice as much on the premier and I’m kind of upset I did. Both reels are equally smooth, the sx is slightly quieter on the cast and retrieve. Moving down in price to the revo X (msrp $100). Sadly I feel that the revo x isent even comparable to the Sx when it comes to casting. Even though it is much cheaper, the sx is more than worth the price difference. The curado K is the only close contender here, but the sx did achive linger casts throughout every lure I tested. This could be because I am more comfortable with the braking system from abu though. Hopefully no shimano fans got to fired up lol.My semi-conclusion:With the overall performance of the sx, only losing out in the finesse catagory to the mgx which retails for $500, i do not think there is currently a better reel on the market for under $300. The sx is very ergonomic, the 90mm handle feels great, the large grips feel great, and the reel is very low profile. The drag system provides smooth drag and gives a very goid max of 24lbs…give or take a pound or 2. The braking system is outstanding, probably the best I have ever used. I was able to fish most lures with the spool tension set to eliminate side to side play, only 1 internal pin turned on, and the magnetic brake between 3-8 clicks. The retrieve is very very smooth and quiet.Conclusion:If you are debating buying the revo sx I can assure you that you will not find a better reel for even close to this price. I would buy this reel over and over again.Hopefully you found this review helpfull, have a good day!

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  2. zilch0

    I’ve only fished with it once, but I’m already very impressed. I’m only a casual fisherman, so I have no trophies or credentials with which to lend credibility to this review, but the Revo4 SX is a spectacular little machine, in my opinion – emphasis on 4th generation version of the SX, which now offers both mag and centri brakes, just like the STX has offered for many years.Here’s a bit of advice for anyone struggling with backlash (overruns) when you first start adjusting these reels: Don’t adjust the spool tension such that your bait drops slowly to the ground from your rod tip when you release the spool. That’s very good advice with most bait casting reels, but for some reason, the STX and 4th Gen SX reels perform best when, for any given bait, you’ve increased the spool tension a little bit further, such that you have to bounce the rod tip to get the bait to drop incrementally toward the floor (instead of it falling slowly and smoothly.) In other words, the spool tension will be “just right” when the bait drops a little at a time with each bounce of the rod tip.From there, for casting 1/2 oz. and heavier baits, I recommend starting out with 2 of 6 the centrifugal brake pins engaged, opposite each other, not adjacent, with the magnetic brake set to about 75%. The style of your cast has a huge impact, but as long as you’re not applying a lot of wrist action or sharply snapping the rod tip forward from the back of your swing, you’ll likely find yourself getting very few overruns.Violent acceleration of the rod tip can cause excessive spool speeds that would require engaging more pins on the centri brake, but whatever your style, casting the same way every time is the secret to setting the centri brake and forgetting about it. The mag brake can then be increased or decreased to accommodate changes in the weight of what you’re throwing, the wind speed and direction, etc.Lastly, don’t forget to readjust the spool tension every time you change to a different bait or alter your mag brake – always making it tight enough to require bouncing of the rod tip to make the bait drop incrementally toward the floor.I would hate to lead anyone astray here, so if anyone has constructive criticism, please comment. In the end we all want to have fun, not frustration.

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  3. Amazon16v

    I wouldn’t call myself an avid fisherman because I spend so much time behind my desk but I do enjoy getting out there when I can. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on my gear because I don’t need expensive equipment for those occasional times I get out. However, I do enjoy using this reel. I paired it up with an Ugly Stik Elite 7.0 Medium Heavy rod. The black and red colors and the rod and reel look really nice too.I loaded it up with some Sufix 20lb mono and she’s good-to-go. I bought some braid for it too but decided to run with mono since I’m mainly fishing open water off of my kayak.The one thing I will say I had a problem with was in the initial tensioner and brake setup. For some reason, I was not able to fit the brake cover back on but eventually I did. I think that I my spool tension was pushing the spool out and would not allow the cover to sit properly for me to lock it in place. It may have been me but I wanted to share this with you just in case you have a similar problem.

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  4. Psychofisherman

    Tiny, smallest reel I now own. So glad I bought it though, smooth so smooth. 22# of drag, 11 bearings, low line capacity. With that said, I took it saltwater fishing last month. Solid, no issues. Casted like a dream, plenty of drag, and uber light weight. I could cast this beauty all day long. Wait for it to go on sale, got mine on a Lightning Sale here. I got the Revo4 Sx HS-L (Left Handed).

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  5. Luke

    This is a fantastic reel. Liked it so much I instantly bought another. I have the revo3 sx and thought this would probably be about the same but the dual brakes on the revo4 sx let you throw very light lures without issue. I use 40lb suffix 832 and throw 1/8 ounce lures with ease. I typically fish with a lews super duty, lews tourney mb’s, a revo3 sx, lews lfs speed spool and a lews slp speed spool and these revo 4 sx’s are my favorites and most versatile I’d say.

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  6. Chinasyndrome

    Much better than my previous reel. longer casts. The reason it gets 4 and not a 5. It will still bird nest on you. And 24 lb drag can limit what you can catch. If you don’t cast hard and fish for smaller catch than this reel is great.

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  7. Kenneth K.

    Gen 4 of Revo SX is a very noticeable improvement over Gen 3 in terms of smoothness and “quality feel”.The longer handle and new knobs are perfect.Haven’t had chance to fish it (winter), but reviews in US sites are extremely positive with regard to casting distance too.

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  8. rital

    Moulin livré en un jour, absolument rien à dire, conforme, est un plaisir à utiliser sans doute, la manivelle est fluide.EN OUTRE je suis vert, je savais pas !! J’ai acheté le moulinet type “normal ” sauf que le manivelle ce situe à droite du montage, Je vais l’échanger. Il faut donc acheter un moulinet type gaucher,pour pouvoir lancer de la main droite et ramener de la gauche..

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  9. Carlton

    Great reel. Nice and smooth with good gear ratio for crank baits. Good anti-backlash dampening.

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  10. Amazon Customer

    Worked great for part of the season, but the handle is loose now.

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  11. Ramón P.

    Carrete de presentación y diseños impecables y por supuesto, con un funcionamiento estupendo. Además, es bastante ligero

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  12. ErnestoHdez

    Garantía de carrete! Solo le hace falta que las manijas tuvieran recubrimiento EVA.

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  13. Francesco Fiorilli

    Very good quality, abu garcia is always my first choice!

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  14. David Vazquez

    Muy bueno

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  15. Ian iogan

    Great. Works great

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